Mangafreak : 10 Best Alternatives & Similar Sites Like Manga Freak


Manga is a Japanese word which stands for both cartoons and comics. It has a deep complex history in Japanese Art as Japanese artists and writers originally created it. Manga actually is graphic novels and comics.

Manga freak is a site that allows you to read and download for free and also saves you from any kind of registration. It targets children as well as adults as its readers. The name of the site manga freaks, speaks for itself.

It offers its users free access to reading and downloading. The manga is categorized into different genres. Manga freak quickly gained popularity around the world that soon afterward for its i. Reading lovers; it was translated into English for free.

This article will prove to be very beneficial to those who are looking for manga freak alternatives. As it shares the top 10 manga freak alternatives that the users can access and enjoy in 2013.

List of 10 Best Mangafreak Alternatives & Similar Sites

1. Mangafox


Mangafox is a good alternative for Mangafreak. It is a paradise for its users as it features over 8000 manga of high quality, which is divided into nearly 39 categories.

Its users have been following it for years. It is the most viewed manga at the site which makes it a one of the best mega freak alternative.


  • It has a separate app which makes reading easy.
  • It is always up-to-date.
  • Its variety is huge which caters all kinds of readers.


  1. The ads occupy a large portion of the site which annoys the readers.

Official site:

2. Kissmanga


This site too offers its users, reading and downloading for free. It doesn’t need and registration prior to reading a Manga. For faster access, it is divided into different niche like action, adventure, and fantasy and many more.

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It is to use and frequently gets updated too. Kissmanga is a free website for reading manga online without registration. Hence it’s a good alternative for Mangafreak


  • It provides a variety of mangas that offers its users many options to choose or select for reading.
  • A very dependable alternative with easy to use features


  1. The images often disappear and then you have to refresh the site.
  2. You need to disable Adblock\uBlock in order to access the site, as sometimes the pages get blocked.
  3. The ads and pop-ups often test the patience of the readers.

Official Site:

3. Comic Book Plus


It provides its users with a lively and friendly forum. It gives you access to free reading and downloading.


  • It is a site that offers all content for free and which is all legal
  • It contains both silver and golden age comic books. The outlook of the site is attractive with its huge collection.
  • It shows fewer ads.
  • It also offers pulp fiction.
  • You can also locate them on twitter, Google, and even Facebook.


  • The site looks a bit retro and sometimes seems a bit confusing

Official Site:

4. Viz Media


This is an app which stood out as a sound alternative in 2019. Android users as well as IOS users can use it by simply pressing the download button. It gives you the option of reading it offline too due to which it has emerged as a good alternative for the manga lovers.

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This is not a free app,thus you need to pay before reading it.. After the payment is done, one can read manga from any platform e.g. IOS or Android.


  • It is an e-reader and a library app that allows its users to make their collection to select for reading.
  • It has a frame zoom feature too. It is ideal for those readers who have a lot of Japanese manga to store.
  • it also gives u access to comic one piece mega
  • It is one of the top manga sites that are easy to use.


  • The obscure and smaller content might not be available on it as it caters the general content.

Official Website:

5. Comics Punch


This site offers a wide catalog to its users, with hundreds of comic books that are available on it.


  • It not only provides you the old fiction but also something new that you never heard of.
  • It has an extensive library.


  • This sit appears to be a little sketchy with a wonky interface.
  • It might not have all the titles that you are looking for.
  • The comics are pre-organized therefore; the searching might require some effort.

Official site:

6. Shenon Jump Manga Reader

viz shanon

It is an English source that provides legal manga of a different kind for free. It is quite easy to use.


  • It offers you the latest manga even those that are released the very same day.
  • It also gives you access to the famous one-piece manga.
  • On becoming a regular member you get a reward to unlock 10,000 + manga chapters
  • It contains nearly all the chapters in English.
  • You can also bookmark your favorite moments


They lack a “watch list” feature to track your favorite series

It again requires a “continue reading” option so that you can easily go back to the series that you were enjoying earlier.

Official site:

7. Manga Reader


With you can read the Manga online It is a free site for reading manga online.. All the latest Manga are available here.


It doesn’t require any registration for reading it

It provides all the newly released manga to its viewers.

This is a free website so you can read comics and other Manga stuff without paying anything

It also has an advanced search feature that allows searching based on the genre that is arranged on the basis of popularity.

Official site:

8. Comixology:


It is a digital comic that is cloud based. It includes the latest manga for free.


  • It is the largest selection of digital comics.
  • If your favorite comic is not available on it you can ask them to put it on the list by clicking the “Request Comics” option.
  • On this site, you can make your library.
  • You can also report any comics to them.


  • The scroll bar is very long and gets boring
  • It has paid comics

Official site

9. View Comic Online


It allows you to read manga online for free. It has the latest comics. It has emerged as another choice in place of mangafreak.


  • If your favorite comic is not available on their site then you can request them to put it on the list by clicking the “Request Comic” option
  • You can also report a comic by going to the “Report Error” button.


  • Users solely do the links here posted so the site doesn’t take any responsibility
  • The theme of this site is not attractive
  • The site doesn’t take responsibility of copyrights as all the stuff posted is by users

Official site:

10. Manga Browser


It is an android app which makes it easily accessible for everyone just like mangafreak.


  • It downloads chapters efficiently.


  • Sometimes there are errors in downloading and often the site gives you image errors.
  • Sometimes certain chapters are found missing.
  • Often the dates of publication for different series are not available.
  • After prolonged usage, the app closes.

Official Download Link Google Play Store


Among all the manga mentioned above freak alternatives, shenon jump manga reader is the best alternative site with its maximum pros and least cons. It is a legal manga site which does not charge anything.

It not only provides all the series in English but also gives you access to the manga that is released the very same day you visit the site. The most popular and famous one piece, which is liked by many, is also available on it.

When you become a regular member, the site rewards you with 10,000 + manga chapters. It offers its users nearly all the chapters in English and allows you to bookmark your favorite moments. All these Amazing features that this site offers, makes it the best manga freak alternative.

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