MalwareFox Anti-Malware Review : Everything You Need to Know


MalwareFox is a complete solution for malware protection and real-time detection. The product is from the Wolf of Webstreet OPC Private Limited and has been launched to provide generous anti Malware protection.

Alternatively, the software also offers a decent solution against Adware, ransomware, browser hijackers and all kind of malware. Here are our complete review and Impact rating for MalwareFox.

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Name: MalwareFox Anti-Malware

Description: MalwareFox detects and removes advanced malware threats like adware, spyware and ransomware which regular Antivirus program cannot

Price: $24.95

Operating System: "Windows", "Android"

Application Category: "AntiMalware"

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  • Support
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The most exciting thing about MalwareFox that has to be mentioned at the beginning is, it is entirely free software for malware protection.

While the other malware protection software provides a taste of the total package through trials, MalwareFox gives its major part completely free.
The complete functionality of the Malware protection is available in its free box for a trial period of 15 days and can be availed after that through getting a premium licence.

Nonetheless, we will review here the complete MalwareFox starting from installation through complete protection of malware. In the process, we will also scan their comprehensive support and also find whether the price they are asking for the premium software is worthy or not. Also, we will let you know whether it is worth considering to replace your existing malware protection software.

Detailed Expert Opinion About MalwareFox Anti-Malware

Set up

The complete setup process of the Malwarefox starts with downloading of a tiny file through their homepage link of free downloading.

malwarefox setup

The file size is 6.46MB and took no time to download. I have been using Windows 10, and it required administrative allowance for the software to install.

The installation method begins with the selection of the language followed by a wizard of standard windows installer that is straightforward like other. Accepting the license agreement and selecting the destination folder, the file automatically starts the setup. It took second to complete the installation on the computer.

That was very different from the standard anti-malware software that we encounter in the market and which needs a lot of time to install, followed by a download of a bulk update. Here we get the software running in just ten seconds.

The space that is required after the installation is 17.7 MB. Let’s see the first look.


The first look of the software is like what is posted below.

malwarefox interface

The dashboard is, therefore, quite simple and straightforward for any new user. As I downloaded the software, they show a free trial of 14 days with the complete feature which I already mentioned. The top right of the dashboard contains four icons for settings, quarantine, license and report.


In the settings tab, we find multiple tabs at the right sidebar. Settings for General, Scan, Real-time protection, check for updates, and an advanced settings tab is enabled here.


Quarantine tab shows the log of threats that have been quarantined by Malwarefox.


In the license tab, it is to enter the premium license that you have to buy from the webpage. It also has a countdown of days left for your premium license. While using the free trial period of 15 days, It showed the balance days automatically.


The report tab gathers all the report of the scans and creates a log of it. It is a straightforward way to get your scan reports.

Drag and Drop

The dashboard contains a space for the scan of a particular file for malware. The file to be scanned has to be dragged and dropped here to get the scan result. It is a unique and easy to do function.


In reality, most of the time, the function that is used is the scan. User is least interested in other feature than the scan and to know the result. MalwareFox has a scan option in its home page right side.

malwarefox features

So there is no need to search out any other option in a day to day activity. Just hit the scan button and search for the result. MalwareFox result tab gives the opportunity to choose the action to be done. From the scheduled scan, the system is kept protected from all the attacks on a day to day basis.

The other option of scan is of a particular file or folder as well as the external device. Through the drag and drop option mentioned above, you can start scanning a particular external disk to get the

The features that attract the MalwareFox included multiple options in scan setting. The option consists of the scheduling of scans.

The provision to scan at the start-up can be chosen such that the system remains protected. As an alternative, settings can be adjusted to create a scheduled time to scan every day. System protection can be enabled automatically through this function.

It is a collective experience from the significant malware protection software that the performance of the system gets reduced when the scanning is done through the software. Malwarefox is different from them.

system scan malwarefox
System Scan

While I performed the scan of the complete system, it took 62 minutes to complete the total system scan of 400 GB. But no downside performance experienced at the time.

System restore points can also be set to take a backup before the action to be taken at the software.

In many times there are files required to be restored by the user due to their privilege. That option is quite quickly done if there is a system restore point. MalwareFox enables the user to choose at that system.

MalwareFox has a real-time protection feature. This feature enables you to prevent the malware attack before it starts operation. Unlike other software that starts working after the attack, MalwareFox begins work before the system is damaged, that is a great advantage.

Some files are known to the user as safe to use, and that doesn’t require to be scanned every time.

MalwareFox exclusion allows excluding those files from the scan. In the event of unusual behaviour of any particular file, it can be dragged for a select scan.

Regular updates are automatically available from the developers. These updates are automatically installed if the system is always connected online. But if it is required to know about the latest update, there is a provision to check for updates.

Features Overview


The foremost thing that any user wants to get from any antimalware software is the protection of its system from malware attack.

malwarefox protection
MalwareFox Protection

Malwarefox has an excellent protection system. Also, the process of malware detection in is program is different than others. Malwarefox gives real-time protection from anti-malware. Ransomware adware and potentially unwanted programme.

Performances of the program are quite understandable as the system remains unaffected on the use of this programme. Following are the protection that malwarefox provides you with and a reason why the program is different than others.

Heuristic Technology and Behaviour Detection

Majority of the antiviruses operates in a signature based feature. In this, the signature database of the viruses is matched with any threat. Once the signature matches, then that is detected as a threat.

It is the reason why the majority of the antiviruses and anti-malware software require a significant update all the time. In these update and patches, these new virus signatures are included and also an update of the old signatures.

MalwareFox does not work in this way. The software operates in heuristic technology and behaviour detection as the primary detection scheme.

The key advantage of this technology is it can identify previously unknown malware and any new malware that is yet to be invented and does not present in the virus detection signature. MalwareFox accomplishes this protection through its premium feature.

Cloud-based Technology

However, this requires various detection methods to be adapted to perform in this heuristic detection method. MalwareFox performs all these activities through its cloud-based approach.

As and when MalwareFox finds any malicious object, it uploads the file to the cloud server of MalwareFox. This technology is entirely new and requires attention.

Advantages of cloud-based software are observed as the principal function is offloaded to the server, and therefore, the system requirement is quite less. It is a significant reason why system performance does not get affected while performing the scan through malwarefox.

The significant advantage of malwarefox is, it does not rely on the processing power of your system. As the malware detection and treatment is done through the cloud-based server, the action is fast.

The added advantage is the software does not require a massive installation, and a lightweight file can do the job.

Ransomware Protection

Those who are aware of the ransomware must have a requirement to keep system protection from these ransom demanding hackers and malware fox is a solution to that.

It is a great sigh of relief that the developers have considered these requirements along with their software suite.

Browser Hijacker Protection

When you experience an unwanted change of behaviour of your browser, you must know that there is an attack of the browser hijacking. Malwarefox detected this browser hijacker in my system that my other antivirus was unable to identify.

Advanced Malware Removal

Malwarefox has the functionality to detect encrypted malware from the system. It is an excellent feature tested through the anti-malware program and found a positive result.

Zero Day Attack Protection

Malwarefox prevents the malware attack before even it gets into. It is termed as zero-day attack protection. The feature is available in the premium pack.


Malwarefox has a decent 24X7 support system attached through the package. However, before the support is required, there is a provision of remote assistance in the software.  This remote assistance is instantaneously available online.


In the advanced settings tab, there is a bottom bar that launches this tool, called the farbar recovery scan tool. It is server-based remote assistance and launches immediately as the remote assistance is available.

Send feedback

Malwarefox has a feature to send feedback of the scanned report through mail. It is a premium feature, and the scanned report can be attached to the feedback. Any assistance can be available through this feedback system.

Engineer support

Malwarefox provides an assurance of providing on-site support through the physical presence of their engineer if any malware could not be treated through their software.

engineer support
Engineer Support

It is a great promise which shows the confidence of the developers.


MalwareFox is an unusual software in terms of its pricing. After it’s trial period is complete, there is an option to buy the premium feature for full one year. However, compared to other software those charges every month, MalwareFox price is quite less.

malwarefox pricing

On the other hand, there is a better deal available for home or business for multiple pcs. The deal is quite lucrative and offers you around 50% on each PC for buying multiple PC.

multiple pc pricing
Pricing – Multiple PC

The software is available for Android also, and the price is merely trivial of 4.99$ per year.

android pricing
Android Pricing

Various payment methods are available to but the software which is an added advantage. Payment through different cards as well as PayPal and wire transfer makes the buying option quite simple and straightforward.

Strength and Weakness


  • Cloud-based protection
  • Real-time protection
  • Easy to install
  • A complete solution for ransomware
  • 14 days of free trial with full feature
  • Value for money


  • Not available for Mac
  • No browser extension
  • No password protection

Final Verdict

As an overall review of the software, it must be said that Malwarefox has a complete package of malware protection, including adware, ransomware in a real-time environment.

The only drawbacks that we found are it’s availability to the various platform is limited. Also, the software doesn’t provide password protection and browser extension.

Apart from the above, we liked the software since the performance of this lightweight software is impressive in terms of fast detection and complete removal of various vulnerable objects.

It can perform in parallel with other antiviruses and does not create conflict, and even the PC performance is not altered even at the time of the complete scan process. Cloud-Based software management makes less system usage and offloads the major work to the cloud server.

Finally, it is a value for money in comparison to other software that is available in the market. It has every potential to compete with other reputed software of similar kind in all significant feature.

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