Netflix Alternatives 2019 : 12 Best Streaming Sites Like Netflix

netflix alternatives

Netflix has changed the way of watching the movie and brought the entertainment into your drawing room. Through big screens or small, watching movies and TV shows sitting on a couch is real pleasure nowadays.

This big genie of entertainment with its amazing features is gradually overturning all the players. However, there are some very exclusive websites available who also provide you with similar experiences at much lower or no cost.

These Netflix alternative sites are under our radar in this article. So once you saturate your mind in the Netflix fever, try out the other alternatives from below list.

Top 12 Best Alternatives For Netflix in 2019

1. Amazon Prime Video

amazon prime - best netflix alternative
amazon prime

Amazon Prime video is the exclusive site for streaming videos as well as watching movies and giving actual competition to sites like Netflix. The site can be availed from various platforms including smart TV, Blue-ray players, fire stick, Roku and many more.

With a subscription in Amazon Prime, you can also avail multiple bundle offers of Amazon.

This premier site of video streaming has taken entertainment to the next level with its unique features mentioned below.

Top Features of Amazon Prime Video

  • Can watch offline for 29 days in mobile app
  • Can watch at most three devices at a time with no additional cost
  • Set parental control on your device for younger generations
  • At any point of movie or TV series find the details of Actors and Actresses
  • Other streaming channels can be viewed through these apps like Netflix if subscribed by using Amazon account.
  • Tons of additional offer in Amazon shopping, Amazon Photos, Kindle Book or Amazon drive through one Prime video subscription.


Common user: $119.00 annually or $12.99 monthly

A student in the USA: $59.00 annually $6.49 monthly



EPIX is an excellent network of entertainment companies, offering the new movie releases and the greatest film blockbusters, as well as new shows, including series, documentary films, comedy, and music specials.

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It is the first premium provider to offer access to its content online at It was designed to develop and expand TV everywhere as well as launched on Xbox first time. EPIX also tends to emerge as a Netflix alternative, and it is the only premium programming service on every platform that delivers thousands of titles on streaming film than any other premium network.

Top Features of EPIX

  • Loaded with the entire library of MGM like Bond series.
  • New featured EPIX originals are getting uploaded, and as promised by MGM it will continue to upload more series.
  • Provides an uploading schedule of movies and series making you aware of the timing.
  • Available through Comcast Xfinity TV to all the regions.
  • Option for Unlimited Download.


$5.99 per month

3. Acorn TV

acorn tv

When it comes to an alternative to Netflix acorn tv is another eye-opener in terms of British contents mixed with American substances. Acorn tv prioritises in the content of the steam, and you can find an excellent quality of mystery, comedy, drama, documentary or movies here. At least 250 to 300 materials in each genre is a look ahead of Netflix.

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Moreover, the service is available in a wide range of countries including some from Asia also. Acorn tv can be integrated with Amazon prime if that is subscribed through their account. Otherwise, there is enough provision to view separately.

Top Features of Acorn TV

  • More inclusive shows than Netflix shows.
  • Shows get uploaded faster after the UK premiere.
  • Several shows have exclusive region premiers giving priority to the contents
  • Old and unpopular shows are often removed from the list, and you get the latest content.
  • Drama and mystery libraries are more enriched.


$4.99 per month.

4. HBO Now


HBO Now is another ahead of the pack among sites like Netflix that has large contents including some award-winning contents in its bag. Primarily it is an on-demand service and can be watched from any device.

The HBO live contents can also be viewed through proper subscription with a minimal time lag with the time of broadcasting.

Top Features of HBO Now

  • Kids lock feature provides an age secured service for parents.
  • Available through any browser on any device at any place
  • Option for saving later gives freedom to watch contents offline after a download for a while.
  • Multiple platform support gives liberty in watching without an additional price.
  • Video playback option to allow you to watch contents in wifi network only.
  • Support of Chromecast or Amazon Alexa makes your movie watching experience great.
  • Sharing your credential to your two housemates is allowed, meaning you can watch HBO now in three devices simultaneously.


$14.99 per month

5. Pureflix


Pureflix is another alternative of Netflix which concentrates on videos acceptable as family content and Christianity. If you look out the category of PureFlex they are educational, kids, faith, movies and a short film as well as tv series.

So if you find that contents of Netflix are not suitable according to your moral ideas and you don’t want your family to be exposed to adult-friendly substances then switch to PureFlix.

Top Features of Pureflix

  • A wide variety of contents for boosting children helpful ideas educational materials or historical documents.
  • Movies for adults to enjoy in weekends with down memory lane and nostalgia.
  • A regular update of the content and availability of current materials.
  • Available in various platforms like Xbox One, Roku, Amazon fire tv, apple tv or Chromecast.


$10.99 per month

6. Starz Play

arabia starzplay

Joining to the cable cutting edge another premier network Starz has taken the initiative to air their shows and contents through online streaming service. As a Netflix alternative their variety of substances is quite extensive with the availability of originals as well as movies, tv shows and all. However, the contents are not available in a wide range of countries.

Top Features of Starz Play

  • A wide range of new movies from Sony pictures or Columbia
  • TV shows that went viral can be availed here.
  • Extensive library of new originals from the site.
  • Option to have offline contents through downloading for an unlimited period.
  • Old classic movies of genuine admiration from various studios like Fox or Universal are aired.


$8.99 monthly

7. Hulu


Another USA based Netflix alternative is HULU which is a real opponent also in the streaming media industry. Hulu is incredibly popular due to its extensive volume of contents from different prominent network channels.

In original materials any site that can challenge Netflix is HULU. Besides, HULU is ahead in the race because of its Anime series and classic shows. Loaded in these functions, Hulu is that category of sites like Netflix with free trials.

Top Features of Hulu

  • Catalogue of TV shows are quite extensive with familiar and unfamiliar exhibits of the classic and latest collection.
  • It offers Cinemax, HBO and Showtime access with an extra charge
  • The smartphone and tablet experience is excellent, with smooth and high-resolution playback.
  • Hulu offers a day after uploading of shows from airing the premiere.


$5.99 monthly with ad

$11.99 monthly without Ad

$44.99 monthly without the Ad and with Live TV

8. Vudu


Vudu is a streaming service featuring a pay-as-you-go model with a library of more than 14,000 films and 1500 TV shows. The service is free, but if you want to watch movies within a particular day of release, you have to rent it.

You can rent or purchase shows also, content is available most of the time on the same day it is released. It is an enormous advantage over Netflix, which requires waiting for at least a month to see a film. With all such feature, Vudu is among the best alternatives of Netflix.

Top Features of Vudu

  • The service is entirely free from Ad
  • The first episode of any show is open to determine whether it is of your type or not.
  • Same day access to a movie.


Each movie vary from $3.00 to $15.00

9. Crackle

sony crackle

Sony Crackle is another name to remember as free Netflix alternative when it comes to complete entertainment package. Their content of movies and TV shows preserves action, comedy, entertainment and various genres.

Thus you don’t have to worry about Netflix if you like to watch and stream these contents extensively, watch Sony crackle. An efficient content filtering option is available to help you search your content.

However, you must register for a free account on this website. You can access an unlimited amount of quality videos free of charge.

Top Features of Crackle

  • Unlimited video content in a unified platform gives freedom of watching
  • Diverse categories of television show according to your suitability and choice.
  • Good action movies collection for an exceptional user’s viewing
  • More original contents are uploaded.
  • Sony Pictures support
  • all entertainment.



10. Hotstar


Hotstar can be the name you want to consider an alternative to Netflix if you live in India and are searching for an economical Netflix alternative. This streaming service offers a catalogue of contents that include daily soaps, Bollywood films, cricket, live sports, international films, and TV programs.

The global content requires payment while you can watch free movies and shows. In the Indian streaming market, Hotstar also fills the HBO gap by providing access and tickets from ABC and Showtime to popular network exhibits.

Top Features of Hotstar

  • Complete entertainment under one site and content for every mood.
  • Enriched variety of Bollywood movies and shows
  • Opportunity to watch online video and Cricket simultaneously
  • Excessively cheap in price and easy accessibility in a mobile device


$4.50 per month

11. YouTube Premium

youtube red premium

YouTube has been using its vast collections and unlimited TV channels to share and stream movies and TV shows to the ultimate level. Youtube’s most attractive feature is its search and categorisation system.

Content searching on YouTube can also be done quickly. All these features are available free of charge. Then think what a premium subscription can give you. Yeah, in specific regions you have a premium subscription service for YouTube.

In any device that is the most relieving fact, the contents can be ad-free. It also gives you access to fantastic bundles of add-ons. The same subscription gives you access to Google Play Music.

Top Features of YouTube

  • Avail exclusive content of YouTube Original from the premium subscription.
  • Watching contents without advertisement is fun.
  • Download and save videos for unlimited viewing without spending data.
  • Free YouTube music and Google Play Music as an added advantage.
  • Run YouTube in Background while working.


$11.99 every month.

12. TubiTV

tubi tv

As free Netflix replacements with many functions, TubiTV is your best platform. You can get high-quality movies classified uniquely in a robust interface. The site contents are legal and safe to watch anywhere.

Due to this, you might not get the latest videos at a short time after release. However, if you are a fan of classics, then this site can satisfy you with their database. Although it is a free site, you need to register here for watching the content.

Top Features of TubiTV

  • A wide variety of contents with classic movies and shows from Hollywood studios.
  • All contents are legal and free to watch without spending a single cent.
  • Can create personalised bookmarks on the contents for natural search.




There are so many great platforms out there. From paid subscriptions services like Hulu and Amazon Prime to free options like Archive and Crackle and more, you can find some incredible alternatives to Netflix. And many of them offer free trial periods to see if they work for you or not. Do note, however, most of this content is region-locked to the US. So, if you’re outside the country, it will be inaccessible. If you don’t want to lose access, then you’ll need a VPN — a virtual private network. With a VPN you can connect to the internet and choose a server location based in the US. So no matter where you are, you’ll always be able to binge watch your favorite TV and movies.

As we conclude our article, you might have found out your choice for Netflix alternative. Some sites are rich in content, some are focused on a specific genre, or someplace merely is a clone of Netflix. But all are enriched with a similar form of entertainment media content that enhance your experience.

You can still stick to Netflix or try some of these sites as a better alternative.

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