Legitimate Ways to Get Free Xbox Live Codes For Seven Months

free xbox live codes
Free Xbox Live Codes Generator

Seeking for a long time Free Xbox live codes? Finally, you have reached to this place. Today I am going to reveal all the nitty-gritty of Xbox live codes along with a legit way to get it free. Yes, you can get it free; no tech goblin will tell you the secret.

In this article, I will mention how you can continue your Xbox live account without purchasing the codes. I will also suggest a few ways how you can gather these codes by putting some effort into internet sites.

Go ahead and get the best of free Xbox live codes out from our following sections.

Why you require Free Xbox Live Codes

The gaming community has got an enjoyable multiplayer feature through online gaming consoles. Games like Fortnite, Diablo3, Apex Legends, PUBG are enjoyed best when it is played on multiplayer mode with friends and other players.

Xbox Live free codes are needed to take a subscription for playing multiplayer games in Xbox One or Xbox 360. There are three kinds of subscription of Xbox live; 1 month, three month and six months.

The price is ranging from 9.99$ to 39.99$. That’s a lot of money at the start. Nevertheless, you will get free Xbox live gold codes no surveys from our following section.

Easy Ways to get Free Xbox Live Codes for Seven Months Free

free xbox live codes
Free Xbox Live Codes Guide

Xbox live codes can be purchased from their official sites. But before you are buying, I will suggest a few options that can save your few months of subscription. So here is the way how you can do so through a few simple tricks:

1. Xbox Trial Subscription

Month 1:

Create your first Microsoft account and take a gold subscription through it. You will be offered a trial period of 1 month in this account. What you need to do is use your Microsoft account to access the subscription page.

free xbox live trial
Get Trial for xbox live

You will be prompted to provide one credit card details. I find no harm in giving the detail as they do not deduct any amount until the trial period is expired.

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Do not forget to cancel the subscription on the 30th day of subscription. You will get a notification before the trial ends. Enjoy your first month of Xbox live free trial codes.

Month 2 & 3:

Microsoft allows three accounts to use in a single Xbox console. As you have gained the first month of trial subscription similarly create another two Microsoft account.

Use them to get another two months of Xbox live free trial codes. You must keep in mind to unsubscribe the trial on the very last day of the period.

Also, you have to use the billing details and the address of account appropriately. These may cause inconveniences if missed.

Month 4:

After you finish your three Microsoft account for getting the trial subscription, I suggest you another trial membership that you can get in this month.

That is a Microsoft gold trial membership. But the warning is not to use it before you complete the initial three months.

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If you have availed before it will not work. The procedure is the same as before, and a warning is to unsubscribe before the period ends.

2. Microsoft Reward Programme

Month 5 to 7

To get these three months, you have to work dedicatedly from your first month. No, I am not telling you anything that you cannot do.

You have to register on Microsoft Reward programme or Bing reward program. Currently, it is having access to all states of the USA.

The job is quite straightforward. You have to use Bing as your primary search engine. If you use it consistently, you will get a reward bonus daily.

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To get three-month free Xbox codes, you need to collect 16,000 points. Looks a higher side; No, I will tell you how you can do so.

You have to achieve 500 points at the earliest to become level 2 member. Once you go to level 2, you get 20 points daily on search only. A list of items that you should do to get more rewards is here:

  1. Use Bing as your default search engine
  2. Use the Bing app on your mobile to earn various rewards
  3. Use Microsoft edge for awards
  4. Download reward app on your Xbox to get more rewards

Set a target for 16,000 points, and I am pretty sure you can achieve that in four months. Nevertheless, you can get free Xbox live codes of every month also through the points. Use dedicatedly and enjoy these three months for free.

Other ways to earn Xbox Live Codes for Free

1. Microsoft Free Weekend

If you want to get a free weekend, you need to join the Xbox forum of Microsoft website. Microsoft gives away a free weekend for playing multiplayer through Xbox without a live subscription.

Last time I found they had given on January end this year. So be the active participant in Xbox forum to get the news as it is announced.

2. Game purchase

When you are playing games, you need to get game passes. I would suggest you always wait for a deal to buy games.

In the deal, you will get the option for a discount, and in some cases, it gives free Xbox live codes. Needless to mention, that depending on your game, the offer will vary. But I have seen mostly the offers consist of 48 hours to 15 days.

Now you might have a question? When you are already on a subscription of live gold if you add these packs, what will happen? Don’t worry; they will increase the number of days. You can contact the Microsoft official for any more info all the time.

3. Giveaway Sites

I will not name any, but there are giveaway sites from which you can earn free Xbox live gold codes.

These sites offer you to perform a few tasks, and as a reward, they give away gift cards. Of course, Xbox Live free cards are one of them. You can visit any time these sites and create an account. Give some effort, and you can get the code for free.

4. Online Reward Programmes

A similar thought is for online reward programmes. You may be asked to download software to your PC or mobile phone as a task.

Also, you may have to give your views on new and old products, install any application on your smartphone, do some surveys, to get credit points. These credit points add up to give you some gift. You can choose free Xbox live gold codes as your gift.

5. Social Media

I always refer to social media for any problem. Similarly, I ask you to follow all the official pages of the games and consoles from Facebook, tweeter or Instagram to get some support regarding the Xbox live codes.

None the less you get chances to take part in contests that give you gifts in the form of gift codes.

How to Use Free Xbox Live Codes?

So what you will do after you receive the Xbox live codes? You need to redeem them in your Microsoft account.

redeem xbox live codes
Redeem Xbox Live Codes

You can do it through Xbox One, Xbox 360, Xbox app in Windows 10, directly from Windows 10 or mobile devices with iOS, Android. But be careful, you must sign in to the Microsoft account you want to redeem the code.

You need to go to the Microsoft store to redeem the code. After that, find the redeem option and enter the twenty-five digit code that you are having. Follow the prompt, and your job is done.

Free Xbox Live Codes Generators: All are fake!!!

How many times have you got anything for free from the Internet except ideas? The world does not give away any real product for free. On the other hand, these generators are giving genuine Xbox codes for free; unbelievable.

In all my article, I keep one section to warn you about these fake sites those are flooding the searching engines with their scams.

I know that when you are desperate and try to find a simple solution when it happens to you, sometimes give them a try. But believe me, I have tried hundreds of these sites in search of one single code from them that works.

Hence I request you to consider my list of free Xbox Live gold codes all working no generator.

All these are the technique that is followed to get web traffic towards their site so that they can use them for some ad marketing.

In reality, they are not here to facilitate you; but to gain an advantage of their site. I believe some drastic step will be taken soon upon these sites. But till then don’t land on their muddy puddles.


Feeling relieved!! None the less you have some ways that you can explore and find some free Xbox live codes.

Moreover, after you start using Xbox One or 360, you have seven months of savings that you can use on your further timing to get the subscriptions. I must mention that every Xbox live subscription includes a discount on game passes. That also can be a significant saving on these days.

When you get free Xbox codes to share with me how you are going to use that, meanwhile, I will also try to find out some other method for you and update the article. Till then, Cheers.

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