Top 19 Best Android TV Apps to Use in 2019

android tv apps

Android TV is becoming popular among the user day by day due to cable cutting revolution. People are getting inclined towards this new technology. An open platform for the user to avail internet based apps along with support from Google, making this technology a demanding feature.

Various manufacturing giants have put together their innovations along with the Android system to make this a hot favourite. After an overwhelming acceptance of Android apps in the mobile device, Android tv apps are in the new run to establish a new enhanced experience among TV viewers.

In this article, we will suggest our handpicked apps to start with the Android TV experience. You can have these apps ready in your Android TV to get a new start of viewing.

Best TV Guide Apps for Android TV

1. TV24


TV24 is the popular most Tv guiding app for Android. It schedules the TV shows according to different DTH operator in the USA or UK. Select your operator, and it will guide you with the daily and weekly list of TV shows.

The App has the option to shortlist the TV shows according to a different category. Also, there is a provision of a watch list which gives youa tracking of your favourite shows. There is an option of registration of your personalised account in the APP. The app can remind you about your favourite TV shows. Through this app, you can set a recurring reminder also.

Premium Subscription Price


Download TV24 From Google Play Store

2. Hobi


Hobi is another best Android tv apps which deserves your attention. It provides you with an update about the latest TV shows. You can set features like watch list or following. Also, you can explore from the list of shows.

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You can find your DTH operator and can keep their shows in the watchlist. Hobi shows length, genre, album art and show description. You can see your last watched shows or a complete schedule of shows divided into seasons. The app shows updates for episodes and premiers in your watch list automatically.  You can configure Hobi at any time that you specify to display notifications.

Premium Subscription Price


Download Hobi From Google Play Store

Best Live TV App for Android Tv

3. Hulu TV App


If you are in the USA, Hulu Live TV is the best android app for you to thoroughly enjoy the live TV channels as well as the Hulu streaming videos. All these media content you can watch in 720p HD. Hulu also provides you option to have multiple device access.

The app is home for all the TV channels. Also, you can enjoy Hulu streaming videos. The app provides an excellent feature of 50 hours of cloud storage to record your chosenTV shows and watch later.

Premium Subscription Price

$44.99 per month

Download Hulu TV From Google Play Store

4. Mobdro


Mobdro may be another Android tv apps offering live TV. This app also has film downloading feature which makes it pay attention.  The fame of the Mobdro app is because it is easy to use and user-friendly interface.

The most popular category for TV shows viewed by users is available in the app’s library. The best thing is that Mobdro is an open source project, so everything is free of charge. The app’s developer team is incredible, and the app regularly receives bug fixes to keep you up to date.

Premium Subscription Price

Free with Ads.

Download Mobdro

Best Utility App for Android TV

5. Puffin TV


Browsing the internet through an onscreen keyboard and remote control is the most challenging job. Puffin TV app is a PC optimised browser to ease the difficult task. The app synchronises with your mobile device by sharing the same network.

You can transfer the URL in your mobile to the Android TV through QR code scanning. Puffin TV is flash enabled so that you can browse your favourite apps on TV with flash contents. All these features make it is another android tv apps that makes your browsing experience smooth.

Premium Subscription Price


Download Puffin Tv From Google Play Store

6. Google Drive

google drive

Often we want to view our media files on the TV. The easiest way to access your data is through Google Drive. Once you install Google Drive on your TV, you can access all the files. It is another best way to transfer data without using a flash drive.

It is the best android app to share cloud experience on your TV.

However, you cannot install the app from Google play store for Android TV. But there is no worry about that. Android Tv always allows you to install apk files. You will require a side load installation for that.

Premium Subscription Price


Download Google Drive From Google Play Store

7. Sideload Launcher

sideload launcher

We mentioned a sideload installation in the above app. Sideload installations are installing apps through your flash drive. Google play store for Android TV is not as vast as that is for the mobile device. But you can enjoy the apps differently.

There is a provision to install these apps in the developer mode from a flash drive. The only thing is that these sideloaded apps do not show in the app list. There comes the use of Sideload launcher which enables you to access the shortcut to launch the sideloaded apps on the TV.

Premium Subscription Price


Download Sideload Launcher From Google Play Store

8. VLC Media Player

vld media player

As VLC media player is an inevitable app in the mobile device, it is an inevitable one in the TV also. It allows you to enjoy any variety of movies and videos from your flash drive to watch that on the TV.

Besides, the VLC player categorises your library instantly into a video, audio and other media. Moreover, by the use of player settings, you can both regulate playback and control other things like hardware acceleration in any way you want.

The Android TV Play Store has the VLC Media Player app to download from it directly.

Premium Subscription Price


Download VLC Media Player From Google Play Store

9. ES File Explorer

es file explorer

You must have a file manager app in your Android TV to access all your files. The most trusted file manager and the oldest one in the market are ES File Explorer.

Whenever you transfer any data from your laptop or PC, you can access that from your file manager. Also, It helps you to organise your files. You can access the cloud-based data also from your TV through this App. The ES File Explorer is a robust app that makes your TV watching experience better.

Premium Subscription Price


Download ES File Explorer From Google Play Store

Best Screen Mirroring Apps For Android to TV

10. AirScreen


There is a chance that you have an iOS device and you have an Android TV. If the situation arises, your solution is AirScreen. It is a handy Android app for Android TV when you are using an iPhone or iPad.

You can use Airplay to use the screen mirroring of your device to Android TV. AirScreen plays all the media without any compatibility issue.

Premium Subscription Price


Download AirScreen From Google Play Store

Best Android Tv Streaming App

11. Netflix


TVs are meant for streaming media and Netflix the most significant entertaining medium of the current time. Every user can choose from a variety of collections on the site. Nowadays, Netflix is the prime choice for every movie critic.

Notwithstanding the films published in the movie house, you can see certain movies or series curated via Netflix. No other sites have these Netflix originals. Netflix has an exquisite design, which takes into account different user watching functionality. You can subscribe at the same time to plans such as two or four users. There is also a search option for your extensive database.

Premium Subscription Price

 $8.00 to $14.00 per month

Download Netflix From Google Play Store 

12. HayStack TV

haystack tv

HayStack TV is an intelligent news app with unparalleled popularity over the last decades. In 2017, HayStack TV was shortlisted by Google for the best TV Experience prize.  HayStack TV brings another to make you updated with the latest news.

HayStack starts by enabling you to select from a list of options of your interests and most trustworthy sources. The topics, classifications and news sites you have chosen, is kept in memory. This data will then be used to suit the interest of your daily newscast. It is a must attended android tv apps.

Premium Subscription Price

Premium charges $4.99/Month

Premium Insider Charges $9.99/Month

Download Haystack Tv From Google Play Store

13. Amazon Prime

amazon prime

Name of Amazon prime has grown to its popularity due to its wide variety of movies and TV shows broadcasted region wise. The streaming site is popular as it gives preference to regional film. Also, it comes with other offers from Amazon.

You can get a speedy delivery from Amazon shopping if you are a prime member. Also, you get other offers in bundles. Another reason to keep this app in your Android TV is that you have the option to subscribe at any time with their low-cost packages.

Premium Subscription Price

$119.00 annually

Download Amazon PRime From Google Play Store

Best Tv Show App For Android TV

14. Sony Crackle

sony crackle

Sony Crackle is also another title to recollect when it comes to TV series enjoyment. Their contents of TV shows include action, comedy, amusement and different genres. So, you don’t have to worry about TV shows, any further if you have Sony crackle.

A robust content filter option of Sony crackle simplifies the search for your content. However, you need to register for a primary account on this site. You can access an unlimited number of quality videos free of charge when you get through the registration.

Premium Subscription Price

No Charges only free registration required.

Download Sony Crackle From Google Play Store

Best Gaming App For Android Tv

15. Steam Link

steam link

The Steam Link app enables all games to be streamed to your Android TV from the smartphones. Which means you can now access unlimited games in the steam site on your TV. You can play these games on your TV specifically with a stable internet if your Internet Tv permits the resolution of 4K.

The default 1080p will require to change in that case from advanced setups. For that reason, we suggest that you should install the steam link app on Android TV. It will require to connect your TV and Steam android via the same Ethernet of your home network. So without hassle enjoy gaming in Android TV.

Premium Subscription Price

Free app, But game have various charges.

Download Steam Link From Google Play Store

16. Twitch


Twitch is the place where you can watch a live stream of people showing their play skills. Twitch is a platform where gamers post live streaming video games. It’s not just entertaining, but it’s significant for gamers. Viewing Twitch gameplay allows players to learn different gaming strategies and new approaches of playing games and brings them new insights into the various levels and problems of a game.

It can encourage players at a specific level significantly to understand how to get to the next level. You will surely include Twitch app in your Android tv apps list if you’re a hard-core fan of a videogame.

Premium Subscription Price

$9.99 and $24.99 per month

Download Twitch From Google Play Store

Best Media Management App For Android Tv

17. Channels DVR

channels dvr

Channels DVR is a useful Android tv app that has the option to record any of the media or movie in memory storage.   You can record at one stage while viewing at another, just like conventional DVRs.

You can record your favourite soccer leagues, Tv shows and scenes. The data is always available for 21 days, and you never have to bother thinking about any problems. So use your TV as a DVR and enjoy the show.

Premium Subscription Price

The app is Free, but Premium Channels have charges

Download Channels DVR From Google Play Store

18. Plex


Plex is also among the best Android tv applications for media organisation and management. You will find Plex useful to manage, organise cast and control even playback on every screen in your home if you have media library on your Android TV. The app is easy to navigate, clean and quick.

Premium Subscription Price

Three schemes

$4.99 monthly or $39.99 yearly, or $149.99 as onetime for life.

Download Plex From Google Play Store

Best Music App For Android Tv

19. Spotify


It is must to have a music app on your Android TV to enjoy unlimited music. In such a case Spotify can give you that liberty. The app has a collection of huge songs and podcasts. You can’t find any place for them.

All of these media can be enjoyed free on your android device. However, if you subscribe, you can download music also.

Premium Subscription Price

$9.99 per month

Download Spotify From Google Play Store


In the above reading, you have gained a preliminary idea to have android tv apps that are primarily necessary to take your Tv set to the next platform. However, the Google app store is loaded with many other similar apps. But the above list can be considered as a full proof environment to get the best features of Android TV.

You can experience all of them, and comment on your likings or disliking in the comment box.

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