Coke And Popcorn : Top 15 Alternatives & Sites Like CokeAndPopCorn

coke and popcorn

A sustainable online site, a snug place and a couch, what else do you cherish as a movie enthusiast? A glass of coke and popcorn? No, we mean the site that was the home for thousands of viewers like you.

We can’t provide you with the rest two, but in this post, you can find the best alternative of coke and popcorn site. For much time you might have been searching for it but here is your one-stop solution. Head on to the next and enjoy.

List of 15 Best coke and popcorn Alternatives which works in 2019

1. YouTube

When it comes to watching movies at the leisure no other site like YouTube can be your best companion. As a matter of fact, YouTube is ranked among the best streaming platform and through its Omni search bar you can find your stuff quite easily.

youtube is best alternative of coke and popcorn

In general, it has a large number of ads transmitting, but through a premium subscription, you will be able to manage the ads. You will find a variety of channels feeding your movie hunger all the time. No matter what kind of film falls in your choice, YouTube can serve you with it.

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Not only English, But You also get movies of various languages and countries. However, you have to be patient a bit to find videos as you will not find the film with one day release on the site.

Top features of YouTube

  • Thousands of channels for watching movies
  • The most stable website for viewing video contents

Official Website of YouTube

2. Popcornflix

Don’t be surprised; it is not the site although having a similarity in name. Popcornflix is an aggregate of movies, TV shows and viral videos. Action, Drama, Horror, Thriller, Comedy, Drama whatever be your craving all kind of material can be dig in from the vast library of the site.

popcornflix another best coke and popcorn similar site

Even it can feed all type of user with their collection of award-winning films to blockbuster latest movies. Also, it is an easy affair to find out videos from the categorised homepage. The same statement goes for the TV shows as well. The collection is quite gorgeous and separated into various segments.

It will be a felony if the Popcornflix Originals are not mentioned here. Movies and series only made for the site is an added benefit of the site for those who seek something different.

Top features of Popcornflix

  • Popcornflix originals are the kickers of a new trend.
  • The award-winning collection is incredible.

Official Website of Popcornflix

3. SnagFilms

Snagfilm can be termed as Netflix, without any subscription. Through its plethora of movie collection, the site can be a formidable alternative of any movie streaming site and a noteworthy alternative of cokeandpopcorn.


The unique part that creates an influential impression on the home page is its groupings. Climate change and Environment, Refugee and Immigrant Stories, Athletes and their triumphs, Veterans & Military and so on are some eye-catchers of the site. The recent addition of short comedy stories has given an additional boost of viewers to the site, and it is worth mentioning that the site has steady visitors more than 1.2 million every month.

If you are not outrageous of same-day release, which is not that you will find here, then SnagFilms is a grand pick.

Top features of SnagFilms

  • Top rated movie collection with best quality content.
  • Collection of the offbeat movie is eye-catching.

Official Website of SnagFilms

4. Tubi TV

Another sturdy alternative of coke and popcorn with a comparable feature is TubiTV. Equally enriched in Movies and TV shows TubiTv is the gateway of online movie watching. The site requires a registration, but the more straightforward form is available by linking it through Facebook.


Watching movies and TV shows are one click away from landing on the homepage. The interface is quite genre-centric, and a handful list of a category can be found on the sidebar. From preschool to the serious documentary buffs, TubiTV is a site for all age.

Favourably, Tubi TV provides a classification of “Leaving Soon” to stream films and displays before they become inaccessible. So, when you are in desire of cutting off your cable expenses bookmark TubyTv for a congenial experience in regards to streaming videos.

Top features of Tubi TV

  • Widely accepted by viewers for its variety of collection.
  • Regular update and removal of content make it vibrant.

Official Website of Tubi TV

5. Sony Crackle

Backed by Sony Entertainment, Crackle is another brassy site with alluring movie and TV show collection. With the minimum effort of registration for free SonyCrackle is an excellent alternative of coke and popcorn.

sony crackle

Believe it or not, Sony crackle has a unique feature; without having one amazon prime subscription, you can enjoy a few of their original shows for free from Sony Crackle. You have the privilege to create your playlist from the wide variety of movies and television shows on the site.

Ample opportunity to view all the contents of Sony has made the site a feature vibrant place. Except for the fact that the site does not feature the latest movies in a short time, Sony crackle has such essentials you need.

Top features of Sony Crackle

  • Complete collection of Sony entertainment is available
  • The interactive interface and free to air contents.

Official Website of Sony Crackle

6. Vudu

Apart from its digital rentals Vudu movies on the US is a website that provides streaming of movies and Tv shows with limited commercial breaks. Thousands of video contents are clubbed together to represent Vudu as an alternative of coke and popcorn.


The site has a section called Free this week that depicts the latest collection that is available for the particular week only. The part is altered every week providing you with new updates. The site performs in a similar fashion like sony crackle in the US with limited ads, that boost them to provide service for free.

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However, registration is required to access the content, but the process is quite simple and straightforward. Advantage of check-in can be reaped through the digital rental of Vudu movies also.

Top features of Vudu

  • The topmost site with minimum commercial
  • Completely free content

Official Website of Vudu

7. Moviewatcher

Moviewatcher is a pleasant solution to replace coke and popcorn with a simple interactive interface. The website is comprehensive with the recent film compilation, and the library is updated frequently.


You will surely discover your favourite films in the Recent tab, which are filled with the latest hits running in theatres. You can also see the forthcoming film advertisement to be available on the web shortly. The movie quality has no compromise, and it is possible with high-definition.

Videos up to 4K quality exist on the page for your convenience. To access the films straight from the web, you must register free of charge. There is a splendid characteristic of this website which is a lively overview of the film story. For those who want to view movies offline, Moviewatcher provides an option to save a copy in your hard drive.

Top features of Moviewatcher

  • New movie updates.
  • Same day update of tv shows

Official Website of Moviewatcher

8. MovieNinja

MovieNinja is a place where you get all the movies in HD quality. After a complete overhaul of the site, it has appeared in a robust way for streaming the most recent hits and all to a broader user group.


Availability of first-rate TV series like coke and popcorn Game of Thrones, Father Brown, Manhunt and other is another unique characteristic of the site. All your quintessential requirement of movie watching will get satisfaction through the ultimate use of movie Ninza.

Users are flocking in high expectation to the site, and the viewership of it has incremented to more than seven million per month in recent time. The place looks most appealing can hook you up after dark in a cosy corner of your room.

Top features of MovieNinja

  • The most appealing site in the free movie category.
  • Relatively fewer ads on the homepage create great surfing.

Official Website of MovieNinja

9. Movieland

When you are wandering in search of another delightful website that allows you, for free and without hindrance, to stream high-definition video films and TV displays, you must give a shot to Movieland.


It enables a consumer to discover movies or TV-shows through choices like most watched, genres, nation, year and so on, sharing many similarities with coke and popcorn. True film enthusiasts will not feel unhappy because of its variable repository.

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No registration is necessary to view streaming material which is entirely free, but sometimes you can have ad and popups. How many sites will you find that pays attention to on-demand movies from you? MovieLand gives you preference benefit of requesting videos on signing in to the site.

Top features of Movieland

  • The site has just landed and performing better.
  • Availability of 3+ servers to view makes viewing easy.

Official Website of Movieland

10. YesMovies

Next, we recommend you focussing attention towards YesMovies and browse hundreds of free TV shows, movies and clips. YesMovies Web site films are categorised as action, horror, adventure, entertainment, comedy, fantasy, crime, science fiction, mysteries, and others.


Instead of merely focusing on Hollywood movies, YesMovies provides many different films in other countries including Asia, France, India, Hong Kong and many others. Latest movie collections are quite exclusively maintained on the site to facilitate you with saving your time to go to the theatre.

Briefly speaking, YesMovies is the perfect route for viewing your favourite films and an ideal contender of coke and popcorn.

Top features of YesMovies

  • Provide film thumbnails with the genre, actor, country, and IMDB ratings
  • Multiple servers to choose if anything doesn’t react.
  • You can log in or submit a movie to build a watch history.

Official Website of YesMovies

11. StreamOnlineHD

When you are conscious about streaming online of HD quality content only one site that can boast your cognisance is StreamOnlineHD. As a daunting contender of coke and popcorn, the site has its uniqueness in its latest collection.


Simple navigation, devoted lists and the search key at the top of the website’s home page create searching your favourite films and TV shows even more enjoyable.

The site looks premium and offers an outstanding selection of films and television displays that is sufficient for a film freak individual. In addition, the website is updated frequently with recent launches and expected to attract millions of tourists shortly.

Top features of StreamOnlineHD

  • This site is well structured with affluent media material.
  • Beautiful design and excellent search option.

Official Website of StreamOnlineHD

12. LosMovies

In the list of a similar site like cokeandpopcorn, one site should inevitably gain a place for its long presence in the streaming of movies domain. LosMovies is a quick and effective website, and the cleanest and straightforward site found ever in our research.


It utilises a straightforward interface that draws many customers for streaming films and TV shows. You can view high-quality movies on full HD from DVDrip. The films are compiled decently, and you can search for the film you want.

It contains the recent videos of different types like action, theatre, thriller, anime, comedy, and all. Movies can be found based on your favourite actors and directors on this site as well. Recent TV shows throughout the air are also available on the website.

Top features of LosMovies

  • A long lasting site with excellent movie collection.
  • All contents are found in HD.

Official Website of LosMovies

13. Fmovies

Fmovies, another already famous place to watch films, is the top list of additional websites of coke and popcorn. The minimum amount of clicks is available for viewing movies and TV displays on the internet.


The collection is infinite for high-quality content films and TV shows. The recent versions are immediately downloaded, but this is perhaps not of the highest quality. The highest quality is however reloaded after a few days.

However, the site cannot be said free from advertisements. However, you can appreciate films without ads with a premium membership. Films from several nations are featured on the top.

Top features of Fmovies

Movies from other countries than Hollywood are available.

Most recent episodes of Tv shows are accessible

Official Website of Fmovies

14. Free Movies Cinema

Free Movies Cinema is one of the leading websites for film streaming without signing up to give customers free HQ films. You have to register for a customer account on the internet to stream and view your favourite movies on Free Movies Cinema.

free movie cinema

The most comfortable aspect of using this website is its advertisements and free popups. Similar to coke and popcorn, different quality, like HD, SD and CAM, are available to everyone on this site.

The website lists the majority of viewed and top IMDb-rated films of all moments, covering everything from anime, comedy, horror, fantasy, adventure and other topics. There are also a few free TV shows that can be streamed immediately on the internet in relation to free films. New films at Free Movies Cinema can be easily tracked with RSS feed.

Top features of Free Movies Cinema

  • Different kind of resolution of content for lower bandwidth users.
  • Wide genre collection.

Official Website of Free Movies Cinema

15. 123Movies

As per the viewer’s choice we recommend our last bet. You need to attempted 123movies if you’re searching for locations like coke and popcorn. It has an excellent database of recent hits, which the customer can see with only one tap.


You don’t have to log in here. You have to tap and view any movie you want to understand. However, if the existing server does not work correctly, the alternative server is available for streaming.

You can readily browse the internet and also search for a specific movie or series. In the chapter, you can readily find actions, comedies, horrors, and distinct types with distinct release dates.

Top features of 123Movies

  • User voting is high for same day uploads.
  • Different server link is available.

Official website of 123Movies


So folks here are our best research for sites like coke and popcorn. Moreover, as usual, we will be recommending one place for your convenience.

In this post, we suggest you have an exclusive look at Movieland. It is the most recently landed site and expected to continue for a long time.

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