MusicPleer : Top 10 Music Pleer Alternatives & Similar Sites


The free is the magical world itself that attracts everyone. We all in search of free things but what if you get free music online! Have you ever tried online music sites for downloading your favorite songs? If yes then you must know the Pleer music.

It is the most used mp3 music download website over the internet. This website is famous in India and the United States. Musicpleer is an application that serves music to its audience and required very lightweight on any device.

You can use this anywhere event at the time of driving and create very convenient playlists.

As we know that Musicpleer is one of the biggest free music providers and all of a sudden all users come to know that it contains millions of illegal songs and will get shut down those songs and this may raise the users to look for its alternative.

Because of its illicit practice they have shifted their data to the extension of its sites like Musicpleer XYZ or Musicpleer.CC

The purpose of this article is to introduce you all with the sites like Music pleer that offers you millions of songs, and that is also in a legal way.

List of 10 Best Musicpleer Alternatives in 2019

1. Spotify-Music & Podcast

spotify music

Spotify is one of the popular music sites that gives you quick command over millions of songs and podcast.

This is a free music site that allows you to listens to the right music and podcast wherever you are. Spotify is like a world of music and podcast that will enable you to create your playlists.

Features of Spotify

  1. You can play any album, artist, or playlist on shuffle mode.
  2. You can play any song anywhere anytime.
  3. With premium version it offers downloading of music and listen offline, fantastic sound quality, ad-free and you can cancel it anytime.

Download Spotify app from the following official links

2. Amazon Music

amazon music

Amazon prime is the music downloading site that can be used as a replacement of Music pleer. It offers free music for prime membership or gets much more with Amazon music unlimited.

Features of Amazon Music:-

  1. Amazon Music offers you ad-free listening of your favorite songs.
  2. You can listen to songs offline as well.
  3. It provides hands-free listening on your favorite devices.
  4. You have unlimited skip option while listening so that you can skip songs that you don’t like.
  5. With its plus version, you will get command over 50 million songs including latest release and 30-day free trial as well.

Download Amazon Music App from the official sources

3. Hungama Music

hungama music

Hungama music is next in the list of Musicpleer alternatives that offer you the listening and downloading songs in Hindi, Tamil, Punjabi, English, and Telugu. You will get your favorite artist, music videos and songs in one place. You can listen and download songs anywhere and at any time.

Features of Hungama Music:-

  1. Hungama music is a digital library of 10 million songs and music videos.
  2. It contains all kinds of music like pop, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Ghazals, Bollywood songs, Bhajans, Bhangra and much more to discover.
  3. You can get music as per your mood.
  4. One login is more than enough for multiple devices so that you won’t miss the beat.
  5. It has online radio with live and on-demand channels created for you.

Download Hungama Music App from the official link

4. Sound Cloud- Music & Audio


Sound cloud is the world’s biggest audio and music streaming platform that includes over 150 million songs. Sound cloud is a platform for music creators and lovers to socialize, share or even critique music.

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Features of Sound Cloud:-

  1. Upload is the newly launched discovery feature on sound cloud gives you a list of latest and fresh songs uploaded to the platform.
  2. You will get suggested songs based on your likes and listening habits.
  3. It contains 120 million song lists from well-known artists.
  4. It enables you to discover valuable music in each genre with its charts, from evergreen to the hottest and newest tracks.
  5. It allows you to stay tuned with friends and your favorite artists directly.
  6. It will enable you to generate track list for workouts, parties, on the way to work or according to your mood.

Download Sound Cloud App from the official link

5. Jamendo Music

jamendo music

Jamendo Music helps you to discover the latest music world and artist in you. Jamendo Music offers you the downloading of 500,000+ songs for free, and that is also without ads. Jamendo is considered as no.1 independent music site that share and support over 40000 independent artists worldwide.

Features of Jamendo Music:-

  1. Jamendo allows you to run any song of your choice, at any time and on any device, without any disturbance or restrictions.
  2. It helps an independent artist to gain fame and publicity.
  3. You can discover thousands of music genres through the best of, radio stations or manual selections from your list of musics.
  4. Jamendo helps to follow your favorite artists and generate your own playlist.
  5. Intereact with the Jamendo’s 3.5 million active members community and explore new music.

Download Jamendo App from Official Website



last fm is an AI based music service that automatically learns what you like to listen. By using music service you can create your own profile, track what you listen to and get cool stuff such as new music reference, your own music charts and a big ol’ community of other music lovers.

Features of the

  1. You can scrobble your music from Spotify, Deezer, Soundcloud and much more.
  2. View your personal artists, albums or track charts in last fm to customize your listenings.
  3. You can easily track your music from your Android device.

Download app from official links.

7. Gaana Music

gaana music is the free music service that allows you to download Hindi, English, Punjabi, Telugu MP3 songs. Gaana is the one-stop music streaming app for all your music requirements. Enjoy millions of tracks according to your mood.

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Features of

  1. It offers command over 30 million Bollywood and English MP3 Songs.
  2. It helps you to stream high-quality streaming of music.
  3. It contains thousands of tracklists generated by users and artists.
  4. You can listen to non-stop Radio and also 20 Radio Mirchi stations.
  5. The Gaana music app supports 10 different languages.
  6. It updates music daily for all the regional languages so you can listen to brand new tracks.
  7. It provides you with the lyrics of your favorite songs.

Download Gaana Music app from official links.

8. ReverbNation


ReverbNation is known as the creator of artists. It’s easy to use service, and exclusive industry access helps to build your music career. It helps to light up your career from your phone with its advanced features.

Features of ReverbNation:-

  1. It helps to add new songs, videos, shows, and photos with just a single tab.
  2. It allows you to view and edit your profile.
  3. It enables you to review and reply to fan and artist comments.
  4. You will be updated with important account information.
  5. It has robust services that help you to get more fans, more money, and more gigs.

Download the ReverbNation app from official links.

9. ccMixter


ccMixter is a community music site that does promotions for remix culture and featuring remixes and patterns registered under Creative Commons licenses. ccMixter allows you to download music from its huge database and even share it with anyone.

Features of ccMixter:-

  1. It is the global community of 45000 musicians worldwide through a community of sharing and open music.
  2. You can discover remix events occurred in the past by using this music service.
  3. You will get legal music licensed under dig.ccmixter.

Official Website of ccMixter

10. MusOpen


MusOpen is the non-profit based music service that aims to “set music free” by providing music to peoples with no charges without copyright restrictions. It offers sheet music, textbooks, and recordings to the public.

Features of MusOpen:-

  1. It allows you to browse royalty free music recording so that you can listen online, download for free and save for later.
  2. You can browse sheet music files for free to print or view online.
  3. It contains music education resources for both the students and teachers.

Official Website for MusOpen

Final Words

There are multiple music services are available in the market that allows you to free downloading of the latest songs, but that should not be illegal or pirated like MusicPleer.

The above mentioned are the best and legal alternatives I have provided you all to use as a replacement to MusicPleer.

Have you guys found the above list useful? If you know any other legitimate site that gives you a better experience then mention in comments below. Stay tuned with us for more updates. Till then enjoy your world of music!!!

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