10 Similar Games Like Apex Legends You Must Play

games like apex legends

Ever since its release Apex legends has captivated gamers with its free to play mode. The games like apex legends appear to storm away all the title of the royal battle genre through its unparallel feature.

However, the rise of a gameplay technique cannot keep the gamers confined to a single game and always triggers them to search for a new and alternative. In this article, we will be presenting you with some other example of games like apex legends and assist you in choosing one from them as your pick.

Top 10 Games Like Apex Legends

1. Fortnite Battle Royale


Fortnite Battle Royale is the biggest alternate game and competitor of Apex Legends. Till the arrival of Apex Legends, Fortnite has been prevailing with supremacy among gamers. Fortnite is also free to play like Apex Legends which offers a substantial gameplay content.

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The gameplay runs through microtransaction through an in-game currency called v bucks. At the initial stage, you start with limited resources. You have to play extensively to earn v bucks through which you can unlock new cosmetic items required to complete the upper levels. Tons of contents like daily quests, main storyline quests as well as side-line quests keep you engaged with the game all the time.

Unique in its structure building objective called storm shield the game is a complete stunner as similar games similar to apex legends.

2. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds


Another last man standing game which worn the heart of the gamers is PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds popularly PUBG. PUBG has similar gameplay like of 100 players coming down from the sky and fighting each other for surviving till the end. The game has a slower speed of play than Apex Legends. In the game, there are several vehicles items, and gears are randomly scattered in an open world. You have to fight and collect the elements for an upgrade to higher levels.

Unlike Apex Legends PUBG is not a free game. You can play from the stream on payment. The game is very much addictive and lacks in reality. If you are fascinated with runs quest and killing, then PUBG is not for you. But as you go in the game, you find the game having repeated action and more stressful to the reflex of you.

PUBG is a headshot to alternative games like apex legends and real fun to play with friends.

3. Overwatch

games like apex legends

Overwatch is a PvP game but often spoken in same respect of Apex Legends. The game a first person shooter game where you can choose to be an attacker or defender. In the game, you control one of the six characters, battle on the other team and achieve victory. At the start, you choose a hero character from an option of thirty with different expertise of their own. The game is widespread in the various world, and each one has a clear map.

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Overwatch is also not a free game and can be bought from any store to play the game in ps4, Xbox one or Windows. The similarity of game function, graphics and gameplay make it alternatives to apex legends.

4. H1Z1


Another battle royal game of the more significant number of contestants is H1Z1. The game has a capacity of 150 players at one go which is much more than Apex Legends. You can play alone or in cooperative of 5 players. Similar to other you come down parachuting in the game from the sky and start your search of objects and weapons. The game is a combination of Fortnite and PUBG. Like Fortnite you search for weapons and other items and also drive vehicles like PUBG.

With large open maps and explorations, this game is an exhilarating game, and you must try the game if you love games like apex legends.

5. The Culling

the culling

Another game that sharethes similar gameplay is The Culling. It is another fight for existence game but with lesser number of character. The gameplay makes it tougher for the players by introducing poisoned gases in the different area of the map.

This is a free to play game and does not require payment to win the battle. All the resources are open to all the players. Still, you can choose to buy cosmetic items by paying.

Exploring maps, crafting weapons, win items and building traps are the other characteristic feature of the game which makes it a games similar to apex legends.

6. Last Man Standing

last man standing

The name itself signifies that it is a deathmatch game where you have to survive till the last. The game has similar gameplay and graphics like Apex Legends. The game allows for 100 players to play together and engage in a massive battle. You have to fight hard to wipe off the fellow in an efficient manner. The struggle also includes the dedicated searching of armours and weapons.

The game allows endless options of customisation through the vanity creates which you earn with every level up. Along with other the variety of weapons like LMG, shotguns, sniper rifle and even a rocket launcher can be crafted or collected to create more chances to win. All these features definitely will attract you to play these apex legends similar games.

7. Titanfall 2

titanfall 2

Titanfall 2 is another first-person shooter game which can give a kick while searching for an alternate of Apex Legends. There is a similarity between the two in the gameplay only the Apex Legends do not have the gigantic Titans. The game is not free to play, but you can have discounted price at Amazon for playing the game in PS4 platform.

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The game has single player and multiplayer mode. The game creates bonding between humanity alias you and machine alias titans. As you grow expertise, you use the giant titans in your favour. Variety of giant titans, in-depth game plot and various customisation techniques, makes Titanfall 2 to enlist in apex legends similar games.

8. Darwin Project

darwin project

Darwin project is an easy access battle royal game which has a hypnotical concept of reality shows. Plotted in the ice age, you have to take part in the reality show to win the game.

The critical feature of the game is the show director who plays a part to connect you with spectator of a reality show. Live spectator interactive theme is a new concept which keeps you entertained. Coming to the gameplay, you can use the clues to distract your enemy and prepare a trap to win the game. The chilling weather of Canada also sets out the difficulty level of the game.

Playing the game in steam is free. Apart from the other, a similar manhunt for survival makes it alternatives to apex legends.

9. Ring of Elysium

ring of elysium

Ring of Elysium is another early access game in steam which can be played online in multiplayer mode. You can experience the game for free now. In this game, you are trapped in an area which is destroyed by a natural disaster. To escape the situation you have to avail rescue flights which can accommodate four passengers only. You need to win the race and be among the four survivalists.

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The game has a wide range of maps developed with nice graphics which is highly detailed. The game gives you the ultimate experience of survival in the dramatic change of environment.

Among the upcoming games which can be alternative games like apex legends ring of Elysium is the most promising one.

10. Rules of Survival

rules of survival

Another battle royal game which gained the gamers appreciation is Rules of survival. If you think that you have gained the ability to survive among 60 players of Apex Legends, then try to play this game where the number goes to 300. The width of this game is the largest among all the games listed above including Apex Legends. Simultaneously the safe zone is also smaller compared to others. The developers have combined altogether all the difficulty levels of the majority of the royal battle games to produce this mammoth. The game playing is solo or five player consortium mode.

If you want to test yourselves with greater gameplay mode and higher difficulty mode Rules of survival will give you that plot. All these are adequate to call for this game is better to play than games like apex legends.


So here we conclude our list of games like apex legends which also consists some games in a verge of release. Apex legends has given you all the content you love in royal battle games. But our list is to facilitate you in a way that you get something extra, something exciting and innovative materials from these baseline games of present and future. So play like a pro and fuel up with adrenaline while playing these games. Do not forget to share your experience with the games in below comment box.

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