WatchCartoonOnline : Watch Cartoon Online Alternatives 2019


Cartoons are not only for kids; the vast range of animation studios are creating masterpieces which also win the applause of the grownup audience. As a result day by day, the cartoon watching experience is growing stronger through various online websites.

Watchcartoononline is one such site that provided entertainments through their free site. But the different disadvantageous scenario is forcing the users to find an alternative place with same great feature.

We are providing our research on these similar sites which are safe to watch without any hassle through this article.

12 Best Watch Cartoon Online Similar Sites List

1. YouTube Kids

youtube kids

When it comes to entertaining video, YouTube comes first, and the same is applicable in cartoons also. Name any cartoon character and type it in the search bar of YouTube. You will find some videos to watch or a related channel.

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YouTube is currently the strongest host of cartoons, and all of them comes for free. YouTube has made watching videos leisurely through its multiplatform use. Through the google account, your history is saved, and you can watch from any separate device also. It is a genuine alternative of Watch cartoon online.

Top Features of YouTube

  • Limitless cartoon shows and movies
  • Watch them unlimited times for free
  • Create a playlist with favourite ones.
  • Multiplatform use.

The overall rating according to impactresearch

Our research rating is 4.8/5

2. Netflix


Netflix has a wide variety of cartoon shows as well as cartoon movies hosted not only for children but some are for grown-ups. You will hardly find any favourite cartoon character that is not present here.

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Besides the favourite Netflix originals are also present here which are only available here. Needless to say that the interface is pretty straightforward in Netflix. However, this is not a free site and required to be subscribed with a monthly fee.

With worldwide popularity, the site is a better alternative to watch cartoon online.

Top Features of Netflix

  • Massive collection of Cartoons to view or download
  • Character-wise category selection
  • Attractive interface and easy to watch
  • Netflix original cartoons are also available.

The overall rating according to impactresearch

Our research rating is 4.6/5

3. Amazon Prime

amazon prime video

Amazon prime is also not lagging in the collection of cartoon shows and movies. Be it heart-warming cartoons like Dora the Explorer or nostalgic one like Superman all are available in Amazon Prime.

The interesting fact is the library is rapidly increasing in number with new shows. Amazon prime is another alternative to the experience the same as watch cartoon online, but the difference is it requires a subscription. But once you are through, you can enjoy these shows unlimited time.

Top Features of Amazon Prime

  • Combination of old classics and new cartoon shows available in the library
  • Resume capacity of cartoon shows
  • Cartoon movies in the latest release section
  • Whole seasons and episodes are available.

The overall rating according to impactresearch

Our research rating is 4.6/5

4. Hulu


From Teen Titans to Ninzago, Hulu provides an excellent opportunity to watch popular cartoon shows and movies. The collection is extensive including new releases as well as the old classics. All the episodes available or released are found at one place. Also, the latest versions reach to the user within a reasonable time in Hulu. Further, Hulu live TV shows give scope to watch cartoons tv channels of the USA in the same subscription cost.

All these features start with a free trial of thirty days.

Top Features of Hulu

  • Various classic cartoons are available on Hulu
  • Availability to watch cartoon channels live in Hulu
  • Cartoons for older people is also available like Robot chicken.
  • Subscription starts as low as $5.99.

The overall rating according to impactresearch

Our research rating is 4.5/5

5. CrunchyRoll


Crunchyroll is another best site when we look for a legitimate watchcartoon alternative. It’s a very professional site, and you’ve got a big favourite list of cartoons and anime. However, the website is not a free website.

The subscription fee for the site is $7.00 per month. You can take a 15-day trial of the site before you register. You can also join their forum, apart from watching animated shows once you subscribe or have the opportunity of reading manga.

Top Features of CrunchyRoll

  • A legal site for watching anime
  • Have an app to watch cartoononline any place
  • A comparatively lower subscription fee for a handful feature.

The overall rating according to impactresearch

Our research rating is 4.4/5

6. Cartoon Network

cartoon network

Another popular site to watch a cartoon is Cartoon network. For the most prolonged period the website hosts all the new cartoon shows. It is the legendary website for the entertainment of cartoons.

The exciting thing about cartoon network is to rid of the intrusive ads. Moreover, not every click on this website makes it much more entertaining.

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In addition to this stuff, this website’s video player makes your streaming experience extraordinary making is a good substitute for watchcartoononline.

Top Features of Cartoon Network

  • Complete know-how of cartoon shows
  • Cartoon network hosts an extensive collection of its original shows for a long time
  • Rich in experience
  • Apart from cartoons, it hosts games also.

The overall rating according to impactresearch

Our research rating is 4.2/5

7. Nickelodeon


Due to its unique cartoon range, Nickelodeon has a preferred option for the old-timers. For various reasons, users tend to Nickelodeon apart from other networks. There are hundreds of choices in the Nickelodeon, and it is easier to focus and enjoy regularly.

The site is regarded as the best diagrams like watchcartoononline due to various high-performance streaming and several viewing options at all times.

Top Features of Nickelodeon

  • Nick original cartoons of older time are available
  • Favourite shows can be viewed for free
  • Repeat shows various time.

The overall rating according to impactresearch

Our research rating is 4.2/5

8. Disney Junior

disney junior

Disney Junior is one of the market’s best cartoononline solutions as it helps people legally view animation series. Disney owns Disney Junior, and it is apparent that there are specific reasons why so many people prefer to look from the source.

The website offers a variety of ways for people to enjoy all Disney-owned animation series. The prestigious background of the website and app means that people can regularly enjoy the series in high quality. The high-quality site such as watchcartoononline, as it helps you enjoy it without compromising its features, is highly recommended for people.

Top Features of Disney Junior

  • Complete collection of Disney made cartoons are available
  • Classics are full of options
  • Disney movies are also available to watch

The overall rating according to impactresearch

Our research rating is 4.1/5

9. Cartoonson


Cartoonson is a simple application or a website that provides the audience with incredible features. The app offers a plethora of animation or cartoon options that play an essential role for users. Most users prefer the online option because for a long time it is convenient to use and use it.

The app provides a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to navigate from page to page. Providing different category options for any website in the world is an essential element because it saves users time and ranks high in the search engine because users are continually satisfied.

Top Features of Cartoonson

  • A vast collection of animation series can be availed
  • A great user interface
  • Comparatively cleaner site.

The overall rating according to impactresearch

Our research rating is 3.8/5

10. POGO


POGO is a straightforward website with incredible elements to fulfil the Indian public. The website contains an array of film or cartoon options that users can enjoy regularly. The site includes a user-friendly interface, so you can effortlessly search the contents.

POGO is one of the best alternative sites of watchcartoon online because it effectively provides similar features.

Top Features of POGO

  • Favourite cartoons with Indian character like Chota Bheem
  • Watch famous cartoons in Hindi

The overall rating according to impactresearch

Our research rating is 3.7/5

11. Anime Toon


Anime Toon is designed to provide people entertainment of cartoon series without paying a dime. Because most people use mobile phones to obtain videos and series, Anime toon must have that app facility.

The website provides people with a better choice to download the animated show which can be viewed in free time. For most users of the current generation, Anime toon is favourite due to this facility as well as an extensive library of anime and cartoon collection.

Top Features of Anime Toon

  • Provides downloading option
  • Complete series is free
  • Can be viewed in mobile

The overall rating according to impactresearch

Our research rating is 3.7/5

12. GoGoAnime


Toonomania offers several options, which generally can not be found on other websites. Almost all of the functionalities proposed offers continuous streaming services for animation lovers. The site provides a free service that is crucial for some users to relish some high-level cartoons without payment.

The website allows you to watch some of the original series such as Buroto without interference.

Top Features of GoGoAnime

  • Free website with high-rated cartoon series
  • All popular series are available
  • Stable site

The overall rating according to impactresearch

Our research rating is 3.5/5


Whatever be the reason, entertainment media is growing stronger through animation and cartoon series day by day. Loaded with thousands of such series the above sites are path roller of such revolution.

We trust that the above list shall end your search for a similar place of watchcartoononline. You can relax on the couch and watch these websites at your convenience.

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