Free Amazon Gift Cards : Legit Sources to Get Them in 2019

free amazon gift card codes
Earn Free Amazon Gift Cards

I have been writing about free online coupons and gift cards for quite a long time but never find such craze that I have encountered about free Amazon gift card.

Some sites are even suggesting to donate blood and serum to get a gift card. Is it worthy as that to do such activities?

I keep a negative thought in this matter, however, cannot deny about peoples endeavor about getting this particular gift card codes.

Amazon gift card is free liberty of online shopping about anything in Amazon. While many of the other gift cards are useful to a particular group of people, Amazon gift card is helpful to all online shopping community. Conjure up the target group volume.

In this article, my intention is quite clear; I am not here to create a record on providing the number of ways like 25, 50, and so on. Also, I am not here to provide you with ideas that take ages to get a gift card, and by the time you use it, it’s time for expiry narrows.

I am here to give you methods that can be availed by users of all group through an auto mode. What is an auto mode? Read along and find out.

Earn free Amazon Gift Card Codes in Auto Mode

When you come across this article, you might have found other articles that are providing hundreds of options to get free Amazon gift card.

free amazon gift card codes
Earn Free Amazon Gift Cards

Lucratively these sites may be your choice as these are ranked higher. But please give a second thought on how reliable these methods are? Guys, we are asking for handful money, not a penny.

It’s not like other gift cards to buy apps and games worth in smaller amount. It’s your real life purchase that requires plenty of gift card to avail one single item.

In economics, there is a term called opportunity cost. You might have been provided options that are called easy and free. But have you paid attention to how much effort you have to pay at them and what is the reward?

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Your opportunity cost is too higher and after all such an attempt when you receive a small amount, is it a time to be happy. Guys, we don’t have all day sitting in front of survey sites, and various get paid sites to spend all day and receive a fig.

So what do you think there is no other way to get free Amazon gift card? I will mention you ways through which you earn gift card and don’t have to spend a lot of effort. I call it an auto mode of getting a free Amazon gift card.

(We have listed all websites/apps here users can find them easily by searching them in Google)

1. Microsoft Rewards

Now you will understand what my concepts are. Microsoft rewards are the new name of Bing Rewards. What you have to do? Nothing but to use Bing in searching, shopping and playing games.

microsoft rewards for free amazon gift card

You don’t have to pay additional time for these. These are the tasks that you usually do every day. You need not spend extra time on these works. But you get points that can be redeemed as a free Amazon gift card.

Now is it a sustainable method? Till the time you have to search on internet, and these rewards points are available; these are the ways of earning continuously. Hit two bullseyes in one shot then and use this method.

2. Drop

How many of us use credit cards? Is that a question to be asked? We do almost all our spending on cards.


Now if I tell that every money you spend through credit card digs in a rabbit hole and at the end of the hole there is a free Amazon gift card; don’t be surprised. You don’t have to be an efficient clicker to earn such points.

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Drop is an app that gives you an opportunity, as I said. You need to link your credit card safely and securely in the app, and that’s it.

As a welcome bonus, you get 5$ in the app. After that, you make your regular spending and start collecting drop points. No need to bother much, your points will automatically be added in the app. At your convenience, redeem the points and get an Amazon free gift card.

3. Honey

No more app or website only a browser extension can save your shopping budget and give you a free Amazon gift card. The Honey browser extension allows you to earn the gift card through a simple process. Only you need to add the extension in chrome and then do the online shopping that you do regularly.


As you purchase something not only the extension shows you coupons and codes to get a discount on the product, but it adds a honey gold to your account. These honey golds are redeemable as Amazon gift code. A smart way to earn from both directions.

4. RebateKey

Rebate key is another option to get a fantastic discount on shopping through Amazon. When you are performing the shopping through this platform, you get a massive discount as a cashback, and that can be a better way of using it to get free Amazon gift card.


After certain days, you get your rebate back through the website and use it as a way to get the gift card.

5. Ibotta

Leave the online purchasing; you get a chance to earn free Amazon gift card through departmental purchase via the ibotta app. All you need to do is merely download the Ibotta app and finish the free registration.

use ibotta for free amazon gift card code generator

After that, you load your favourite shops, and Ibotta will find a deal. Once you have bought anything from the store, scan your receipt and upload to the app. Ibotta returns cash for your purchase.  Ibotta isn’t just for shopping in-store. If you shop online, you can also earn rewards. They have many shopping opportunities online within the app.

6. Wikibuy

Wikibuy is another browser extension that works in a similar way of Honey. As you are performing shopping, you have the option to get the points from it.


Now, what is the use to keep both the extension? I would suggest that you can make a comparison of the product deals and choose which deal you will get into.

The reward points can be availed for both the extension that is an added advantage. After a reasonable collection of points, you can redeem them as a free Amazon gift card.

7. Ebates

Ebates is another excellent app that gives you cash back for your purchasing. It is An app that gives you money back for Wallmart purchase.

ebates for unlimited free amazon gift cards

Do not take off your bill for your purchase in your nearby department shop. Come home and search with Ebates if the shop is displayed. If you get an option, enter the bill through manual uploading option and encash the opportunity to get the free Amazon gift card.

8. BeFrugal

The whole concept of BeFrugal is to pay you cash back in the form of either cash or Amazon Gift card free. As you purchase from Wallmart Amazon and other giants you get cashback through BeFrugal.


You don’t need to take any additional burden. You get them straightforward in cash or gift card. So what are you waiting for; go and get started.

9. Shopkick

I want to name Shopkicks for its funny nature. Any app that gives you points for merely entering any departmental store with the app open must be given a try.


The other ways to earn kicks (points) are to scan the barcode of material, scan your receipt, and watch videos. You can also link your card with the app and can get the kicks as you purchase through that card. Fantastic, you got two shots in doing so, one with drop another through shopkicks. Chances to get free Amazon gift card is increased

10. Swagbucks Search Engine

At the start of the section, we had mentioned you to earn through Microsoft search option. I will end the section with another of my favourite app that gives you points to change your default search engine.


Once you change your default search engine to Swagbucks in every search, you get 25 swag points. Swagbucks have different other jobs for earning money, but this one the easiest and best among Auto mode.

What Can You Buy with Amazon Gift Card

Amazon gift card is a substitute for money in the Amazon world. Yes, Amazon world is the right word which fits into this giant, from shopping to entertainment, food to fun everything can be availed in this world through Amazon account.

Amazon gift card adds up to your Amazon account and liberates you from spending actual cash.

Here are the few first things that you can gain through Amazon gift card:

  1. Shop and pay for any products listed in Amazon. There is hardly any item available that are not available outside Amazon. You have free liberty to buy them with a gift card.
  2. Avail entertainment through Amazon prime and pay them through gift card.
  3. Buy eBooks for Amazon Kindle and pay through gift card.
  4. You can buy other gift cards using an Amazon gift card.
  5. Amazon gift card is a perfect way to gift to your friends and relatives.
  6. You can pay utility bill through Amazon money.

In one way, it is a gateway to fulfil all your necessity in your everyday life. Read along the following section and know how to reduce your spending of pay cheque though free Amazon gift card.

How to Redeem Amazon Free Gift Card?

Once you get the free Amazon gift card, you need to add them to your Amazon account. Once they are attached to your Amazon account that becomes a substitute of the real money; Here is the way how you can redeem Amazon free Gift card:

redeem free amazon gift cards

  1. Amazon gift card contains a 16 digit card number. But that is not the code that you have to enter. You need to scratch the card and reveal the code.
  2. Go to the Amazon site and log in with the username in which you want to redeem your gift card code.
  3. Go to the redeem page from applying an Amazon gift card tab.
  4. Enter the gift card code and redeem.

On the other hand, after purchase at the time of checkout, you can apply the gift card code. You will be charged the balance amount after using the gift card code.

Free Amazon Gift Card Codes Generator: Are They Real?

In all my article, I keep warning about sites that are making false promises; yes, the Generator sites. Free Amazon gift card code generators are a complete hoax, and the scam is running entirely on all the web world.

free amazon gift card generator
Free Amazon Gift Card Generator Example

In reality, you do not get anything in free, and everything has to be earned. Then how do you expect that any site that can generate free Amazon gift card codes, will give you that Midus stone? When you can become billionaire, will you give everything in charity?

These free amazon gift card code generator sites are a simple trick to get the marketing data from you and earn money. They do not produce any code. To get a code, they have to trace pass Amazon server; not possible even in dreams. Avoid visiting them and stay safe.


I will draw an end to my article of free Amazon gift card with this hope that all the above methods will be acceptable to you all.

I have not mentioned anything that requires your additional time or tremendous skill. Think twice before going for a stressful survey and deal sites that will produce penny after immense effort.

Only follow the simple trick of earning through your spending amount, and you can generate a gift card in the auto mode. The more you spend, the more you make.

Share my thoughts to everyone who has a mind alike and comments on the box below.

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