6 Working Ways To Get Free iTunes Gift Card Codes in 2019

free itunes codes 2019

Entertainment gadget world is polarized. Now the question is which side you are in. If you are an Apple lover, this post is for you.

Even if you wish to get an Apple device, you must know a fee simple facts that I am going to focus in this article.

I am going to give you some information relating to the iTunes gift card and present you with ways where you can get these cards.

There are some ways through which you can get free iTunes gift card without spending anything.

How to Get iTunes Card for Free?

iTunes gift card can be purchased from various stores. But here I am going to state how to get free iTunes codes.

free itunes gift card codes
Top 6 Ways Free iTunes Gift Cards

I will name a few ways through which you can indirectly get it for free. Nevertheless, you need to do some legwork. These simple methods are entirely legitimate, so don’t worry.

If you search the internet, you will find a few sites that are prevailing like Points prize, Prize rebel and all. But I don’t want to name them.

No, not because they are famous, you will get a lesser opportunity on these sites. Instead, I will inform some of the places that have a higher chance for you.

1. QuickThoughts – Earn Rewards

This app is exclusively for iOS users. You get rewarded for sharing your thoughts and taking part in some surveys. The reason I name this app is it has a higher rate of reward.

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NO other reward site or app gives you a bonus of three dollars for taking part in each survey. Also, the site does not work on point redeem system. They add up straightway the amount that you are entitled.

2. Zoombucks

Zoom bucks is another site that rewards your iTunes codes directly to your email. But, you have to earn reward points through some tasks.

The tasks are mainly completing surveys, watching videos and completing some offers. There are plenty of functions available at, and it is not like the other sites I mentioned above. It gives you steady rewards.

3. Online Reward Program

I always keep in mind that anything received without price tag has some behind the scene feature. So I try to reveal these scenes for each of them.

Online reward programs; nothing but an internet marketing strategy. Through these programs, the target audiences are found. But the best part is they give away some rewards for getting into their program.

Some of the sites are offering free iTunes gift card as a reward.

I believe there is no harm in getting something as a reward if that is not affecting my life. Taking part in surveys related to the product is what you need to do.

I have taken part in these surveys; they are safe. In the end, you have the option to skip the question you don’t want to answer.

So choose wisely and answer. Following are my favourites:

Swagbucks is another site that gives you a steady income of points through their online tasks. These swag points can be redeemed to get free iTunes codes. The jobs are elementary that you can do easily. Only I need to mention that you have to be steady to these rewards sites. Don’t hop on, take a target and do the work.

I will name LEO since it gives you the actual cash out as redeem points. You do not get iTunes codes free as redeeming the coupon.

But as you get a cheque from the redeem points, you can get the free iTunes gift card codes quickly.

4. Social Media

Social media is like Pablo Escobar nowadays. You get any support you want from Facebook, Tweeter or Instagram.

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The only thing you have to do is to stay active like anything and follow thousands of giveaway sites on social media. Majority of the giveaways come as a gift card, and free iTunes gift card is one of them.

Various rules are there which are quite simple and straightforward.

One cool feature of Instagram is worth mentioning here. You can follow hashtags nowadays; meaning you need not search separately.

I suggest following all the hashtags that have the potentiality to give you some. Who knows where the gift come? All these will automatically come on your homepage, and you get updated on these items. I will name a few that I am following:

#giveaway, #freebie, #contest, #freebiefriday, #sweepstakes

5. Cash Back Sites

My theory is quite simple in this case. If I can get some cash back from my purchases, that is my unknown benefit; I can use it in my choice.

If you share the same thought, you get to use them in getting free iTunes gift card codes. But you need to know the best cashback sites that give you such benefit so that your effort gets worthy.

You may get many sites claiming this, but I have tested some and will provide you with their details below.

When you purchase any item through this site, you will surely get cash back.

The best part that got me is even you are buying anything through Apple store, iTunes or iBook store you get 7% money back.

  • CouponCabin

If you have not heard about them get from me; they have a wide range of stores attached to them that give you the cash back.

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You purchase anything and connect the app, get the cashback and get iTunes codes free from the money back.

6. Online Surveys

Online surveys are another way that I must mention. You will find a lot of sites that are giving you the option to earn money.

As you take part in the surveys, you get a chance to win real cash. Good for you to get iTunes codes free through these earnings.

Where can you use iTunes codes?

iTunes gift card: an Apple currency that has unlimited purchasing power in Apple marketplaces. Yes, Apple has various marketplaces like app store iTunes store iBook’s store or Apple music.

free itunes codes
iTunes Gift Cards

One card that can give you access to all these stores is the iTunes gift card. I like the concept of this uniformity. It’s like a credit facility for all Apple handheld device products and can be managed quite easily.

Good to know that there are other kinds of the card also like Apple music gift card and Apple store card. But iTunes cards are unanimously accepted everywhere. List of things are the following:

  • All Apple app purchasing
  • Paid games from the app store
  • Entertainment world like movies, TV shows
  • An excellent gift for your friends
  • iBook can be purchased

Even the card is useful for Android users. How? Apple music is available for Android users. Free iTunes gift card can be used up there also. So how to grab this Omni power for free. Read the next section.

How to redeem iTunes Card?

In the start, I had mentioned that I would give you all round info about iTunes Card. After you collect the free iTunes codes, you must redeem it to your Apple account.

how to redeem itunes gift card codes
Redeem iTunes Gift Card

Here are the steps how you redeem free iTunes gift card through iTunes app:

Step 1: Open the app store in your iPhone/ iPad

Step 2: Find the redeem button at the bottom and tap it.

Step 3: You will get a wallet icon below the to redeem icon and iTunes pass

Step 4: You can use your camera to get the code or can enter manually.

Step 5: Once you enter the code, your amount adds to Apple account.

Free iTunes Gift Card Codes Generator: Don’t trust Them!!

Many a time when I searched option for getting iTunes card I come across these sites. If you are not aware, this is for you.

The internet is infested with a scam of generator sites. Name a code you will get thousands of websites which have code generator.

Is it something to believe that Apple iTunes gift card, which is a sell-able item can be obtained free? Funnier thing is these sites claim to connect the Apple server and give you codes.

I have tested many free iTunes gift card code generator of similar nature. All are found a void and did not provide me with anything.

These are techniques to get web traffic through sites and accessible nowadays. Many websites are using such a method, and that’s why these sites are booming in search engine.

I strictly request you to say no to them. Either they end up to stealing your data or infect your PC with vulnerable apps.


Here comes to an end of my post on how to get free iTunes codes. As promised, I have given you enough options to get free iTunes gift cards.

You are free to test any of them, and I bet you will succeed in each. But as you win a card, do not forget to share the way how you redeemed it and used. Below comment box is for you to comment.

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