Free Google Play Codes : How To Get Free Google Play Gift Cards Legally 2019

Free Google Play Gift Cards
How to Earn Free Google Play Credit

Searching Free Google Play Codes Gift Card Credits? Just now you have landed to the safe house of information which you can trust to follow and get free google play codes legally.

I am going to give you the easiest way to get google play gift card in this post. Tons of thousands of videos are there on YouTube that mislead you with various methods.

Some even call for some complicated procedure. But there are easiest ways of how you can get free google play codes. You will find hardly any sites that encourage these methods.

Reason? These are the legit way and need some brain work.

So, If you have that enthusiasm read along for more information. First of all we will introduce the usages of Google Play Gift Cards to the beginners who are looking for more information about it.

Top Usages of Google Play Gift Card Credits

Google play gift card is like a ticket to the magical world of Google environment. Once you have a lot of google credit, you open the restricted door of all the in-app purchases and paid apps books and many more.

google play credit usage
Top Usages of Google Play Credit

In Android, you get almost everything as free. But many a time you get constraints of the paid versions. Till now, you might think that you are losing a lot of feature by not using the paid app. Don’t worry; grab a google play gift card, and your problem is resolved.

Google’s marketplace google play store is in your fist. Owning some google credits, you can buy these items:

  • Android paid apps
  • Android paid games
  • Books
  • Movies

Read our following section and get to know the best ways you can use to get the google credits without spending a single buck.

free google play gift card codes
Top Google Play Gift Card Sites

Legitimate Apps and Sites that Give You Free Google Play Gift Codes

Now we come to the main focus for which you were reading this post with patience. Apps and Sites that are giving you a free google gift card.

You might be thinking that I am here to promote these sites or apps. No, we are not benefiting anything from them. I am here to display the list for your convenience.

1. Google Opinion Rewards

The first thing that I want to mention is from Google itself. Despite Google being a tech giant, they introduced an app called Google opinion reward as a customer rewards program.

google opinion rewards for free google play credit
Google Opinion Rewards

The app is available in the google play store and iOS app store. It requires to take part in some survey and instantaneously you can get a credit of $1. Surprised; no it’s a real app that is managed by Google. But the surveys that are introduced are for third parties and quite different.

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More surveys wait as you conduct one cautiously. Legit or not? Do you doubt Google? However, this app is not available in all the countries; so check whether you are the lucky one or not.

2. Giveaway Sites     

Have you heard about giveaway sites? These are sites that giveaway some premium gifts for conducting simple actions like playing games and answering several quizzes.

google play gift card giveaway
Giveaways of Google Play Gift Cards

There are hundreds of such sites, but one needs to check the reputation of a particular site before signing up with them, According to our research some of the sites you can use as below.

Disclaimer : – Please use them at your own risk, As at the time of writing this article, All of them are working, Do always check for website name + review in Google search.

  • GiveZone

GiveZone is one of my favourites to earn various gifts; google play gift card is one of them. Site is simple and straightforward. Once you enter the site, you will find the options that you can avail.

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Complete the registration, which is quite easy if you have a google account or a tweeter account.

Start collecting entries through completing the jobs. Merely sharing the site in your tweeter, confirming your email, subscribing to get updates you could earn a lot of entries.

Also, there are quizzes about some of the favourite games; win them to get more significant entries.

Get Paid to Sites Which Offer Google Play Gift Cards

Get paid is another concept in current days that gives you some credit benefit in free google play codes and others.

The method is quite straightforward for these. As you do some favourable jobs for them, you get a few points.

The point system accumulates your all points, and after some threshold, you can redeem these points with various cards and credits and google play card amazon are a few to name.

My opinion about these sites is both good and bad/ the excellent thing is you get the cards and other gifts for free. But the bad thing is the path is quite a slow one. Redeem ratios are a bit on higher sides like 1:1000 in some cases. However, who gives anything in free and that too in a short time?

One major thing that I want to mention that there are some sites which start with the right amount of job.

But in a gradual time, the number of posts come less. As a result, your point income reduces and in turn, you do not achieve the threshold — many a time I have faced it. I will name a few sites below that are currently active a lot, and so I prefer them.

1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is one of my favourite sites that has multiple options to choose and redeem. Collecting Swagbucks is the easiest way that I have found.

The other good thing to mention about them is, when they lack in jobs they redirect to other sites and allow maintaining your steady income.

2. InstaGC

InstaGC has a good tagline attached to them; Instant Gift Card. Who doesn’t do online shopping nowadays? But if you get some credits doing online shopping through InstaGC that is an added advantage or not. InstaGC gives you credit points for the jobs that you do day to day online like watching videos, searching the web or taking part in a survey.

3. Achievements

When you get paid to for maintaining healthy habits in your life that is the most fantastic thing. Achievement is the site; it respects your health achievements.

You connect your health apps with the site and get the benefit of collecting points that can be redeemed into free google play credit.

Do you love it? Continue reading for more apps that give you credit points.

Get Paid to Apps for Mobiles to Obtain Free Google Play Credit

MY life is app-oriented. Whenever I come across a new thing, I find apps and Google play store is like My croft to me giving all answers.

Similarly, I found some apps that have the same feature like get paid to sites and gives you the free google play codes in a similar way. I tested a few and here are my choices:

1. App nana

App Nana is another GPT app that gives Nana points for free and performing some tasks. Appnana gives you a list of apps and games that you need to download.

On return, you add nana points. Add up nana points and redeem to get free google play codes. As simple as that.

Get App Nana from Official Goolge Play Store

2. Gift Wallet

Another fantastic app that I found is the Gift Wallet. Earn points through conducting some simple task and earn points.

A friendly interface of the app guides you all you have to do. Currently, this app is supporting Google play gift card up to 50$. Hurry and download the app.

Get Gift Wallet from Official Google Play Store

3. Ebates

An app that pays you cash back for purchasing from Wallmart; Ebates is the name. Whenever you visit your nearby departmental store, do not through away your bill.

Come home and check with Ebates whether that store is listed with them. Enter that billing code from the manual option and bingo.

You can get cash back up to forty per cent. Use your money back to get free google play codes. So what are you waiting for?

Step by step Method to Redeem Google Play Gift Card Credit.

So what you will do once you get these free google play gift card codes unused. You need to redeem them to Google Play. How can you do it? Follow the simple steps below:

how to redeem google play gift card code
Redeem Google Play Gift Card Codes

Step 1: Open google play and sign in with the google account you want to add your credit.

Step 2: Open the menu in Google play and select redeem.

Step 3: Enter the sixteen digit google play redeem codes that you have gathered from the google play card.

Step 4: Click on redeem and confirm. Your google play credit is in your account

Free Google Play Codes Generator: Are they giving you anything?

Card Generator; really? The first question that comes in my mind when I visit these generator sites is why someone will be giving me something for free?

While Google is charging so much, at least the sites that are giving me card should claim an amount? At least they have been maintaining these sites and that costs. Why not make some money in the payback of card codes?

The answer is simple. They do not give any code; still, they earn money. Don’t be confused; these are all black hat method of optimization strategy, which you might not know in general.

But one thing that strikes me is the human verification method. Whether you follow my approach or not, but never fall in this trap.

You will lose some personal information which they will use in marketing analysis. You will receive unlimited spam emails, ads based on the data you provide. Strictly get away from these sites.


I believe the article is not too lengthy yet and the right time to conclude. You have got information about free google play credit, how to get that and also how to use them.

As an added one we have given you the light and shown you the wrong way to get free google play codes. You must not choose the wrong path, provide some small effort and get these codes legitimately. Cheerio.

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