10 Best Free Music Downloader Apps For Android

best music downloader apps

Listening to the music of your choice is the best leisure activity of all the people. Songs that touch your heart are readily available through android apps for listening uninterruptedly. But if there are options that you can listen to these songs offline with a single download.

In this article, we will explain the features of our top ten music downloader app for Android. You can discover the different features also for these apps and can close the best one for you.

Top 10 Best Android Free Music Downloader Apps in 2019

1. Soundcloud

soundcloud best mudic download appIn the top of the chart, we want to include one app which has given a platform to all such individual musicians and artists to create their talent and portray in front of the audience spread worldwide. Soundcloud is one such music downloader app where you will not only find the music from famous artists but also you will get the privilege to listen to a massive number of tracks from other musician community.

With SoundCloud, you can enjoy hip hop, rock, classical, electronic, jazz and many more. You can listen to chartbusters, live music and music for all moods from famous as well as non-famous artists. With all such things in it, SoundCloud is the biggest music streaming app of the world where you can also upload your creations.

Top features of Soundcloud

  • Over 150 million track and increasing.
  • Get suggestions according to the last playlist
  • From classic to the latest from all genre
  • Download for offline listening
  • Support, share or connect with favourite artists

Download Soundcloud from Google play store.

2. Spotify

spotifySpotify is another best music downloader app which speaks by its music. A cool interface of the app gives you the option to choose from their created playlist of unlimited numbers. Also, you can create your playlist.

The app suggests you include tracks of similar choice and facilitate you to create your list to listen.  In regards to the collection of Spotify, the app hosts large numbers of music and podcasts, and you will not be able to find them any place you can enjoy all these features in your android device free.

However, there is a paid version of the app with some other functionality including downloading options. User rating about the app is too high in the play store due to its extensive collection and similar songs. Also, you will find new songs every day as you open the app.

All these dynamic nature has made this a best app to download music for android which allows downloading.

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Top features of Spotify

  • Easy to create a playlist
  • Materialistic design
  • Unlimited tracks to listen
  • Can shuffle music in a playlist

Download Spotify from Google play store.

3. Wynk Music

wynk musicWynk music is another music listening platform which covers almost everything from Santana to Rahaman songs across the globe in its collection of 3 million songs. This app covers nearly all genres of music including Bollywood songs and international music.

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Another extensive feature of the app is its Chromecast ability. You can enjoy your favourite music on tv through Chromecast. The app has an internet radio within it. So you can enjoy the music from them as well. it also provides an opportunity to follow the artists as well as the playlists. You can enjoy the music streaming free, but downloading requires a minor payment.

Top features of Wynk Music

  • Internet radio facility
  • A large variety of music collection
  • Enjoy Bollywood songs
  • Data saving mode

Download Wynk Music from Google play store.

4. Google Play Music

google play musicWhen it comes to listening to music, there must be an app available in the play store from Google itself. Google play music is an app which has a library of 35 million songs all over the world with nominal charges.

As a standard user, you have the option to listen part of it for free. Also, it can give access to YouTube music on payment. There is an automatic option of song recommendations based on your search history. You can curate your playlist also from their vast collections.

You have a choice of uploading 50000 songs apart from your purchased songs to listen through google play music. The App also provides offline services to attend from the list.

Top features of Google Play Music

  • Smart interface
  • YouTube access
  • Chromecast facility
  • High quality of songs available
  • One month free trial
  • Unlimited skips, shuffle in music playlist.

Download Google Play Music from Google play store.

5. Audiomack

audiomackIf you have a taste of a variety of music listening, then Audiomack is the best music downloader app for you in your android device. This app provides you options to download and enjoy the music offline for free.

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There is a massive collection of mixtapes, playlists and new songs which you can access free from their app. The library is divided into various categories like classical, reggae, rock, and remixes which is also a useful tool. Audiomack is, therefore, best android app to download music which allows creating unlimited playlists for free.

The app has a paid version which is nothing but to make it ad-free. With all such impressive features coming in free mode Audiomack is the best android music player.

Top features of Audiomack

  • Unlimited playlist
  • Offline listening for free
  • Large collection of mixtapes
  • New songs from popular artists

Download Audiomack from Google play store.

6. Simple MP3 Downloader

simple mp3 downloaderThe name itself explains that it is an app for mp3 download from the World Wide Web. Free mp3 download comes with a good search engine to search for unlimited songs that you desire. Just type the name of songs, and you are through to download the song.

You can download the complete playlist or can create your playlist in the app. You can collect the classic playlist song details in the app. The app is very much user-friendly. You can avail unlimited mp3 from their large number of collections at any time and can keep them in your device for listening any time.

All the new music is supported at the site which is an additional benefit. With this excellent feature, the app is termed as the best app to download free music.

Top features of Simple MP3 Downloader

  • Unlimited downloads
  • Great quality of the songs
  • Auto-completion options
  • completely free download
  • Inbuilt search engine

Download Simple MP3 Downloader from Google play store.

7. SONGily

songilySONGily is another excellent music downloader app through which you can either stream or download unlimited songs. The app has an inbuilt download manager with it. So you can track the downloaded songs in it. Besides the search engine option of the app is very strong.

You can search accurately the songs you want in this app. Apart from songs you can access the social media sites and can download all the songs from them as well. Songily website contains a large number of sings which is adequate for one to listen in its lifetime. Further new songs are also added. All these excellent features make the app best downloader.

Top features of SONGily

  • Inbuilt search engine
  • Download manager
  • Songs can be identified from the download folder
  • Easy to find a song
  • Great download options

Download SONGily from Google play store.

8. Deezer

deezerIt’s been around for some time now, and Deezer has gained popularity as one of the best free music apps. The free version allows you to discover new artists using Deezer’s FLOW and start listening to playlists or mixes according to your taste.

It has some lyric grabbing feature that can enable you to make your collection of lyrics. Also, it has the production of unlimited playlists and mixes by different artists. There is a paid option that offers additional features such as audio quality, offline listening and support for Android Auto if you want.

All these features make it a premium app which is handy in enhancing your music listening experience. We title them as the best android app to download music.

Top features of Deezer

  • Great music options
  • Lyrics fetching
  • Search option
  • Inbuilt radio and podcast

Download Deezer from Google play store.

9. Saavn Music and Radio

saavnSaavn is another top-rated app for listening and downloading apps for android. The app comes with a radio feature primarily which provides an unlimited option of hearing songs and programmes.

The app has a search option and music player in it which comes handy in finding any music or playing through the app. The free version contains an ad, but the collection of streaming is unlimited. Saavn has a group of songs from a different genre and includes Bollywood songs in huge quantity. So this is the best app to download free music.

Top features of Saavn Music and Radio

  • Radio with unlimited listening
  • 320KBPs high-quality music
  • Very minimum subscription

Download Saavn Music and Radio from Google play store.

10.  Gaana Music

gaanaWe will end our list with a blockbuster app for listening and downloading music for android. Gaana Music is a popular app among all the user for its vast collection of songs of different language and category.

They have a handy playlist also which is advantageous in listening to music. You have the shuffle, random option in the playlist listening. You can choose to repeat the song too. Apart from Bollywood song Gaana music has a good collection of Hollywood songs which is an added advantage. The unique feature is its database is updated daily.

Top features of Ganna Music

  • Daily updates
  • Lyrics are available with a song
  • Unlimited songs of different language
  • Popular playlist of Hollywood songs

Download Ganna Music from Google play store.


Listening to music is has been eased out today with lots of available apps on the internet. The majority of them has an online feature. But the above list of music downloader app is meant for offline listening options for such users who do not enjoy an unlimited data package.

You can choose any of them as a free app and if you are interested can have the paid versions also. So, stay tuned to the songs all the time and post your comments below.

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