How to Get Free V Bucks in Fortnite : Legal Methods in 2019

how to get free v bucks
Top 10 Ways to Get free V Bucks In Fortnite

Just like all other games have their currency for the in-app purchases, Fortnite battle royale game also has its currency typically named as Vindertech Bucks or V bucks.

With the help of this currency, you can purchase their appearances, skins, and weapons to get ahead in the game.

In every other level, you will need some new accessories for your new Avatar; these V bucks are a must to defeat your opponents.

Don’t panic; you need not always to spend money to get V bucks. There are plenty of options that allow you to earn free v bucks from the game itself.

In this article, I am going to tell you some tips to get free v bucks in season 9 automatically as you progress in the game. Follow the section below to keep defeating your opponents and enter new level smoothly and quickly.

How to get free v bucks in Fortnite: Top 10 Easy Ways

1. Daily Login Benefits

The essential tip to get free V bucks is through the regular log in your Fortnite account. To keep earning a handsome amount of V bucks you need to make it your habit to log in daily in this game.

daily login rewards for free v bucks
Daily Login Rewards

This daily login can help you get around 50-300 V bucks per login, and if you are a regular visitor on your account, you can also earn v bucks in any one day of the week which is famous as free v bucks day.

In this day you can avail the right amount of free v bucks in your account. So this trick will surely help you fill your account with tons of V bucks.

2. Keep playing your daily quests

If you want to earn more V bucks, I suggest you to keep playing your daily quests. When you are at the beginning playing through quests is the best option. For these daily quests, daily rewards are waiting for you.

daily quests
Daily Quests

With every daily quest, you can get 50 V bucks. Only three quests can be completed daily in this game and with all quest, you can earn 150 V bucks.

These daily quests not only give you more free v buck but you will be given a lot of other rewards also, which can help you level up the game. You have an option to abandon and flip one daily quest.  You can get into the daily quests list below:

Daily Destroy Missions

MissionWhat to doHow to doReward
Arcade MachinesAbolish 6 Arcade Machines in completed tasksGet them at City Zones50 V-Bucks
Fire TrucksAbolish 3 Fire Trucks in completed missionsGet them at City Zones50 V-Bucks
Garden GnomesAbolish 3 Garden Gnomes in completed missionsoften found hidden in every zone50 V-Bucks
Park SeesawsAbolish 8 Park Seesaws in completed tasksGet them at Suburban zones50 V-Bucks
Propane TanksAbolish 10 Propane Tanks in completed missionsGet them at Industrial zones50 V-Bucks
Server RacksAbolish 4 Server Racks in completed missionsGet them at Bunkers and Shelters50 V-Bucks
Teddy BearsAbolish 8 Teddy Bears in completed tasksGet them at Suburban zones50 V-Bucks
TVsAbolish 20 TVs in completed missionsGet them at Suburban zones50 V-Bucks

Mission Specialist

MissionWhat to doReward
ConstructorSuccessfully finish three tasks as a Constructor50 V-Bucks
NinjaSuccessfully achieve three missions as a Ninja50 V-Bucks
OutlanderSuccessfully achieve three missions as an Outlander50 V-Bucks
SoldierSuccessfully finish three missions as a Soldier50 V-Bucks
StonewoodSuccessfully finish three tasks in Stonewood50 V-Bucks
PlankertonSuccessfully finish three missions in Plankerton60 V-Bucks
Canny ValleySuccessfully finish three missions in Canny Valley75 V-Bucks
Twine PeaksSuccessfully finish three missions in Twine Peaks100 V-Bucks

Husk Extermination

MissionWhat to doReward
Any HeroSuccessfully complete tasks with 500 Husks kill of any hero50 V-Bucks
ConstructorSuccessfully complete missions as a constructor with 500 Husks kill50 V-Bucks
NinjaSuccessfully complete missions as a Ninja with 500 Husks kill50 V-Bucks
OutlanderSuccessfully complete tasks as an Outlander with 500 Husks execute50 V-Bucks
SoldierSuccessfully complete missions as a Soldier with 500 Husks kill50 V-Bucks

3. Daily Storm shield home base missions

Not only daily quests, but you will also have some daily storm shield missions which can make you earn 50 V bucks every day. Every time you complete a task, 100 V bucks will be added into your account.

daily missions for free v bucks
Daily Missions

But the unfortunate thing is these are limited too. There are only a number of these daily missions but which you can earn great rewards. Now you must be thinking, what will I do after finishing all my storm shield missions? Well, I have a solution for that too for you.

If all your 60 missions have completed and you have earned all 2400 you can now earn V bucks by playing your friends missions. Though, your friend would not be able to make any benefit from your playing.  But, you cannot play your friends missions without his permissions.

4. Keep an eye on the ongoing events

Several events are going on in the game which can give you a chance to avail a lot of rewards including free v bucks.  In these events, you will be assigned some tasks, and by finishing these tasks, you can get hundreds of V bucks.

The best thing I love about these events is that you can earn approximately 800 V bucks by playing all these events. So that sounds rewarding. This can be an excellent option for you to earn V bucks without getting into any free v bucks generator.

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Who need generators and cheats if you can use these small tricks? Then keep updated with all the latest events happening on the game.

5. Time-bound quests

Not only daily quests, but there are also several time-bound quests available on the game. In these time-bound quests, you will see a clock on the screen, which will show you how much time you have left to finish the quests. But not all these time-bound quests can avail you V bucks. V bucks are available only on the mini-boss quest.

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The amount of V bucks ranges from 24-40 per quests, and you can play a maximum of ten rounds at some levels. Isn’t it an excellent way to grab some free v bucks no survey?

6. Finish up all the side-quests

These side-quests are also a significant resource to earn V bucks. While these cannot benefit you as much as the main quests do but the amount can be beneficial to you to unlock new levels.

These side quests can earn you up to 100-150 V bucks between 7th -10th challenges. That means only challenge 7-10 have V bucks as a reward only. In other challenges, there are a lot of additional bonuses which you can earn.

7. Keep yourself updated about the Fortnite world

To keep earning thousands of V bucks in the game, you have to stay tuned to all the latest updates about the game.

You have to keep updated about the new events which are going to happen and all the other new tasks by which you can earn V bucks. For that, you need to keep track of the websites and social networking sites on which you can earn free fortnite V bucks by doing some tasks like referring your friends, or following their page, etc.

8. Buy the full game

If you are a die-hard fan of Fortnite and are always in a hunt to buy Vbuck, you can buy the Fortnite Save the world full game mode.

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Purchasing the full version of the game will enable you to avail all the exciting benefits of this game at a just $39.99. Yes, you have heard it right. Only $39.99 can help you earn all the exciting rewards and especially V bucks easier than the battle royale version. So grab your full version right now.

9. Other missions

You can also earn a handsome amount of V bucks by finishing up the other missions. These are a lot of missions in the game you come across which can make you earn from 100-150 V bucks.

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Many missions like ‘hold the door mission’ can earn you 2000 V bucks from 20 consecutive challenges worth 100 V bucks. And by destroying mimics, you can earn 600 V bucks on an average of 30 V bucks per 20 missions.

10. Purchase V bucks package

Another more comfortable way to get v bucks is buying the kit. Yes, you can get free v bucks on purchasing a V bucks package.

free v bucks bonus
Free V Bucks Bonus on Purchase in Bulk

Doesn’t it sound a good deal? Even purchasing can earn you some free fortnite v bucks. That is why Fortnite is always the favourite among users.

Free V Bucks Generator – Stay away from Scams

I know that before you found this article, you might have searched for Free v bucks generator sites. Did you gain something? I know that they have frustrated you and returned barehanded.

free v bucks generator
Avoid Free V Bucks Generator Scams

I have tested many of these free v bucks no human verification sites and has drawn up a conclusion that I will never enter such sites. Not only that through my all article, but I also spread this news to everyone.

These free v bucks generator sites are a complete scam, and they aim at stealing your personal information in the form of human verification. They have never generated any single V bucks; they are not capable of these.

These sites are simple tools to create visitors to their sites. Desperate users are trying to find all means to know how to get free V bucks and landing to their page. After reading my post, you must not do the same.


Relieved or not? You must be feeling relaxed after you have completed the above segment. In the end, you have plenty of options to collect free v bucks from the game itself.

I must also say fortnite is a game of skill, and as you develop your talent, Vbucks will automatically get generated. But the developers always keep a close eye on the game progress and your resources.

This game optimization is quite essential to manage the whole game community and keep the charm of challenges. I always enjoy these blood pumping challenges. If you also feel the same go ahead and kick off free v bucks generator; your goal is destined else.

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