Top 10 Facebook Alternatives For Better Privacy Online

facebook alternatives

Now a day’s world is coming closer than ever before, and all this is because of social networking sites. These sites help us to stay connected with friends, colleagues and family members spread globally.

Facebook is one of the social media that has attracted all the peoples and one of the busiest social networking site.But, if you are updated with the recent technology news then you must be aware of “Facebook- Cambridge Analytica Data Scandal”.

This scam was related to the data of users that was supposed to be secured with Facebook was used for political purpose without their consent, and this leads to many of us a question about our data privacy and looks out for Facebook alternatives.

The purpose of this article is to introduce the users about what other alternatives are available that are similar to Facebook.

List of Top 10 Best Facebook Alternatives

1. Twitter

twitter is facebook alternative

Twitter is one of the leading social media and conservative alternative to Facebook. You can get almost everything over here from exclusive news and sport to entertainment, and politics. Whatever takes place in the world, it occurs on Twitter first. You can join the discussion and watch live streaming events as well.

Top Features of Twitter

  1. You can watch exclusive live streaming directly from your mobiles.
  2. Twitter helps you to be updated with the thoughts of leaders about sports, entertainment, politics, and news.
  3. You can Retweet, reply to tweets, like and share on your timeline.
  4. Notifications about the followers liked tweets and retweets.
  5. You can chat with friends and followers privately.
  6. Twitter provides you with the excellent customization feature so that you can personalize your profile with photo, background photo, location, and description.

Twitter Ratings for Android & iOS

  • Twitter Android Ratings :(4.3/5)
  • Twitter iOS (4/5)

Download the Twitter App From the Following Official Sources

2. Pinterest


Pinterest is another one alternative to Facebook that allows you to explore lifestyle inspiration. If you are fond of creative ideas whether it may be related to planning for the adventurous trip, looking for fashion fitness, searching for home design concepts, tips for cooking or searching for new recipes all things are possible on Pinterest.

Top Features of Pinterest

  1. You can find new plans and articles on hot & recommended subjects.
  2. Team up with buddies to plan your next trip or get together.
  3. You can find tips for a wedding, design concepts, and beauty tips for your special day.
  4. You can organize, save and share your ideas by arranging them according to topics.

Ratings of Pinterst

  • Pinterest Android App Ratings (4.6/5)
  • Pinterest iOS App Ratings (5/5)

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3. LinkedIn


LinkedIn is the best Facebook alternative 2019 because it let you search for a job more smartly. You can even get news related to networking and industry too.

Even if you are not a job seeker then also LinkedIn help you to be connected with your professional network & discover new opportunities that are available in the industry.

Top Features of LinkedIn :-

  1. You can generate your professional profile and highlight your skills.
  2. Apply for a dream job as LinkedIn helps you to job search and recruiting.
  3. You can share your articles or even write your own posts.
  4. You can find career opportunities with your dream companies.
  5. LinkedIn allows you to follow the activities of your connections.

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LinkedIn App Ratings

  • iOS App Ratings (4.3/5)
  • Android App Ratings (4.2/5)

4. Instagram


Instagram is a trendy alternative to Facebook and loved by almost all the young generation peoples. This is a simple method to capture and share the world’s moments.

You can be updated with friends And family by following them. Instagram is the circle of more than 1 billion people and by sharing special moment you can emote yourself.

Top Features of Instagram

  1. Post images and videos that you want to keep in the profile grid. Improve them with filters and artistic tools and combine many clips in one video.
  2. You can browse photos and videos in your feed from the peoples you are following.
  3. You can share the number of pictures and videos in your feed.
  4. Connect live with your friend in seconds.
  5. You can follow new accounts on explore tab and search for the photos, videos, and stories you might like.

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5. Nextdoor


Nextdoor is another conservative alternative to Facebook that is created for a private social network for your neighborhood. Nextdoor updates the things going on in the local community to you along with your neighbor.

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Nextdoor makes it easy to talk with neighbor whether it may be to get to know the peoples on the street, sale deals, sale your unnecessary household stuff, find garages.

Top Features of Nextdoor

  1. This helps you track your reliable babysitter.
  2. Helps to get in touch with the local community.
  3. You can share information during a natural disaster.
  4. Organize neighborhood watch for quick word out related to crime and safety.

Download the Nextdoor app from the following Source

Official App Ratings of Nextdoor

  • Nextdoor Android App Ratings (4.3/5)
  • Nextdoor iOS App Ratings (4.6/5)

6. MeWe


MeWe helps you to share photos and messages privately and easily with your friends and groups. MeWe the societal creatures by identity and private people by right.

This app gives you the strength of self-expression with the ever cool feature of cutting edge.

You can be connected with the special peoples in your life.

Top Features of MeWe

  1. Up to8 GB of free space to stock your stuff.
  2. You can share your moments privately by using disappearing content.
  3. You can chat one-on-one with many people or a complete group privately.
  4. Easy to use the private option to control who sees your post.
  5. Response to the post with emojis and likes.
  6. Post your photos, videos and animated gifts for updates.
  7. “My World” feature helps to share with the particular group or all your contacts simultaneously.

MeWe App Ratings

  • MeWe Android App Ratings (4.4/5)
  • MeWe iOS App Ratings (4.2/5)

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7. Vero


Vero is the new kind of Facebook alternative. Vero makes sharing online more like real life by choosing who see which first. Vero doesn’t use algorithms to keep you clicking; it just wants you to click with each other.

That means ad-free, complete control over privacy and no data mining. Vero is the most downloaded app worldwide and featured as the best one in 100 countries.

Top Features of Vero

  1. No data mining and 100% chronological feed.
  2. Not contains ads and Algorithms.
  3. Share videos, pictures, music, TV, movies, Links, show places and books.
  4. You can select the audience for each of your posts.
  5. Direct messaging to your connections.
  6. Recommendations from trustworthy peoples and track time spent in-app.

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Vero App Ratings

  • Vero Android App Ratings (3.2/5)
  • Vero iOS App Ratings (4.2/5)

8. Snapchat:-


Snapchat is the most fun loving social media network, and the one who loves sites like Facebook will love Snapchat.

You can share photo, video messages with friends and family. This has opened rights to the camera so that pictures can be shared within seconds.

Top Features of SnapChat

  1. You can add lens and filters to your photos so that you can add new ones daily.
  2. You can use filters and lenses to video chats up to 16 friends.
  3. You can refresh your memories by looking back on the snaps that are saved with cloud storage.
  4. You can create friendship profile to discover new things you have in common.

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Snapchat app Ratings

  • Snapchat Android App Ratings (4.1/5)
  • Snapchat iOS App Ratings (4.1/5)


minds Is the open source and localized social networking platforms and give you internet freedom

Top Features of Minds:-

  1. Your chats are protected by its encrypted messenger.
  2. You can create great original contents that receive comments and reminds.
  3. It contains Newsfeed, blogs, search, images, groups, video, channels, etc.

Download app from the following Source

Minds App Ratings

Minds iOS App Ratings (3.8/5)

(NOTE: – Android app is not available on Google Play Store)

10. Ello


Ello is the creator’s app and created as more private and ad-free for another substitute for Facebook.

It is the social networking site for creative peoples like artists, photographers, musicians, and others to sell their stuff and generate awareness about their brand.

Top Features of Ello

  1. This is the best platform for creative peoples.
  2. You can sell your stuff and build audiences for your art, visibility, and opportunities and get hired and collaborate.

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Final Words

Here, in the above list, we tried to give the best Facebook alternatives that you can use and stay connected with your loved ones. Did you find this list useful? Share your thoughts with us and stay tuned for more updates. Till then Enjoy!!!

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