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Completeroms : Complete Roms Alternatives & Similar Sites – Completeroms website had been providing opportunities to gamers like you to access their rom databases and facilitating your dreams. Their complete database was a treasure of old school games like Nintendo.

Obtaining these roms is not illegal in some countries but in the USA where downloading emulators is ok but playing games through the rom site is not legitimate. As a result, completeroms along with a few others have faced lawsuits from some big daddies. But that doesn’t mean that you miss the opportunity to enjoy the fun.

In this article, we will provide you with information about some specific websites which is still in operation in spite of facing a red eye.

Are you still fond of old school games which were your companion at your young age? Do you also miss your old consoles and handheld devices due to technological advancement? Don’t worry in this keyboard and mouse age also you can play your childhood favourites though emulators.

9 Alternatives & Similar Sites To Complete Roms in 2019

1. Vimm’s Lair

vimms lair - complere roms alternative

After the disappearance of another 18 years old website has gained the messiah title for the gamers and the name is Vimms lair. Their collection can satisfy the needs of all type of classic games.

Importantly this website is designed in a way that it is straightforward to search. You can get the link of favourite games at the home page itself. Whereas you can find your game from their enormous library by the search engine.

If you need an emulator, you will see that also from the website link. The latest news about the site is it contains all the games released in us for PlayStation 2. For all these feature Vimms Lair is the most significant alternative of completeroms.

2. Dope roms

dope roms : complereroms similar site

Dope roms is another website of retro game players where you can choose your games from their library of 171588 roms. You can search the game you need from their rom archive through search options.

Surprisingly, some of the games available in this archive do not exist physically at all. Still, you can avail those games as the website digitally archived those games. This website provides another section of top roms. So if you finish your own choice, you have an opportunity to choose from this top list. Also, this site shows their latest additions enabling to satisfy yourself with such latest roms.

3. Romulation

an alternative to complere roms

With 27779 rom games, romulation is one of the potential websites which has been satisfying the hunger of gamers. The site has sleek and helpful interfacing. The most significant advantage of the site is you have the option to choose games by the platform you are using.

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It makes the game search quite easy and you can view other games of your platform about which you may not be aware. You need to sign up to avail their contents. If you are a regular member, you have a limitation of downloading speed as well as number. But if you want to have unlimited access to the site, then you have to take premium membership with charges.

4. Rom Hustler

rom hustler

Romhustler is another easy to use site which provides you with a to z collection of roms. You can get all types of emulator to run these games. The site has a straightforward user interface which is good for the old school guys.

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You can dig in their complete collection, or you can choose from the list of favourite games or console based games. The good news is more with this site as you can avail the site from your mobile also. All these features will help you to forget completeroms.

5. Portal roms

portal roms

In the portal roms site, you will find an extensive collection of roms and iso for games of various platforms. The most remarkable thing is the section provides you with almost all the classic games. You can get the relevant emulator for these games readily available from the website.

So if you are searching for games suitable for your grandparents, this site can be the best solution for your needs. Thus this site is an excellent alternative to complete roms.

6. Coolroms

cool rom

This website as another source of roms and emulators. When you enter the site, you will find a tutorial of the method to play games through emulators. So if you are a newbie to this system the place is right to start. In their roms tab, you get the further option to choose your console option.

Once you select them, they will open their treasure of roms compatible with that console. So follow these simple steps and enjoy the gaming experience with emulators.

However, alternate theory says about the existence of malware in this website, which you can avoid with choosing the perfect file type as iso files. All these options make this site an excellent alternative to complete roms gba.

7. The eye

the eye

As stated by the website, the eye aims at the preservation of the digital contents. Through their mission, they are facilitating a process of providing digitalised roms to the gamers. When you enter the site, you have to go to their files tab and then to search the file type as rom files.

Then you can get their large collection opened. On the other alternative route, you can directly search from their search tabs also.

Although not a dedicated one but through their vast collections, they are serving the same purposes as other rom sites.

8. Classic game rom

classic game roms

When you are in search of a popular classic roms, and you do not bother about the latest ones, then you must pay a visit to classic game rom. This website contains more collection than others. The site is also themed in old fashion to give you their essence of old game roms. It can be said substitute website of complete roms gba in terms of classic game roms.

9. Free roms

free roms

Free roms is also another site which deals with the latest favourite games. As you enter the site, you will be prompted to choose your console system. Once you select the system, you get open access to their database of roms. If you are searching for the latest roms, this website can fulfil your requirement. In terms of the latest roms, this website is comparable to complete roms.


All the above websites are adequate to satisfy your need for roms for all type of consoles. The list includes a few of such sites which will remain alive all the time.

Not as an altogather similar website to completeroms the above list can be said a better alternative in terms of the objectives served by them. If you find any links are down at any time, please comment in the below box.

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