Yify Tv : Top 10 Best Yifytv Alternatives & Similar Sites

yify tv

Yify tv is a website that allows its viewers to watch free full-length movies online. Through torrents, you can watch films online in HD 720p and 1080p quality.

Yify.tv has categories like animations, popular releases and so on. It was founded by an app developer, Yiftach Swery in 2010.

Yify tv is famous for its HD video quality in small file size. Till now it has attracted countless members and in March 2011, it officially created its Facebook page and by August 2011 it released its official Website.

YTS community has grown up steadily despite many technical and legal issues. tv on its road to success later joined new release groups who directly publish their work to torrent sites. Quickly gaining popularity it introduced its torrent site that releases the latest movies in HD quality.

The thing that makes yifytv preferable is that fact that you can sign up for free without any registration process and enjoy free streaming. It not only offers both old and new school movies but also the TV series.

This article would be very helpful for you if you are looking for yify.tv alternatives, because it is full of ads and commercials.

The following top 10 movie streaming yify alternatives can be used in 2019. As they give access to not only thousands of movies online but also to countless TV shows, talk shows, documentaries and all kinds of entertainment, which is full of ads and commercials

List of 10 Best yify tv Alternatives to use in 2019

1. Netflix


Netflix is one of the most popular yify tv alternatives these days. It gives you high-quality streaming without any commercials. It offers a wide range of programs including documentaries, movies, and award-winning TV shows, on all kinds of internet connected devices..


  • High-Quality Streaming
  • No Commercials
  • Diversified Range
  • Compatible with all devices


  • The greatest drawback of Netrix is that it has a limited regional selection.
  • Another sore spot that makes it less desirable is that its library is not really up-to-date. When you start the live streaming you get to know that it is not loaded with the recent content.
  • The entire service depends upon the internet quality. It affects quality.
  • Though you pay for it still you do not own anything on it. As there are different packages, so the choice of watching programs on Netflix is limited.
  • One might get addicted to it because of its subscription value. As you can watch unlimited movies for a certain amount that you pay.

Official site: www.netflix.com

2. Amazon Prime:

amazon prime video

Amazon prime is one of the yify tv alternatives that gives you instant access to thousands of movies and TV shows. It also has music streaming that offers unlimited access to more than 1 million songs and thousands of stations and playlists.

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It works smoothly where there are no ads or commercials to disturb the entertainment process. It is one of the good alternatives for yifytv.


  • Access to more than 1 million songs
  • No ads and commercials
  • Prime photos option to save photos in amazon cloud drive
  • Gives special discount on amazon due to the partnership of Amazon with this site.


  • If you don’t shop a lot online, then obviously you can’t take advantage of many of their offers and services that they provide to its members who often shop online.

Official site: www.amazon.com

3. Hulu:


Providing you an unlimited access to its library, hulu streaming is a good yifytv alternative. It not only gives you a wide variety of hit movies and exclusive series but also the kids shows


  • It gives you access to more than 60 top live shows.
  • It has a Cloud DVD storage which enables you to record live TV programs.
  • One can also switch the plans or can even cancel them.


  • While you are watching your favorites program or movie, you might get “limited” ads showing up between the streaming which often acts as a disturbance.

Official Site: www.hulu.com

4. MovieFlix:


MovieFlix has been very famous in the recent past as it works best for Android users who can access any movie any time sitting anywhere in the word.

It is free and the streaming isn’t affected by any kind of adds. MovieFlix not only allows you to share or rate a movie but also allows you to chat with friends.


  • It is totally free
  • No ads in between
  • Fast as compared to other sites
  • Gives the option of sharing a movie


  • The quality of movieflix isn’t that fine.
  • Often it becomes difficult to download the movies.
  • It is difficult to continue the movie from where you last left. As it starts from the beginning again.

Official site: www.movieflix.com

5. Free Flixshow:

free flixhq

It is a video streaming site that offers television series and movies to its users. It is all free-of-charge.

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The contents of free flixshow are organized into different categories like popularity, release date and genre.


  • Free of cost
  • Categorization as per hits
  • Uploads a movie the moment a movie is allowed to be aired


  • Watching the desired movie on free flixshow isn’t that easy as it takes you to another page where it instructs you to the downloading procedure which is very time-consuming. It also shows a lot of pop-ups time and again which is irritating.
  • It also shows images that might seem inappropriate to many.

Official Site: freeflixhq.com

6. SeeHd.uno:


SeeHD.uno is another website that offers free online movies. It has been among the top rated sites and now a days it is emerging as an alternative of Yify tv.

It has categorized movies year wise which gives a different look. This also helps those people who are aware of the movie’s year but not the name. So, in a way, it helps the users.


  • Free online movies
  • Relatively faster
  • Offers only high quality and reviewed movies
  • Bookmarking option is built in which reminds to bookmark it.


  • Only reviewed movies are uploaded
  • Too many categories have been formed due to which it looks like a mess

Official site: seehd.uno

7. TenorFilm7:


TenorFilm7cis a Canadian film production company which is another alternative site which is famous because of its downloading feature.

It allows a user to download a movie and watch it later. Moreover, it has a diversified ranged because of which thousands of users turn to TenorFilm7 every day.


  • It gives you downloading option
  • Live sports streaming
  • Covers different genres like sports programs, movies and other tv shows


  • You have to sign-up before watching a movie
  • Before downloading a movie, it asks for extensions to be added to a browser which creates irritation
  • The Home page is bombarded with movie covers so it is difficult to locate movies

Official site: www.tenorfilm7.site

8. FR.WorldTV24


FR WorldTV24 offers a wide range of programs which includes action, animation, comedy, war, romance, thriller, and many other domains. Apart from movies, it also provides its users with televised shows.

According to the reviews given, one of the most appreciated things is that this website always searches for a best and alternative way to provide users with the best link for their favorite movies & events on time


  • Diversity in the movie collection
  • Televised shows are available
  • Alternative links for movies are also given


  • Website processing is slow
  • Need to make an account first
  • Asks to add extensions first

Official site: https://fr.worldtv24.us/



TopWatchHD also offers a wide range of movies. The focus of this website is on Hollywood as well as Bollywood.

Moreover, it also has a collection from Korean UK based stuff. This website also offers free access to movies which could be watched online.


  • Easy go and fast processing
  • An attractive outlook
  • One feels easy to watch movies on such a presentable website


  • Requests extension additions to your browser
  • No access is given unless you comply with their terms and conditions

Official site: https://topwatchd.us/

10. Hack IMDb

hack imdb

Hack IMDb is also a very good alternative as it has a good catalog and is easy to be navigated.

The striking feature of this website is that it emancipates a user from the sign-up fatigues. It is a click and plays kind of website due to which it is becoming famous among the masses. To compensate the signups, this site takes help of the advertisements which often hurt the users as the flow of a movie is broken because of the ads that come in between. Otherwise, this is a very nice option for the movie fans out there


  • It has a good catalog
  • Offers night mode as well
  • No signup conditions imposed


  • Ads are played in between the movie
  • It adds so many tabs.
  • Requires extensions to be added so takes time

Official site: https://hackimdb.com


These were the top ten alternatives of yifi tv which have given good competition to yifi tv. Among these alternatives, Netflix is considered to be at the top. This is because of the high quality streaming without any commercials in between.

It is also because Netflix offers a wide range of programs and is compatible with any kind of device i.e. an iPad, Android cellphone or a PC.

Due to these features, Netflix is emerging as a top contender that may replace yifi tv in future.

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