Top 15 Games Like Terraria That You Can Try As Alternatives


In this article, we are giving you information about collection of the free games like terraria which offers the same features that terraria has, i.e. exploration, sandbox, side scrolling, and action adventure.

However, these similar games like terraria combines both action genres and sandbox.

The players of this game allowed generating their own city with 2D effect and offering countless adventure. This game gives us best experience with friends. Under its title terraria, it covers several game genres that makes its gameplay fully different. On the other hand, there are some of the other aspects which makes this game to stand first in the race like, different enemies, NPC, day/night cycling, and bosses.

These similar games are available in both single and multiplayer modes so that one can enjoy them alone or with friends and family. Terraria is best when accessed on steam. However, many people want other gaming options that are as same as terraria.  Fortunately, we have managed to create a list of such games that can be replaced with terraria if you wish. Here you go with the list of top 15 alternative games to terraria.

List of 15 Games Like Terraria You Should Play in 2019

1. Minecraft


No doubt that Minecraft is one of the best games in present time. This game is released by Mojang in 2011 and it is developed by Swedish developer Markus Persson. Markus Persson and Jens Bergensten are the designers of this sandbox video game.

There are numerous modes of gameplay available in minecraft; such as survival mode in which player should gather resources to create the world; and the adventure mode of this game includes personal maps generated by others with some limitations.

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A player can play this game in three modes like creative, spectator, and hardcore. In the hardcore mode, player is provided with a single life and difficulty level is set to hard and if player failed or get killed, then player cannot re-enter to play again, and game will left unplayable.

Every time this game creates new map which is contrasting with the game which you played earlier. You get command over multiplayer function once you download the premium version of this game.

2. Starbound


This is the second best listed game to play. Starbound is developed and published by Chucklefish. The game is with full of action and adventure packed. You can play Starbound with friends or alone, both modes of playing are available. Starbound features includes story based mission, enemies to fight, free world exploration, ability to interact with, and terraform the atmosphere.

The game is about the player who is unable to find the way in space after leaving his home planet with a damaged spacecraft. This game force to leave the planet and collect required equipment’s to repair the spacecraft before he set off.  The space shuttle acts as the player’s vehicle to save solar system from the people who are trying to damage your home.

There are three distinct levels of game from easy to hardcore. You should select one race from all the 7 races and you are free do whatever you want.

3. Raft

raft an alternative to terraria

As the name of the game tells us, Raft is set in the oceans. In this game, you have to collect necessary equipment’s to enlarge your raft with utmost care of what is there in sea to survive in the adventurous ride.

Basically, the game story is; you are stuck on a small size raft with trusty hook which is of no use and your job is to collect the necessary resources to construct the raft or home to survive in the ocean.

The Raft put you and your friend on the adventurous ride in the open sea and you have to collect the scattered pieces of scrap floating by with your trusty hook to make your big raft which is worth to survive in the ocean.

However, hunger and thirst is not only the difficulty you face in ocean, saving yourself from man eating shark is also a tough task while playing this game. This game is developed by RedBeet Interactive, and released on in the month of May 2018.

4. Planet Centauri

similar like terraria

Terraria like games always try to give us an action packed game experience and Planet Centauri meets all the criteria to be the similar game to terraria. This game allows us exploring in hidden strong underground cell, capturing and taming monsters, building and protecting a NPC community, creating your own tools, and generating your own magic spells!

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The main aim is to save native chlorinians from night walkers, and construct, and fortify villages. Be a friend with them and assign work to inhabitants like, wizards, guards, hunters, tailors, researchers and many more. “Eat well to get stronger” is the quote to survive in the planet centauri game. Eat various types of food and boost up your energy levels and develop abilities.

5. Crea

crea vs terraria

Crea allows you to board on a ship of adventurous ride, and find what Crea world is offering you. With each victory you get increased ability and strength. You get new items to craft and build with every inquiry.

You have to level up by beating the enemies. Talent system makes you to learn over 80 techniques. With the help of unique assignments, you can craft the energetic gear. Crea also features crafting in which you have to search first materials then upgrade the tools.

At the time of war you can use this updated tools for beating up the monsters. Some other weapons are also there like, spear, bow, sword and even u can use magic. Terraria like games always offer exploration feature, and so as Crea.

6. Junk Jack

junk jack

Junk Jack is also based on sandbox experience in which constructing and improving home is a center of its attraction. It has wonderful retro style pixel art designs. Tame and breed creatures, grow flowers, collect animal partners and fishes, cook food, farming of tropical plants, playing with your friends are some of the other feature of the Junk Jack.

There are 12 planets where you can use portals to travel in between them and world is tactically generated so you will see distinct world every time you generate one. Vibrant color engine give you feeling of enjoyment every second you spare at Junk Jack.

7. Portal knights

portal knights

Portal knights game is developed by keen games and published by 505 Games. 9 out of 10 players used to play this game on steam base platform. In the month of February 2016, it is firstly release on steam. Portal knight is individual survival game.

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This game is about fighting against terrorized world with evil forces and you are the only way of survival. You can craft the items like, swords, pickaxes and tools which you can use to destroy monsters and expand your building, weapons and armors.

Portal Knights perfectly fits into the category of games like terraria on steam that offers freedom to do almost anything you want. You are free to select how to play this game along with two options, warrior and ranger. This game can be played in both modes as solo or as multiplayer mode as well.

8. Planet Explorers

planet explorers

Developed and published by Pathea Games, Planet Explorer liked by 80% peoples. 6 out of 10 peoples play this game on steam platform. This game allows players to change the ground to construct bridges, walls and ramps.

Players can create many items like, weapons, armor, and able to create their own vehicle anywhere with material available to them. Planet Explorers also known as one of the best games like terraria on steam.

In this game there are two modes available to play; one is story and another is adventure. In first one, map is set for number of quests that progress in the game, and in second mode; procedural map is there which includes quests and events which enables the players to choose the planet to visit and explore around what they want to visit.

Adventure mode added to this game in Alpha version 0.61. This game includes 17*8km world map with different landscapes, locations, characters, and 100 kinds of powerful enemies.

9. Rising World

rising world

Rising world is voxal based sandbox game with procedurally generated and easily spoiled environment. This game is about to begin from the basic tools and collect the things which leads to survive in the wildness.

Develop your world to the biggest city and it’s totally depend on your imagination. After all, this is a sandbox based game. The Rising World gives you freedom to build huge cities or wide castles in both single and multiplayer mode.

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You are provided with 200 various objects for constructing purpose and modifiable weather. This game is still in the development and is in alpha stage. Out of 10 users, 9 plays this game on steam. Rising World overall rated with 4.5 stars out of 5.

10. Echo of The Wilds

echo of the wild

The game with puzzler narrative adventure is rated as 4.5 stars out of 5. Echo of the Wilds is developed by Anthony Case and published by Caiysware. The game is about searching the truth behind why u finish there before winters.

To play this game wisely, you should adopt the skills to survive in the Greenland, and unrevealed things of wild to be free from bad forces. Like other similar games, Echo of the Wilds also you have to collect objects to build the gear, feed yourself and adopt new techniques and so on.

In this game you will find yourself in the dense and mysterious forest, and the spiritual guide will help you to learn the techniques to survive and secrets of the wild.

11. Don’t Starve

dont starve

The Canadian indie company Klei Entertainment has developed this eventual survival game. On rate card cards, Don’t Starve is rated 5 on 5 stars by users. You have to play a game as default scientist named as Wilson who find himself in a dark and gloomy world and he should fight for his survival.

Don’t Starve is a full of action and adventure packed game which features randomized open world, uncompromising survival and world exploration and dark & whimsical visuals. Wilson has to fight with the villain of the game i.e. Maxwell and other supernatural enemies who tries to finish him. You have to collect resources to craft your item that helps to survive in strange creatures, danger and surprises.

12. Epic Inventor

epic inventor

Epic inventor is a game amalgamation of RPG, side scroller, and RTG elements under the one roof of Epic. In this game, you have to finish the mission and collect new tools to develop your skill of survival. Like rest of the other games, this gives independency to build your own world with different weapons.

Single player mode as well as multiplayer modes are available in Epic Inventor with its attractive 2 dimensional graphics. This game is completely free and allows us with open source specification.

13. The Blockheads

the blockheads

The Blockheads is amazing sandbox genre independent game, created by an indie developer Dave “majicDave” Frampton and owner of magic Jungle Software. Twists and turns make this game very interesting.

The game is all about fighting the monsters in the big block world. You have to help blockheads by giving them food, rest, shelter etc. Start to explore the world of blockheads. You have to build the boat to navigate the huge oceans and travel around.

This is the open world survival game so there is a freedom to do whatever you want.

14. Treasure Adventure Game

treasure adventure game

Treasure adventure game throw you on the island on the continent as a young little boy. The continent was destroyed in war between demon and wizard. U can use hat, boat, & a parrot as your tools which appear when you touch the water.

Big, open and tremendously influencing world to roam with exciting stories to experience very varied weather conditions with NPCs & changing climate. Fascinating stories will open as you progress in the game, charming NPCs, mysterious other worldly begins and multiple endings.

Achievements: –

“Best overall indie Game of the Year”, Treasure adventure game in 2011 by Nintendo Enthusiast.

“Best Indie Adventure Game”, Treasure Adventure game by JaylsGames in 2011

“Top 4 of 10 indie Games of 2011”, Treasure Adventure Game by Game Zone, 2011

15. Dwarf Fortress

dwarf fortress

Dwarf fortress is one of the complex video game ever made. This game is developed by Tarn Adams and published by Bay 12 Games in the year 2006. If you are an adventure game freak, then this game is made for you.

You have to fight with monsters, you have to build shelter and collect resources. You have to be safe because night creatures will attack you and finish every last one of the dwarves by stealing your city.

This is a single player mode game and allows you to experience deep epic adventure gameplay. The main game mode is fortress mode and second one is adventure mode.

We tried our best to list all the great games like terraria on steam including other platforms in the above list. Most of the above are sandbox style RPG games with 2D and 3D effects. Hope you find this article helpful to you.

Let us know if we missed any important must have game in the above list. The comments section is open for you.


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