Top 10 Best Media Players For Windows 10 to Use in 2019


Now days watching video is another name of leisure companion. Be it a movie, web series, a music video, sports, cartoon or even some social media video; you can entertain yourselves through the motion pictures.

There comes the usage of the software which becomes the gateway of your this form of entertainment. Media players are software which plays the files we throw at them without any hassle. There is no scarcity of media players in the market.

However every year we receive new media players. We have some media players who are performing great since its launch whereas some media players who are unique and attracting users at a great pace. In this article, we are not comparing the best but presenting the features of all best media player for windows 10.

Top 10 Best Media Players For Windows 10 – The Complete List

1. VLC Media Player

vlc media player

While choosing the best media player, the name comes first in mind is VLC player. The strong reason behind so is its existence for such a long time. VLC Media Player arrived in the computer system in 1996 when the technology was still in the developing mode.

Since its first appearance, VLC Media Player has won the hearts of user due to its multi supported video playing. It goes in saying that if any format is not played in any other player go for VLC.

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VLC Media Player is an open-source player, created by the VideoLAN project that is accessible from all public platforms. VLC Media Player designed for Windows 10 is no different from its play everything nature like Movies, Videos Audios and TV series.

The best part is its stellar performance in playing the device stored contents and online contents. Also, the secret of dominating the user’s mind for such a long time is its frequent release of updates. As soon as there is any new feature available in the market that is updated in VLC so that you do not come out from its cosy domain.

Not only this, VLC media player for Windows 10 has drawn its popularity for its fast and user-friendly nature. The interface is well suited to the themes of Windows 10 with the various option that improves your listening and visual experience.

You can create your playlists from the current playing tracks. Altogether, VLC media player is a well-organised media player with all useful features that you require. That’s why it is in the top of our list of best media player for windows 10.


  • Open source Media Player.
  • Vast format supporting
  • Subtitle download and synchronisation
  • Easy and simple Interface


  • Limited interchangeable skins
  • Metadata editing is not easy

Download VLC Media Player From Official Website


2. GOM Player

gom player

Gretech Online Movie Player or popularly known as GOM player is a free media player for Windows 10 which can run almost all popular audio and video format including 360degree VR videos. You can play all type of video content from the online sources like YouTube, Facebook, and all including any self-made a video in any accessible format.

Although the popularity of this media player is not sky high, GOM Player has a standard audience available in the market who probably like to do something different. I can remember this media player brought the option of changing the interface skins the first time and captured a lot of peoples mind. Other than AVI, MKV, MP4, FLV, MOV and others. GOM player is hugely successful in playing all type of video format. Moreover, if they fail something to play, they download the available video codec from their search engine function.

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Apart from the features like Media Player Capture, speed control, audio and video effects, screen capture, the unique and advantageous feature is its search tool. You can search the subtitle of any movie or available tracks in your language from their search tools and can enjoy the film. Last but not the lease is the GOM remote app. It is an app to install in your mobile, and through this, you can control your PC sitting at a distance on the sofa. In spite of being underrated, this app, therefore, comes as a second best media player for windows 10 in our research.


  • Wide format acceptance
  • Search tool for the new codec
  • Subtitle search


  • Potential unwanted Programme in bundle installation

Download GOM Player from Official Website


3. POT Player

pot player

Without a beautiful name with it, POT player is another movie player for Windows 10 which has all the capability to be your default player. The player comes with the most comfortable interface among all the media players, but its all in one feature are quite extensive which can be revealed in a single right-click option. Apart from its all format support mode, pot player’s wide range of customisation option for Windows platform has managed to receive good popularity in comparison with other newly launched media players.

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As already said the skinny interface is a one player option for any audio and video option with 3d video content. Its inbuilt search engine finds the codec required to play any new video and provides you with the entertainment uninterrupted. Some feature similar to other media player is its interface theme changing option and subtitle search and others. However, the uniqueness of this app is its control over the video.

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Pot player offers a video editor within itself which is capable of providing a filter for brightness, contrast, noise reduction, a rotating mirror, sharpen or blur images and many more. Besides the player has option to handle files from an internal or external device, FTP server or any TV, Blueray. You can have the optimised performance to your chosen output medium. With all these features POT player is another best media player for windows 10 which waiting to reach your PC.


  • Sound card selection option.
  • Favourite scene bookmark option.
  • Multiple device support
  • Used Hardware acceleration
  • Codec support is vast


  • Not Open source
  • Too many click options

Download POT Player From Official Website

Price : – Free

4. 5KPlayer


Unlike the previous entry of the list here we include 5KPlayer whose name itself is its establishment in the unlimited video player domain. Comparatively new in the field of media player, 5KPlayer stands innovative and full of updated features.

However, the contrary is, in spite of having so much functionality this media player maintains a simple to use interface. The player aims at the streaming media of the internet like YouTube, Vimeo and these can be played as well as downloaded with simple steps.

In regards to the new feature, 5KPlayer can play videos up to 8k. Honestly speaking this player uses hardware accelerations to play these high-quality videos and due to that, the videos run smoothly.

Rest of all the formats are genuinely available to be used without any hassle. There is a large audience of satellite tv nowadays, and this player can entertain them also. Choosing the option in 5K Player, you have the facility to listen to the satellite TV.

The player comes with two tabs, 5kplayer and library. In the library section, you can easily save your favourites online or offline for watching later. 3Dmovies, 360-degree videos download, RTSP player and playing multi-region DVD, are some more advanced feature which will attract the advanced user.

With all these features this media player has captivated the users to make a sustainable position and thus it is among best video players for Windows 10.


  • Can play media in Windows 10 from the iOS device through Airplay
  • Download video from YouTube and other websites


  • Too many options can confuse an ordinary user

Download 5KPlayer From Official Website

Price : – Free

5. DivX Player

divx player

There are few users available who had faced problem playing DVD at an early age and thus when it comes to remembering the best video player for Windows 10 they never forget to mention DIVX player. Following the same tradition, DIVX player was the first among the HEVC players.

With the change of time DivX player has also geared up with a long list of supported formats and currently, there are so many devices available which are DIVX certified device. As an advanced user, you must use DivX player to format your video to a DivX approved device video to play them beyond the Windows platform.

In terms of feature, the player accepts a significant range of formats that you are using. MKV video and AAC format audios are the lists of such rare forms nowadays which can be played in DivX Player. Practically, the DivX player is more on user satisfaction due to its excellent experience while watching a DVD. User-friendly options for fast-forward, jump into chapters are a few to name that attracts regular users for great viewing.

Finally, the feature which is a must use in different purpose is the DivX converter which comes along with the media player. It comes useful to change the rare formats to standard formats and can be used in multiple devices. With all such aspects and most featured update, DivX player is the balance media player which any Windows 10 user must keep in his PC.


  • Great DLNA streaming option
  • Divx certified media editing
  • Easy controls


  • No volume multiplication option

Download Divx Player From Official Website

PRICE: PRO version $19.99

6. Media Player Classic

media player classic

Media player classic is another free media player for windows 10 who comes in disguise of old Windows media player interface, and that’s why some user gets confused and treat it another version of WMP. However, this is an altogether different player with loads of functions behind its simple look. This free and open source media player for Windows comes without installation feature. The programme need not be installed in the Windows. Therefore, it is lightweight and can be carried with USB stick anywhere to use.

The player has an important feature that is Skype integration. While chatting in Skype, you can transfer now playing data through skype. Similar features like wide supported file formats, scrolling up volume control, audio rendering, and availability in different languages are some which worth mentioning.

Media player classic for Windows 10 is an amalgamation of classic media player and home cinema which is built by its fans to upgrade the player. Now with this update, Windows media player classic is challenging other media player with its long-run experience. Hence we also mark this media player as the best media player of Windows 10.


  • Fast response to various media formats
  • No installation
  • Open Source
  • Skype Integration


  • Not having extensive feature for advanced users
  • Interface is old

Download Media Player Classic From Official Website


7. KMPlayer

km player

Another lightweight media player with loads of features is KM player. Similar to its brother like software POT Player it also has a straightforward interface. What makes KMPlayer as the favourite for Windows is its dedicated codec for Windows. Due to this KMplayer can support various mainstream file formats like MPEG 1, 2, WMA, AAC, OGG and many more without an additional codec. However, another codec downloading option is attached to this player.

The best part of the player is its performance in high definition videos. 3D, UHD, 4K supported videos can be played smoothly through /km Player. It also plays a 360-degree video. KM player is available in 36 languages. This player has excellent shortcut key control which is lovable by any users. However, the player has adware in its bundled installation, which needs to be taken care of.

A wide range of video and audio format, best high definition player, Subtitle editor are a few features that have given KM player additional space for the user. Also, this is titled as the movie player for Windows 10.


  • High definition video playing is very smooth
  • 3D video playing
  • Can edit subtitle within video playing


  • Bundle Installation includes adware

Download KM Player From Official Website


8. ACG Player

acg media player

ACG Player is a Universal Windows Player ( UWP) which clarifies its best objective. This media player is best suited for Windows 10. Like many other media player, this also comes with a simple interface but carry the majority of the features, which are very helpful to audio, mixing, editing works. Many users use this as a substitute for Windows, but its technical ability is not less than any other.

Support of various format is a common feature like others, but user interface customisation is very intensive in this player. Furthermore, the keyboard control gives the user more flexibility in watching video or audio. This player has background score loaded which can be used in editing work.

Music visualiser, art effect, gesture control in the mouse are few user-friendly features of ACG Player. Support of external device safe video transfer high performance has made ACG player as the best media player for Windows. You can download the player free from Microsoft store itself.


  • Lightweight software
  • Great User interface
  • UWP player


  • Lack of some advance feature

Download ACG Player From Official Website


9. UMPlayer

um player

Universal Media player orUM player is the name, which is recommended by the user due to its high-performance, lightweight features. There is a large group of viewers for which the video watching is the primary objective, and UM player provides the facility to them. Unless there is special attention, most of the videos movies are available in standard definition in many countries, and a lightweight media player with useful feature only can play those videos. KM player targets this standard.

UM Player supports majorly popular file formats. Another common feature that is used by the different user is Youtube integration. You can stream youtube videos directly or capture them for offline viewing through UM Player. It is an open source player, and various codec is integrated with this.

Integrated SHOUTcast player for radio, various usable skins for interface customisation and many more functions has voted UM player as the most usable player for Windows


  • open source.
  • Various codec support
  • Easy YouTube play


  • Lack of some advance feature

Download UMPlayer From Official Website


10. CyberLink PowerDVD

cyberlink power dvd

When we are discussing media players, then DVD player and Blue Ray player has to be featured in the list. We will conclude the list with a paid media player who is famous for its cinema mode. Cyberlink Power DVD is a robust media player who is renowned for DVD playing, but it supports all mainstream high definition formats like MKV, 3D or even 4K videos.

Commonly used for playing various DVD and Blueray disc, this player is full keyboard and mouse controlled. Even its cinema mode supports remote control also. It also has a special filter which can convert DVDs into 3D movies and if your hardware supports you can enjoy the 3D film,

Another two interesting tools of the player are AB repeat and Say It Again tool. You can repeat any scene or sentences through it which can be useful in language learning purpose. Loads of features and better usability makes this the best media player for windows 10.


  • Cinema Mode
  • Remote control option
  • Video editing options


  • Does not come as free

Download CyberLink PowerDVD From Official Website

PRICE: EUR 69.95

Final Words

We have picked the above list keeping in mind about the usability of each video player to a different type of user. From ordinary user to advanced every one has individual items in this platter. Functions, usability and free or priced software these criteria can narrow down your search, and we had made the choices based on that.

It is advised to try the software individually and find your best match. Also, do not fail to share your valuable comments.

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