MangaStream : 10 Best Alternatives to Manga Stream


Manga is a comic in Japan with a distinct storyline, in-depth tracks and characters. The Manga contains a wide range of genres, namely action, trade and business, humour, detective, the drama of history, horror, suspense, romance, science fiction and fantasy.

Every 20-40-page series of Manga is published continually. Contrary to the comics for young people, Manga is favourite in Japan among people of all ages and backgrounds.

However, in last decades sites like mangastream has made available these mangas to all people through the internet for free. But due to some reasons, the site is down for a long time.

So, if you are old manga stream lover searching an alternative or a new manga lover we are here with you with a list of top ten manga sites of the current time.

List of 10 Best mangastream Alternatives & Similar Sites

1. Mangareader

Through an extensive collection, Mangareader can feed your daily need for Manga. They provide excellent content in an easy layout very early after release. Every manga comic is free here like mangastream.


Whether that is Naruto, one piece mangastream, or bleach, everyone will get a manga here to read of their choice. The website hosts the old and new manga novel chapters across all the genre and all seasons are uploaded. The Manga is available in English, and an application is also available for reading in mobile.

Pros of

  • Download and save 1000s of Manga entirely free
  • Latest collections are made available in a short period.

Cons of

  • The site hosts a large number of ads.

Official Website of

2. MangaTown

You will find Manga of various genres on this MangaStream alternative. Without a single payment or registration, you can read all your favourite manga comics online.


It is a great website and one of my favourite manga comics websites. You’ll be able to browse this site’s manga list, new version, genre and random Manga.

Pros of MangaTown

  • Daily update of the library
  • New releases list category wise
  • Attractive interface

Cons of MangaTown

  • Some of the Manga have missing chapters

Official Website of MangaTown

3. MangaFox

On this Manga Stream alternative, you’ll find several different genres. You can read all your favourite Manga Comics online without a single payment or registration.


It is one of my favourite websites for manga comics. The mangas, new version, genre and random Manga of this site can be browsed.

Pros of MangaFox

  • Clean your website with the minimum hassle of reading the Manga.
  • 8000 manga comics on one website
  • Check the history by registering at the site.

Cons of MangaFox

  • Hosts ads

Official Website of MangaFox

4. Mangareborn

Mangareborn is one of those sites which aim to disseminate unknown mangas across the globe. It is one of those alternatives of manga stream sites with a large number of mangas in its library.


The website is clean and has a forum to talk about the need for mangas or publishing dates. You can chat with other members to get unknown titles or characters data. The site is comparatively new and increasing its user.

Pros of Mangareborn

  • Easy to track episodes.
  • A handy collection of Japanese and English Manga.
  • The website translates mangas to the local language.

Cons of Mangareborn

  • The collection is still under the limit.

Official Website of Mangareborn

5. Mangaeden

Mangaeden is a simple website full of manga comics that is affordable and interesting.


The internal search option for Mangaeden enables you to restrict your search results and find the most appropriate manga comics. You can also add Manga to the site apart from reading the Manga.

Pros of Mangaeden

  • Manga reading option in Italian and English
  • From the homepage, you can find the last read chapter.

Cons of Mangaeden

  • Registration required to obtain all the functionality

Official Website of Mangaeden

6. Mangakakalot

Mangakakalot is another friendly alternative of managstream where you can find various mangas released online. When you are new to manga reading then you will require guidance to start, mangakakalot is one such place where you will find the completed mangas.


The site is famous for its speedy upload. Latest mangas can be found very quickly in this site. The site is very famous among old readers. It’s easy to use interface is also very attractive.

Pros of mangakakalot

  • Free hottest mangas are available.
  • A reputable source of comprehensive online free Manga

Cons of mangakakalot

  • Sometimes the server remains down.

Official Website of mangakakalot

7. Mangafreak

This website allows you to perceive Manga free and without registration. All you need to do is log on to the site and browse the incredible manga genres. There is a wide range of Manga on the site. Whether it’s Naruto or dragonballZ, you get all in one place.


You’d get anything you want. Through extrinsic agents like 3rd Party file sharers, you could download such mangas. Besides, the website has various features and tools that can be used to improve your manga experience.

Pros of mangafreak

  • One stop shop of manga reading.
  • Random manga tab

Cons of mangafreak

  • The site runs ads and popups

Official Website of mangafreak

8. Mangadoom

Mangadoom is also another site full of exciting and indulging manga comics. It is a top-rated platform and Manga for most people to read at all moments is found here.

mangadoom The Web page allows you to navigate the newly published Manga around its homepage for swift readings with alphabet views. This alternative of mangastream is growing its popularity day by day and has gained two million viewers last month.

Pros of Mangadoom

  • Latest mangas are uploaded fast
  • Free chatting option

Cons of Mangadoom

  • Subbed Manga comes a bit late

Official Website of Mangadoom

9. MangaPark

A vast collection of Manga in MangaPark justify making it an excellent position to read online manga comics. MangaPark is free of charge for all manga comics. Whether you’re a fan of Naruto or you like reading a single piece, bleach, etc., MangaPark has all of them.


You can’t find any manga that is newly released and yet not available in on MangaPark. The site contains all the episodes of the new and old manga comics. It contains Manga in both English and Japanese. The Manga can be bookmarked and MangaPark signed up is free. All such feature makes it a substitute for mangastream.

Pros of MangaPark

  • Reliably able to display the best possible online content
  • Free manga site with all type of mangas

Cons of MangaPark

  • Stream ads and popups.
  • Sometimes the server is down.

Official Website of MangaPark

10. Mangago

Finally, we have Mangago which is also the right choice for Mangastream substitute. Mangago is a lovely website for free online manga comics. This Mangastream alternative offers you a variety of methods to browse the Manga.

By this way, you can read Manga on Mangago for all your free time and without boredom. It offers an extensive directory that lists all of the Manga. The favourite tab displays the user’s most popular manga comics. You can use the genre table to see the genres and manga comics.

Pros of Mangago

  • An excellent search option to find mangas easily.
  • A vast genre list

Cons of Mangago

  • A few chapters of some manga are not subbed.

Official Website of Mangago


So here we conclude our article about mangastream alternate. Our suggestion is quite widespread and made in a way that various liking of the user is satisfied.

However, as usual, we are going to keep our recommendation about one site, and here we place our vote for Mangafox today. Currently, it is a stable site with a wide range of collection. So go ahead with the manga reading and spread mangas everywhere.

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