xMovies8 : Top 10 Alternatives & Similar Sites Like xMovie8


Watching online movies is the trending feature of current age and xmovies8 is considered to be among the most adorable sites to many viewers.

Its exquisite movie collection and latest updates made huge fan followers of the website. Whether streaming or downloading movies, the site is an ultimate place. Instead of all such unique feature, the site is currently getting hibernated many times.

Links of videos are found broken also. As a result, users are searching for an alternate of xmovies8.

In this post, we are supplying you some latest link of websites that are active as well as collaborative like xmovie8.

List of 10 Best xmovies8 Alternatives to using in 2019

1. Fmovies

The top of the list of alternate site of xmovie8 is Fmovies, which is another already popular site for candidly watching movies. You can watch movies and tv shows on the website with the minimum number of clicks. The collection is unlimited for movies and tv shows that are all found in high-quality content.

fmovies best alternative of xmovies8

The latest releases are uploaded instantly, but that might not be of the best quality. However, after a few days, the best quality is reloaded. But it cannot be said that the site is ad-free. However, with a premium membership, you can enjoy movies without ads. The top feature includes films from various countries. You can watch contents from 82 countries that are the most significant benefit from the site.

Features of Fmovies

  • Movies from various countries are hosted
  • Latest episodes of Tv shows

Drawbacks of Fmovies

  • Most recent uploads are not HD

Official Website of Fmovies

2. Oakmovies

Oakmovies is one of the best online sources for viewing of quality films. A wide range of latest movies is available in the Web-based repository. Unlike many websites on the Internet, Oakmovies is free and does not charge visitors anything. This site contains more than 14,000 videos, including movies, which make them among the most enlightening places.


The website offers films that are regularly updated to create a different film host. OAkMovies is useful for movie searching because it enables the user to find their movie by genre. It is a handy way to search for classic blockbuster hits because all the latest releases won’t have to go right to where they want to be.

Features of Oakmovies

  • More than 14000 movies at one place
  • Easy to find videos by browsing

Drawbacks of Oakmovies

  • It doesn’t have TV shows.

Official Website of Oakmovies

3. SnagFilms

If you are searching for award-winning and classic movies, then the site that can be your mate is SnagFilms. The collection of award-winning film on the website is too extensive, and a few of them are not even in limelight, or few have heard. The site also offers various TV shows to add to their wide range of videos.


The films are classified by theme or genre that can be seen from the homepage. You should try this site if you are looking for famous movies.

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Many films that have not been released on theatres got a place at SnagFilms. But that doesn’t mean the film is of low quality in this case. With all such feature, Snagfilms is an excellent site of xmovies8 alternative, and we suggest to bookmark it on your homepage.

Features of SnagFilms

  • A nicely organised video library of offbeat films.
  • Get detailed information about each movie
  • A large section consists of documentaries.

Drawbacks of SnagFilms

  • The site causes buffering at very high resolution.

Official Website of SnagFilms

4. Cmovieshd

CMoviesHD is a website that does not host or allow downloading in itself but provides links to sites that feature leading movies and TV shows. Only legal link is contained in CMoviesHD. It is the database of a large number of films like xmovies8. CMoviesHD gives visitors free access to their favourite movies.


The film lovers can discover thousands and thousands of newest videos right on CMoviesHD platform and also find a classic film. From the website’s main page, you can explore movies using film options, IMDB top films, genres, year and country. If your preferred video does not appear on the website, you may also create the request.

Features of Cmovieshd

  • Download link to get movies for offline views.
  • Different server links for smooth movie watching.

Drawbacks of Cmovieshd

  • Free registration required in this site.

Official Website of Cmovieshd

5. Yesmovies

Next, we suggest that you give YesMovies one opportunity and browse for hundreds of free TV shows, films and documentaries. Movies on YesMovies website are classified as action, horror, adventure, animation, fiction, history, fantasy, crime, sci-fi, mystery and much more.


YesMovies offers a large variety of shows from other countries such as Asia, France, India, Hong Kong and much more, instead of merely concentrating on Hollywood films. In a nutshell, YesMovies is the perfect way to get your favourite movies and an ideal contemporary of xmovies8.

Features of Yesmovies

  • Provides genre, actor, country and IMDB ratings on film thumbnails
  • Several servers to pick if something is not responding.
  • You can log in to create a watch history or to request a film.

Drawbacks of Yesmovies

  • You cannot view movies with ad blocks.

Official Website of Yesmovies

6. Moviewatcher

A friendly alternative of xmovies8 with a straightforward and interactive interface is Moviewatcher. The site is full of the latest collection of movies, and the library is regularly updated.


In the movies tab you will find now playing, top rated, favourite movies. Also, you can see the upcoming movies trailer that is going to be uploaded soon in the site. The favourite movies are all of HD quality. You can get videos up to 4K quality in the website. Apart from streaming the film, you can download them also.

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All you need to register for free to download the movies directly from the site. There is an exciting feature of the site, and that is a vivid description of the movie storyline. Apart from the film, there are recent TV shows which you will find on this site.

Features of Moviewatcher

  • Latest collection of movies and tv shows
  • Videos with good ratings are uploaded.
  • Tv shows aired on the same day can be watched.

Drawbacks of Moviewatcher

  • Free registration requires verification with a credit card.

Official Website of Moviewatcher

7. Seehd

If you’re an enthusiast of observing HD quality movies only then SeeHD is a fantastic platform for you to enjoy the highest quality movies. The user interface is very easy and straightforward, with some intrusive ads at the top of the home page.


Also, there is a search bar at the upper edge of the website for the expediency to search movies through the name. Like its name the site hosts majorly HD movies. But regret to say the one-day uploads are mostly in SD.

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The site has an exciting option to download from the links of mirror provided at the bottom of each movie. With all such feature, this site is one of the best xmovies8 alternative.

Features of Seehd

  • Majority of HD collection.
  • Easy to use interface for navigating to movies.

Drawbacks of Seehd

  • New movies can be viewed in SD only.

Official Website of Seehd

8. 123Moviesfree

If you’re looking for sites like xmovies8, you need to try 123movies. It has an outstanding database of the latest hits that can be seen with just one click by the user. There’s no need to login here.


On any film you want to know, you need to click and watch. However, you have the option of the alternative server to stream if the current server does not function properly. You can navigate easily on the site and search for a particular film or series as well. Action, comedy, horror and various genres with different release date can be found in the section quite easily.

Features of 123Moviesfree

  • Friendly GUI to search and find movies.
  • Up-to-date movie collection is extensive
  • Featured TV series are uploaded in next day.

Drawbacks of 123Moviesfree

  • Require proxy to get in certain countries.

Official website of 123Moviesfree

9. Solarmovieone

It is worthy of mentioning the easy-to-use feature of Solarmovieone and its vibrant interface. It is a popular website for blockbusters and other media, but it has many features that its competitors have missed.


They serve a UI that is spotlessly clean to access. Here you can find the list of new movies and box office hits.

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The IMDB film list with the highest ratings is available too. In total, SolarMovieone is among sites like xmovies8 with many upright features for movies and series streaming online.

Features of Solarmovie

  • Library of 18134 Movies as on date
  • Apart from the Hollywood movie, it hosts videos from other countries.

Drawbacks of Solarmovie

  • Registration required in the site.

Official Website of Solarmovie

10. Movie4K

You can watch a bunch of free movies and TV shows on Movie4k website. Every user can easily find their films of interest. In combination with the extensive collection, one can admire the absence of website advertisements.


When you’re on this web site, I can say there are hardly any ads, but there may be some ads within the content. The website is genres-functional and shows films under the classification category. After finding a movie, you want to play it, click on the film player and your movie starts streaming immediately without registration or waiting. Altogether, it is an excellent alternative of xmovies8.

Features of Movie4K

  • Blueray quality movies are available
  • The site gives the option to add videos

Drawbacks of Movie4K

  • The site requires an attractive homepage

Official Website of Movie4K


Selecting one place as an alternative of xmovies8 is a tough task, and hence there are ten alternatives given above. All of them have different features as mentioned already.

However, few sites outstand for a particular time than others and need to be referred to as a specific case. In our browsing, through all the above places we have found Moviewatcher as a very consistently responding site. Also, the updates on the website are continual, and the latest movies are present there.

In this post, we recommend Moviewatcher as the competitive alternative, and a must watch site.

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