Mangapanda : 12 Best Manga Panda Alternatives & Similar Sites


Manga is graphic novels generated in Japan and gained popularity in the world since the last century. It is among the oldest art form that has been further developed through digital graphic designers. Mangapanda was free to find a manga site that hosted thousands of mangas.

However due to various issue the site is shutdown which is forcing multiple users to find a similar place.

It is wise to mention that free sites are always subject to change due to similar reasons like manga panda.

In this article, we will provide some legitimate website for your manga reading. These sites can be availed in the different form including browser or latest be android or iOS app.

List of 12 Best Manga panda Alternatives in 2019

1. Crunchyroll


When we are searching legitimate alternative of mangapanda Crunchyroll comes at the top of our list. It is an excellent site to read mangas. They have a great list of favourite mangas. But the site is not a free site.

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You have to pay $7.00 per month subscription fee to avail the site. You can get a trial of the site for 15 days before taking the subscription.

Apart from reading the manga, you can join their forum also to get to access all the users’ discussion regarding mangas. Once you subscribe you get the opportunity to see anime shows also.

Top Features of Crunchyroll

  • The legitimate site to read manga
  • An additional feature of anime shows
  • Can read manga through the app

The overall rating according to impactresearch

Due to its wide popularity and affordable price we rate the site 4.9/5

2. Comixology


Comixology is already a famous site among the comics readers with 8000 collections of comic books, and 700 of them are available to read free. However less known but true, it provides an excellent chance to read Manga as well.

You can buy manga series from this site which is an affiliate site of Amazon. Some great publishing house that is attached with these site for a consistent supply of manga is DMP, Fallen Manga Studios, WEB MANGA ZUIZAN and others.

Considering another site the collection may be an issue, but you can find all legit as well as popular contents here.

Top Features of Comixology

  • Handful collection from Great manga publishing house
  • All manga is available in English
  • Available comics part from manga
  • Can read through kindle fire, Android & iOS app also.
  • 30 days of a free trial

The overall rating according to impactresearch

Considering the collections and subscription price, we rate this site as 4.8/5

3. BookWalker


BookWalker is another alternative site of panda manga for legitimate manga reading. It is a global shop, but it sells manga and light novels only. It’s sell of a limited variety of things, making browsing more comfortable.

The site divides everything into categories such as new releases, simulcasting pubs from new serial chapters, prize-winning titles and even anime series. You can access the site from the browser in PC or Mac.

Also can have Android or iOS app too. The only drawback is it is a Japan-based site, so the transaction cost is additionally charged.

Top Features of BookWalker

  • A dedicated site for legitimate reading of Manga
  • Site hosted from Japan, meaning a vast collection is obvious
  • All latest variant is available.

The overall rating according to impactresearch

Considering all aspect of the site and its extensive variant we rate them as 4.8/5.

4. VIZ


If you intend to move away from the influence of one piece manga panda, sites like VIZ is your ultimate destination. Collection of favourite manga like Sailor Moon, One-Punch Man, Naruto, Boruto, Pokémon or Tokyo Ghoul can be readily available comparing through this site hosting for the link of all the website legitimately containing that manga.

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Moreover, it allows you to preview new versions and even free chapters. However, the popular way to VIZ is to do it via Android or iOS.

Top Features of VIZ

  • Massive collection of manga to buy and read
  • Offer to buy printed manga
  • The app experience is quite extensive

The overall rating according to impactresearch

Considering all aspect and exclusive app experience we rate this as 4.6/5

5. Shonen Jump

shonen jump

Shonen Jump Weekly is one of Japan’s most significant publications in manga series of books. The pages of Weekly Shonen Jump include series like Dragon Ball Super and My Hero Academia. The English counterpart of manga series chapters is published on the same day they are published in Japan via Shonen Jump app.

Old-time manga fans may remember those delays after the Japanese release. So it’s terrific that manga readers don’t have to (at least for some shows). You can also read selected chapters on your browser $1.99 per month via their app.

Top Features of Shonen Jump

  • The Shonen Jump digital library of 10,000 + manga chapters will be unlocked for a member
  • Check out the latest hits, revisit favourites unlimited times
  • Download option to read offline.

The overall rating according to impactresearch

Considering a well-maintained app feature, we rate the app as 4.5/5



Mangareder can feed your daily need of manga through their extensive collection. They provide excellent content at a very early date after release in an easy layout. All manga comics are free of charge.

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Everyone finds a manga of their choice whether that is Naruto, one piece, or bleach. The website presents all the seasons of old and new manga comics. The manga is available in English, and there is an app also to read them.

Top Features of

  • 1000 s of Manga completely free
  • Download and save in your hard drive
  • Latest collections are uploaded within a short period

The overall rating according to impactresearch

Site is full of ads and inconvenience to read the manga. We rate it as 3.9/5.

7. Mangastream


If you’re new to reading mangas and don’t know what to read, then where you need to go is Mangastream. Hundreds of manga comics are available on this website. For later reading, you can browse several manga comics and add the best to your manga bucket. The mangas on Mangastream can be read free of charge. It is a popular site among the manga community and an excellent alternative to Mangapnada.

Top Features of mangastream

  • Free to browse and read
  • Extensive collection with all favourite manga
  • A trusted source of online free manga with complete series.

The overall rating according to impactresearch

User popularity of the site is enormous, and we rate it as 3.9/5

8. MangaFox


Mangafox is one of panda manga alternative and a beautiful place to read manga without payment. It has an easy-to-use website that allows you to find your favourite manga without trouble. The site is quite colourful and modern and has several sections in the menu items that can navigate manga comics. If you sign in to the website, you can view your history of reading.

Top Features of MangaFox

  • 8000 manga comics at one website
  • Watch history through registering at the site
  • Clean the site with minimum hassle to read the manga.

The overall rating according to impactresearch

The site has gained popularity in a short time. But the domain name changes. We rate it 3.5/5.

9. Mangaeden


Mangaeden is a straightforward website filled with accessible and exciting manga comics. The advanced Mangaeden search option allows you to confine your search results and find the most suitable manga comics according to your preference. Not just to read the manga, you can also add manga to the site.

Top Features of Mangaeden

  • Option to read manga in English and Italian
  • Can find last read chapter from the homepage.
  • Registration required to get all feature

The overall rating according to impactresearch

Straightforward design and availability to have Italian manga are new features. We rate the site as 3.5/5.

10. MangaTown


On this Mangapanda alternative, you will find manga of different genres. You can read online all your favourite manga comics without a single payment or registration. It’s a great website and one of my favourite sites for reading online manga comics. You will have the option to browse the manga list, new version, genre, and random manga from this site.

Top Features of Mangatown

  • Attractive interface
  • Categorical new releases list
  • Daily update of the library

The overall rating according to impactresearch

The site is lovely and comfortable to find manga. We rate it 3.5/5

11. ComicWalker


In our directory, we include original Japanese sites that are a perfect alternative of mangapanda, and the name is Comicwalker. The site is a clean site and celebrating the fifth year of anniversary. A vast range of collection of manga in English and Japanese can boost your reading. You can sign up at the site to avail all the features.

Top Features of ComicWalker

  • An excellent illustration of manga at thumbnails
  • Clean site and very interactive design
  • Wide collection

The overall rating according to impactresearch

We rate the website as 3.4/5

12. Mangareborn


When the objective of any website is to spread undiscovered manga throughout the world, then that attains a place in our list. Mangareborn is one such site which has such objective and to fulfil that they are hosting a large number of mangas.

The website is a clean site with a forum to discuss the necessity of manga or release dates. You get the opportunity to chat with other members to get the data about unknown title or character.

Top Features of Mangareborn

  • Handful collection of Japanese and English Manga
  • Easy to locate episodes.
  • The site will translate mangas to localised language.

The overall rating according to impactresearch

The overall objective is acceptable. However, the collection is still not so extensive. We rate it as 3.2/5.

Final Words

All the above list is the result of our extensive handpicked collection of mangapanda alternative. You will find a legit site to read manga in the above list. Also, we include free websites for your convenience.

Several genres or character of Manga can be viewed and read. Whether you are an expert reader or new in manga series, our list can boost your manga reading habit.

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