Best Torrent Client : Best Torrent Downloaders of 2019


Torrent is the blessing of the internet which provides you access to a database of unlimited contents from all the personal computers of the world connected through a programme called torrent client.

Millions of user take advantage of this file sharing protocol to access elements like movies, songs, games and all sort of files that is available in the torrent network free. You would find a majority of the whole global PC network which has at least one of the Best Torrent Client.

In this article, we will deliver you the idea about torrent as well as torrent clients and provide you with some Best Torrent Client available on the internet.

What Are Torrents & How Do They Work?

Torrents are a tiny file named after each sharable element which contains data to connect all these piers in the world that has the same data available in their PC. It is a connector between your computer and all those computers which are ready to share you that file.

Now, Torrent client is that programme which runs in different PC and creates a P2P network. Once you run that torrent client in your PC, it connects your computer with the system. Now as you run any particular torrent file in that torrent client, the torrent file connects all the piers that are online at that time and starts sharing the data in between.

As a result, you get the complete file in tiny pieces which is joined by that torrent client to produce the total file in your PC.

Majority of the torrent clients functions in a similar fashion; some may have some popular and fancy ones than the other. Following are some handpicked best torrent downloader of extreme use.

The Best Torrent Client List of 2019

1. qBittorrent


Qbittorrent is an open source torrent client which can work in both windows and mac. This feature that makes it best torrent downloader is its simple interface and ad-free environment. Apart from that, it is entirely free.

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The torrent program has options like downloading prioritisation, scheduling and a built-in video player.

2. uTorrent


uTorrent is the oldest torrent client and still popular due to it’s easy to go frontend. This torrent program has similar basic features required for torrent downloading. But it’s ads are a reason for annoyance.

However, taking a paid premium, you can make the ad-free environment and a cyberghost VPN connection and virus protection facility. Instead of being a basic torrent client utorrent is till date the choice of best torrent software for many users.

3. Deluge


Deluge is another open source torrent program which runs in almost all the platform like windows mac and Linux. The feature that makes it as best torrenting programs is the sleek and lightweight design and simple to operate. Its open source allows others to attach add-ins or kill bugs.

User likes Deluge because of its adfree environment also.

4. Transmission


Initially developed for Mac, Transmission is a torrent client software which provides enhanced efficiency for Apple device users. As this is an open source software, they do not tag any third party search engine or toolbars.

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Also this progra3 os free from ads. Unlike other torrents, transmission is a silent user of power and uses less memory. However, this client provides all the other feature like torrent speed throttling, torrent scheduling and so on. Also, they allow using of Transmission VPN which is another excellent programme.

5. Boxopus


Boxopus is another cloud-based torrent client having features similar to other cloud-based torrent programs. But this is not a free programme and requires a minor charge. In spite of that, the functionality that is provided by Boxopus has made famous among users.

However, that does not prevent to enlist it among the best torrent software.

6. Vuze


Vuze is another free torrent client which is popular due to its overwhelming feature. This client comes with multitasking interface and one need to be knowing these features impeccably to operate the programme.

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Along with having broad downloading statistics, ability to connect with VPN, the search engine for torrent discovery, remote management are few advanced features of Vuze worth useful. Hardly any other torrent client is available which brings together all these advanced features, and this makes the software the best torrent downloader.

7. BitTorrent


Bit torrent was the oldest torrent client working on file sharing protocol which runs in almost all the primary platform like windows mac Linux as well as Android. It is free to use; therefore it is ad-infested unless you are a premium member.

But if you are ok with the ads and need only necessary protocols, then bit torrent is the smallest sized torrent client and can be termed among best torrenting programs.

8. Bitlord


Bitlord is the most discussed torrent client who has provided a unique function at the current age. The torrent can run in chrome cast device attached to your TV. You can directly watch movies on your Tv simultaneously as the download happens through the client.

This uniqueness has made this client acceptance among varied users instead of its ad infested interface.

9. BitComet


Another window based client with lots of features is BitComet. Although lightweight but its complicated interface require a little aged experience about torrents. Apart from other primary function of a torrent client, BitComet has a built-in web browser.

You can browse the torrent file from the browser inside the program and preview the start and end of any video.

10. FrostWire


FrostWire is another tiny free client which runs in Windows, Linux, Android and Mac.

There are fundamental features of download speed regulator, scheduler, individual file downloading option and download queue, FrostWire comes with a built-in torrent search engine.

It finds out better torrent files in its search option and provides you with the most number of peer connections available. Another cool feature of playing music from the radio makes this as best free torrents.

Bottom Line

There are many theories established which earmarked the torrenting an illegal affair. Be assured, using torrent client is not an illegal matter until you download the copyrighted contents through it.

Therefore, pick a program from our list of Best Torrent Client and start using it. If you find the above article worth reading, kindly share your comments in the below comment box.

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