Soul Anime : Top 10 SoulAnime Alternatives & Similar Sites

soul anime
Soul Anime

The word anime reminds us of the hundreds of years old art form of Japan. But since the last few decades, it has gained much attention among viewer. As a result, animes are dubbed and subbed in different languages and aired in various western countries also.

Soulanime is a name that has been satisfying the anime enthusiasts for quite a long time and gained enormous acceptance. However, due to some legal issue, the site has been down, and viewers are in search of the alternate site.

Our below article is dedicated to those Soul anime viewers to facilitate them to find their new mate to watch favourite animes.

List of 10 Best Soul anime alternatives & Similar Sites

1. 9Anime

9Anime is a favourite place for those who love to watch anime. This site has a massive library of Anime shows. The genres are also different, such as Action, Parody, Drama, and many more.

9anime is best alternative of anime soul

The quality of video uploaded here is in HD. Also, to access the videos, you do not need to register. There are several servers available that can be tried if one video player doesn’t work.

Features of 9Anime

  • Large Anime collection.
  • An extensive collection of genres.
  • The user interface is impressive.
  • Anime request option.

Official Website of 9Anime

2. Aniwatcher

Aniwatcher is the cleanest possible anime site hosting good quality anime. It is a free site that provides a vast anime library for die-hard Anime lovers. Every anime on this site is dubbed and subbed.

aniwatcher vs anime soul

Donations host the site, so it has no intention of dispatching any spyware or popups. In different categories, the animes are quite well organised, including a recently aired anime. All of this website quality makes it a suitable replacement for Soul anime site.

Features of Aniwatcher

  • Free Anime of various category
  • Ongoing Series collection is extensive

Official Website of Aniwatcher

3. Anime Twist

Anime Twist is an alternative site dedicated to Soul anime that serves anime for the user. The site does not have an impressive view, but Anime’s collection is extensive. It is a free website of anime that hosts high-definition quality anime.

anime twist

You will not find any advertisements that interrupt this site as user donations host it. There is a useful search bar for Anime probing at the entry of the website. A chat option is also available on this site.

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Features of Anime Twist

  • There is a subtitle for all Animes.
  • A single source relays it.
  • No ads are available on the site.
  • Quality of high definition video.

Official Website of Anime Twist

4. AnimeHub

AnimeHub is the home of favourite animes, such as Dragonball Super Series, Boruto or One Piece, and is committed to providing animes that are subbed and dubbed. It has an excellently-designed interface and on the homepage all the popular anime list js there.


The interface has tabbed film listing, TV series, ongoing, completed animes to facilitate the search. In this homepage, you will also discover a daily anime upload schedule. The site’s genre list is pretty widespread. It is an excellent alternative to Soul anime with all these features.

Features of AnimeHub

  • Ongoing and finished series Subbed and Dubbed anime.
  • Anime upload schedule.
  • A vast genre is listed for efficient searching.

Official Website of AnimeHub

5. Anime Freak

Anime Freak has the complete set of the latest anime series, although not as extensive as Soul-anime. You can get all of the subbed anime from the current series here. The site greets you when you enter with their latest anime uploads.


On the website, you can get the episodes well organised. The site has popups in it, but with an excellent popup blocker, you can manage that.

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Features of Anime Freak

  • All Latest Episodes are Available
  • Chat Option available

Official Website of Anime Freak

6. AnimeToon

Animetoon is a new website, welcoming you with the latest animation every day. This website has a user-friendly interface, like Soul anime, which is simple for anybody operating on the internet to enjoy.


You can also browse your favourite anime or cartoon from the search tab. Four different server options are available to run videos without buffer. Anime toon provides you with experience on the move in its Android app. You’ll also love Animetoon for the impressive collection of cartoon films.

Features of AnimeToon

  • Updated recently aired animes.
  • You’ll have the Manga reading option.
  • There is also Korean drama readily accessible.

Official Website of AnimeToon


DarkAnime, like its title, has a dark user interface that many users like. You will find a search bar when you enter the site, which is furnished to expedite the search of anime. The recent releases can be found on the website.

dark anime

Subbed and dubbed animes can be found according to your choice. The Seasons is a unique on-site option that provides anime from various seasons such as summer or fall, as well as from 2012 per year. All this is sufficient to label it among alternate of Soul anime site.

Features of

  • A well organised, vibrant website.
  • Upload all the most recent versions.
  • Anime’s good quality.

Official Website of

8. GogoAnime

Gogoanime is another comparable site for free animation and an ideal alternative to Soul anime. Animals are interesting to look at, and this site provides an enjoyable experience.


The Gogoanime website is designed to be unique and straightforward for the user. You can take advantage of the entire range of anime with the excellent video quality. The site is essential for the operation of its side navigation bars. You can browse the latest anime, preferred by genres.

Features of GogoAnime

  • There are endless series available.
  • Can be viewed in anime posters for subbed and doubted anime.

Official Website of GogoAnime

9. ChauThanh

ChauThanh is a new anime site that has a handful collection of all favourite animes and has the potential to be the soulanime alternative.


The best part of the anime site is it has got a superb download option with a track of your previous download. But to avail the facility you have to register at the site for free. The form of the anime is an excellent place to share or gather information about animes.

The site is taken care of by donors, and hence it is a clean site. You can find dramas apart from anime on the website.

Features of ChauThanh

  • Various Korean or Japanese Drama is available
  • The original version of anime can be watched in Japanese or Korean

Official Website of ChauThanh

10. Anime-Planet

Anime-Planet is the last website we want to mention in the list of soul anime alternatives. You can find a complete collection of anime on the site.


Here are all animals subbed and dubbed. Dubbed anime provides you with the option to register and sign up for anime. Also, you can view anime offline by downloading the material on this site.

The popularity of Anime-Planet is so high that it has reached not only 14.1 million people, but also the site has an excellent average time of viewing.

Features of Anime-Planet

  • The most popular site for Anime
  • The site is running for quite a long time
  • Collection of recent as well as classic anime.

Official Website of Anime-Planet


Our above list is for those viewers who are in search of the best alternative of Soul anime. All these anime sites have features better than any other websites.

Also, we have concentrated on collecting some places that are free from domain change or ads and popups. It is difficult to name one site that can fulfil your complete requirement. But as we have found, Anime-planet is a site that has the majority of the features.

You can try the website first if you feel something is missing the other nine is in the row.

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