20 Great Games Like Age of Empires For All Platforms

games like age of empires

As the title of this article has attracted you then it is quite apparent that you are a dedicated Real-time Strategy game player and one of your favourite game is Age of Empires. With all its version and extensions this game not only managed the highest popularity but entirely conquered the gamers for two decades with its mesmerising gameplay.

In a situation where games like age of empires has a vast number of players in the gaming community still on the current date, other developers need to have real prowess to launch an RTS game of such stature.

But the developers have taken the challenge and produced similar games like age of empires which has relieved the gamers from the detention of age of empire environment.

In this article, we are in search of those games which have gained recognition through their diverged concepts within RTS genre and present you the features of these games.

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List of 20 Similar Games Like Age of Empires For All Platforms

1. Empires: Dawn of the Modern World

Developed in 2003 one RTS game is dominating the world through their full proof gameplay and every minute of actions then the name is Empires: Dawn of the Modern World. The gameplay allows you to traverse through a journey of 1000 years from middle ages to World War II and develop your civilisation. The exciting thing is it is a 3D game run through directx9 visuals which means it has some superbly designed atmosphere.

Empires: Dawn of the Modern World

The game features nine nations, and they are designed superbly to establish nonuniformity in their strengths and weakness. As a strategy game, you need to be using these nations’ strength or weakness of balance these two to continue the long run. Considering the volume of the game, it is worth playing alone or multiplayer mode. We also have a great resource on 10 Similar Games Like Skyrim you might also like it.

The game offers plenty of options in their multiplayer or skirmish matches like action or empire builder mode which gives you different opportunities to exercise your strategic game plan.

Empires: Dawn of the Modern World Rating

Lowest Price to Buy Empires: Dawn of the Modern World

Platforms Supported

  • Microsoft Windows

2. Cossacks 3

Another Microsoft game which is the best combination of strategic development and battlefront is Cossacks 3. The developers have minutely kept an eye on its length as well as an in-depth storyline which is a comparable series of age of empires like games. Twelve different nations with historic buildings and more than 70 unit types with a large number of research opportunities provide a feel of the saga in the game.

games like age of empires

Another best feature of the game is its random map, creating endless variations and opportunities to the players. Unlike other series of Cossack, this game provides onshore battle through building an armada. The more important gift of the game is its historical correctness and excellent background music.

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In the era when decade old game Age of Empires dominates the RTS community then recreating an old version game with new features requires good perseverance and due to that only Cossacks is a must try.

Cossacks 3 Rating

Lowest Price to Buy Cossacks 3

Platforms Supported

  • Microsoft Windows

3. Europa Universalis 4

The fourth part of the Europa Universalis series comes with more directed experience than the earlier version and gives an excellent start for the grand strategy game lovers. Spanning through a significant part of the globe and lasting for an extended period, Europa Universalis 4 has compelled its user to develop a more objective oriented strategy.

europa universalis 4

Europa Universalis 4 calls for an expert experience within you and require your perfection to deal with the strength and weakness of different countries. All these regions are distinctly made different in terms of landscape. The game is fantastically simulated in a new storyline creating an alternate history totally to experience an altogether different world experience. Strategic use of game mechanics to get control of the game is further brainstorming. Also, the game penalises the player for adopting a wrong strategy which is a unique aspect in playing games.

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With an alternative historical strategy game Europa Universalis 4 can be an alternative experience than Age of Empires.

Europa Universalis 4 Rating

Lowest Price to Buy Europa Universalis 4

Platforms Suported

4. Starcraft 2

Starcraft 2 is one of the real-time strategy games like age of empires for mac users apart from windows platform which provides the most innovative warfare between four races four different modes and variety of playing strategy. Its lengthy and compelling single-player campaign along with some multiplayer cooperative functions has made this game popular enough. The game is currently available for free to play.

games like age of empires for macos

Starcraft 2 has won the heart of several gamers through its leagues, achievements and challenges running through excellent background designs. In single player modes, each mission comes with a twisting idea to puzzle you which is the challenge in this RTS game apart from the general strategy of securing your base.

If you are in search of advanced technological warfare, Starcraft 2 can satisfy your need.

Starcraft 2 Rating

Lowest Price to Buy Starcraft 2? Don’t Worry Its Free To Play Game

Platforms Suported

  • Microsoft Windows
  • MacOS

5. Spellforce 3

Spellforce 3 is the right combination of RPG game and RTS game which has been the reason for its enormous popularity between the two gaming community. A well-written story, affable companion characters and perfect amalgamation of objective-based challenges and strategic warfare gives you relief from the traditional concept of strategy games.

games like aoe

However, this hybrid concept required the developers to simplify both the RTS and RTP ideas. You can feel such a thing in the form of reducing the variety of the buildings and barracks, the similarity of the combat process for individual races and many more.

Apart from the minor simplicity of the gameplay spellforce 3 is a real-time strategy game with loads of unfamiliar acts and sequences which will amaze you.

Spellforce 3 Rating

Lowest Price to Buy Spellforce 3

Platforms Supported

  • Microsoft Windows

6. Anno 2070

When the whole RTS gaming community is obsessed with games similar to Age of Empires, and the popularity is still at the peak, then only a new concept or gaming environment can pull out the gamers from the age of empires and force them to play such new game. Anno 2070 has achieved that success.

anno 2070 vs aoe

Anno 2070 has toppled the original concepts of history games and taken you to the future. Not Only the game storyline runs in future; the other environmental problems that are knocking the door is also implanted superbly in this game. You can feel the destination of this planet.

Strategic management correlated with on-demand warfare through naval and aircraft and securing the base also is the three aspects which make this game worth playing.

Anno 2070 Rating

Lowest Price to Buy Anno 2070

Platforms Supported

  • Microsoft Windows

7. Champions of Anteria

Another hybrid game of common platforms of RTP and RTS is Champions of Anteria which is way different than other games of the series. One noticeable thing is Elemental base tactics is guiding every move of the game. You have control over three players which you choose from a pool of 5 having five different elemental ability.

champions of anteria

The game has lots of deployable instruments which takes you away from the real world and put you in fantasy. Although the gaming technique runs in real-time strategy of combat, you can stop it at any point of time and plan out to set your own pace in the battle. These moves you away from using your reflexes side and involves more of your tactical ability.

Another implanted feature is Building up your castle and not just customise your empire. Also, you can see the inside of any building where your resources. These details will surely amaze you. With all the features Champions of Anteria is a game developed ahead of time.

Champions of Anteria Rating

Lowest Price to Buy Champions of Anteria

Platforms Supported

  • Microsoft Windows

8. 0 A.D

When you are in search of Age of Empires IV another RTS game of similar nature with relation to its ancestor Age of Empires II is available at the Internet. 0ad is an open source game which started as a mod for Age of Empires II and now they have released independently.


The feature that will attract you in the first place is its similarity with the Age of Empires. It is also a history-based game on the context of a similar period. But the twist is made with restrictions in expansion area which makes you more systematic and strategic in creating your buildings.

Apart from collecting the relics, wonder victory or regicide, you can choose nomad mode which is more of a problem-solving nature. Besides its open source platform is giving an opportunity to develop mods for it, which means you can find more factions and distinct buildings if you sustain in the multiplayer community.

Lowest Price to Buy 0 A.D.- Its Free

Platforms Supported

  • Microsoft Windows
  • MacOS
  • Linux
  • OpenBSD
  • FreeBSD

9. Sins of a Solar Empire

After the standalone release of rebellion Sins of a solar empire, series has gained a second platform of gaming an RTS version. The classic game is expanded with more features in building the space empire.

sins of solar empire

The game has an astonishing graphics and great maps. Additional shipping resources can be found to battle over in the long-lasting skirmish. The AI behind the game has reached another dimension and makes it difficult to sustain. However strategic deployment of your resource is most important.

Altogether intense gameplay and integrated visual graphics have given the game an essence of the age of empires.

Sins of a Solar Empire Rating

Lowest Price to Buy Sins of a Solar Empire

Platforms Supported

  • Microsoft Windows

10. Dawn of War 3

Dawn of War 3 is another thrilling RTS game which runs through a storyline containing a large number of campaigns and the long battle between three factions. The specially abled elites are the most adored character of the game which mainly decides the fate of war.

dawn of war 3

One thing that makes its factions different from its stereotypical nature is its unusual random behaviour. You can create a random act by customising the different base strength of the wings. This brilliant and intense gameplay running with intimidated visuals and excellent soundtracks has made it a choice of the RTS gamers.

Dawn of War 3 Rating

Lowest Price to Buy Dawn of War 3

Platforms Supported

  • Microsoft Windows
  • MacOS
  • Linux

11. Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak

Another RTS game with proven gameplay and made in a unique location of space with a familiar hull rising the desert is Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak. Alternate to the classic strategy game Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak creates a well-bounded story and game plans which makes it satisfying and approachable to you.

homeworld deserts of kharak

This game demands a high level of accuracy in your strategy of the positioning of your armoury, better use of the landscaping and in totality well-planned tactics to move your arsenal and to save your base.

Deserts of Kharak, a terrific RTS, succeeds to set itself different from rest of genre’s RTS games of the recent time and reinvents the series by recapturing its magic.

Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak Rating

Lowest Price to Buy Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak

Platforms Supported

  • Microsoft Windows
  • OS X

12. Northgard

A game that comfortably fit in the list of games similar to Age of Empires is NorthGard. Starts in the familiar way of games like Age of Empires with run-down town hall and a few villagers, Northgard campaigns only in the expansion of your colony and protection of it from warfare and weather. Introduction of weather effect creates a challenge in the game. Winning conquest or gathering wisdom trade and fame are the way which entitles you with the award of best Vikings.

games like age of empires

Northgard is a tricky and unpredictable game of RTS genre with all the complexities. Its sandbox design of battlefield, map generators, and massive potential of innovative strategy make the game appealing to most of the RTS lovers.

Northgard Rating

Lowest Price to Buy Northgard

Platforms Supported

  • Microsoft Windows
  • Linux
  • MacOS

13. Tooth and Tail

When you are looking for a different type of game that could embrace you with new faction designed differently than stereotypical characters like knights or Vikings or elves then you should land up to tooth and tail. A game that gives you relief from land, space or deserts and takes you to a fantasy land of critters, tooth and tail wins the heart by merely its unique control features.

tooth and tail

Tooth and tail is a fast-paced game with aggressive battle technique. But this relieves you from making the nitty micromanagement in warfare. So if you like direct wars, food trails and low entry barrier with a summed up ending of storyline pick up tooth and tail.

Tooth and Tail Rating

  • According to Metacritic this has 80 Metascore and 7.6 Userscore with 27 Ratings on PC Platform

Lowest Price to Buy Tooth And Tail

Platforms Supported

  • Microsoft Windows
  • Linux
  • MacOS
  • Playstation 4

14. Ancestors: Legacy

Another game that depicts the harsh brutality of medieval age and technique of capturing and fortification of hamlets for the resources is Ancestors: Legacy. Although the game doesn’t aim at the actual storyline of history, it’s battle against AI mode, multiplayer functions and six campaigns make it reasonably entertaining.

alternative games of age of empires

If you are familiar with the strategy games of classic age like Age of empires, then it is of a similar pattern with a twist of four factions which are controlled by you. Each of the wings has unique and dynamic playstyle which drives the gameplay. The game has included a cinematic camera which zooms into the ground level giving you a feeling of the real-time battle.

So with all these features the game is a blockbuster and takes place in the list of classic RTS games.

Ancestors: Legacy Rating

  • According to Metacritic this has 77 Metascore and 7.4 Userscore with 68 Ratings on PC Platform

Lowest Price to Buy Ancestors: Legacy

Platforms Supported

  • Microsoft Windows
  • Xbox One

15. Company of Heroes 2

Why every time the RTS game has to be plotted in any of an ancient age or a space station of future, or it has to be designed with fictitious characters? Is there no way that it can have in our present time theme? If all those questions are haunting you and you are finding an RTS game its Company of Heroes. The game is a sequel game of two versions and plotted through the theatrical plot of the army base.

age of empires alternative

Based on the timeline of world war II soviet union army you can play three themed skirmishes on a vast battlefield wide enough than imaginable with the help of eight different military squads you can feel the essence of a high ranked army general within you.

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Although the game has a mixed reaction, its unique theme with its technique attains it a place with similar classic games.

Company of Heroes 2 Rating

  • According to Metacritic this has 80 Metascore and 2.1 Userscore with 5716 Ratings on PC Platform

Lowest Price to Buy Company of Heroes 2

Platforms Supported

  • Microsoft Windows
  • OS X
  • Linux

5 Best Games Like Age of Empires For Android

Although providing a game of huge functions and volume like the age of empires is much tricky in the Android platform, but there are few games like age of empires for android which can fulfil your wish:

1. Age of Conquest

age of conquest

Age of Conquest has challenging AI, diplomacy management and other functions similar to other strategy games and it can be played in single or multiplayer platform online in android.

2. Stormfall: Rise of Balur

games like age of empires for android

Stormfall: Rise of Balur is an offline strategy game in an Android platform where you will find yourself defending your lands of Darkshine and leading your soldiers to fight and increase your empire.

3. DomiNations


DomiNations is a free-to-play online and offline game you can play in Android with different features similar to classic series of RTS games.

4. European War

european war

European War is a strategy game where you have to conquer enemies’ capitals, Compete for territories, to build, protect and expand your empire.

5. Age of Sparta

age of sparta

Age of Sparta is a kickass game of android based on the history of Greece alike Age of Empire with different offline and multiplayer mode.


In the history of real-time strategy game genre Age of empires is a game whose brilliance can never be beaten or challenged through similar approaches. However, the above list is to facilitate you with such games which can give you an alternative experience to sink your teeth with the most efficient methods of some bigshot developers.

All these above games have tried to provide some unique experiences either in terms of great visuals, gameplay elements, hybridising with RTP games and many more without altering the classic strategy game approach which makes them as worth playing games like age of empires.

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