11 Best Media Player for Mac in 2019

best video player for mac

In our following article, we will be discussing the best media player for mac. All the MAC comes bundled with QuickTime as a media player of it.

However, if you are not happy with QuickTime, there are other options available readily that can serve your purpose. Most of the media players offer similar functionality, but the usability and easiness in performance make a difference.

We have concentrated our research on the following criteria to choose in our list:

  • An attractive interface that matches with MAC style
  • Compatible with MAC and support all high-quality videos
  • Feature to create a playlist and give smooth movie watching experience
  • Regular update according to MAC update
  • Completely Ad free.

So go ahead and get the best media player for your MAC device.

List of Top 10 Best Media Players For MAC in 2019

1. Cisdem

cisdem best mac video player

Cisdem media player is an excellent choice for mac to play almost all type of media content. It is a lightweight software but provides a smooth display of videos and audios in those formats which gets choppy in its other competitors. It has a very straightforward interface for easy navigation.

The software is also resourceful to play all kind of SD and HD videos. It can even play 1080p or 4K videos with the same performance. The software has been kept ad-free and also free from spyware. It is one of the best media players for mac.

Top Features of Cisdem

  • Does not require any codec pack to play almost 50 formats of videos.
  • Does not slow down or buffer to play HD videos up to 4K.
  • Completely ad-free
  • Capability to load subtitles automatically or from SRT files.

Top Supported Formats

MOV, AVI, WMV, MP4, FLV, M4V, MKV, MPEG, RMVB, 5K and 1080P videos

Ratings according to impactresearch

4.8 Out of 5


Price $9.99

Official Website of Cisdem

2. VLC

vlc another best media player for mac

When the discussion is about video player for mac, then VLC is the name comes regardless of the platform. Like Windows media player mac has a version of VLC that continues with a similar job here also.

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The open source form of VLC allows playing all sort of video without any codec. In Mac also the player comes with interchangeable skins and simple to use interface. It can be set as the default program for playing video and audio. With all its adorable feature this has already won the appreciation of Mac users as the best video player for mac.

Top Features of VLC

  • Opensource and free of cost.
  • Capability to integrate with most of web streaming sites.
  • It supports the majority of formats including Blu-ray files.
  • Easy to use keyboard controls

Top Supported Formats

FLV, Matroska, MPJPEG, MPEG-2, PS, QuickTime File Format, WAV, AC-3, FLAC, FLAC, Fraps, MP4, Ogg, PVA, TS, WebM. Audio coding formats: AAC, DVAudio, MP3 Vorbis, Speex.

Ratings according to impactresearch

4.7 Out of 5



Official Website of VLC

3. RealPlayer

realplayer mac

The real player has been in the market for quite a long time and recognized as a media player for mac of next level. This universal player identifies all format of video and audio files and can run all of them hassle-free.

Real player is a robust media player with hundreds of feature, but it is not a lightweight software. There are many features in this tool that has higher system requirements for proper functioning. But once installed you can rely on its performance, and mainly Mac users accept it as a nerd in media player family.

Top Features of RealPlayer

  • Locate media files in the system spontaneously and plays them.
  • It has Various visualisation option while listening to audio.
  • Handy in downloading and converting media files to other formats.

Top Supported Formats

RealAudio, FLV, RealVideo, WebM and MPEG

Ratings according to impactresearch

4.7 Out of 5


Starts from $5.55 per month

Official Website of RealPlayer

4. Elmedia Player

best video player for mac

Elmedia Video Player is one of the best media video player for mac, It has almost all the features you will ever need in mac.

Elmedia player is able to play any kind of video or audio file in any format on you mac device. Also it can stream the same content to Chromecast, AirPlay & DLNA without any special requirement of codecs.

Top Features of Elmedia Player

  • Supports almost all video-audio formats
  • Free version available for test
  • Can stream content to different devices & services.
  • Supports Subtitles in Videos.
  • Supports ultra HD videos.

Top Supported Formats

3GP, AVI, FLV, MKV and many more.

Ratings According to impactresearch

4.7 Out of 5


Starts From $19.95 for Personal License

Official Website of Elmedia Video Player

5. Movist


Movist is a beautiful video player for mac that is convenient to use. As decoder for each video codec, you can select QuickTime or FFmpeg and reopen it instantly with other decoders. With the control and playlist windows appearing like HUD panels, Movist has a sleek and minimally designed interface.

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Video saturation, brightness, contrast and colour can be adjusted from the control panel. You must know that play speed can be changed; subtitles can be adjusted and synchronised here in a simple way. For keyboard shortcuts, Movist offers excellent support. For better and convenient video playback, you can make some adjusted general and advanced settings.

Top Features of Movist

  • Decode acceleration of H.264 video is possible
  • Supports digital audio output
  • Provides high-class subtitles,
  • Features full-screen toggle

Top Supported Formats

H.264/ H.265, HEVC

Ratings according to impactresearch

4.6 Out of 5



Official Website of Movist

6. MPlayerX


MplayerX is another lightweight media player for Mac that suits best with the users who love to watch videos from various sources. One exciting feature of this player is it can play from webisodes and continue to play the next episodes effortlessly.

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The software design is suitable for mac user only. The player starts from the last stop and supports the Apple remote. You can enjoy the video in full-screen mode with variable sized subtitles. The player is popular among the Mac user as an essential tool since it can play almost all the popular video formats.

Top Features of MPlayerX

  • Subtitle management facility
  • Supports Apple remote
  • Easy option to play videos from any location.

Top Supported Formats

3GP, MOV, AVI, MP4, ASF, FLV, Matroska,

Ratings according to impactresearch

4 Out of 5



Official Website of MPlayerX

7. Movavi Media Player

movavi media player

Movavi Media Player is a useful and compact program that is ideal for WMV, AVI, and MKV player on Mac and allows you to ignore problems with format incompatibility permanently. Without losing the quality frequently correlated to conversion, you can enjoy your favourite music. In Shuffle or Repeat mode, you can add music files and play them.

Movavi Media Player offers the flawless HD interaction, with seamless video and also no bugs or any other unusual consequences. Unlike many other media player for Mac, this gives a complete video player experience in HD streaming.

Top Features of Movavi Media Player

  • With a few clicks, manage subtitles: select the track, put the text position and sync this with the audio.
  • It can select a particular track when your file contains multiple tracks.
  • Hop to a particular video point.
  • Modify the colours and the clip appearance ratio.

Top Supported Formats

3GP, 3G2, 3GPP, 3GP2, FLV, AVI, DVD (VOB), MKV, M2TS, M2T, MTS, MP4, M4V, OGV

Ratings according to impactresearch

4 Out of 5



Official Website of Movavi Media Player

8. MPV


MPV is another best media player for Mac, which has recently become popular and supports almost any video format.

It also supports MPV, GPU video decoding and offers a range of options for OpenGL video output that many experienced users choose. On the whole, it is very similar in many respects with VLC. So it’s mainly personal preferences whether or not you are using VLC or MPV.

Top Features of MPV

  • It is equipped with a small controller that is activated by mouse movement.
  • GPU video decoding
  • MPV is actively developed through open source repository.

Top Supported Formats

VAAPI, VDPAU, VDA, DXVA2 supported format

Ratings according to impactresearch

3.9 Out of 5



Official Website of MPV

9. KMPlayer


KM player is another lightweight video player for Mac with many features. It also has a simple interface, much like others.

The favourite feature of KMPlayer is the download of the codec to this player. The player’s best part is its high-definition video performance. Videos supported by 3D, UHD, 4 K can easily be played through a km player. It plays a 360 ° video as well. This player is superb for every user to have a key shortcut control.

The Subtitle Editor, the broadest range of video and audio formats, the highest definition player and some features have given the user more room for KM Player.

Top Features of KMPlayer

  • Smooth High definition player
  • It plays up to 4K & 360-degree video.
  • Subtitle editing option.

Top Supported Formats

MPEG 1, 2, WMA, AAC, OGG, 3D, UHD, 4K

Ratings according to impactresearch

3.8 Out of 5



Official Website of KMPlayer

10. Divx Player


Divx player is a feature-rich tool and included in the primary toolkit of many Mac users for a long time and regarded as the best media player for Mac. With the well-known interface and user-friendly controls, the Divx player produces continuous audio and video playback from different media and format.

Its overwhelming tool set includes an option to burn media files into a disc, customisation of viewing size and many more. In DLNA compatible device you can easily stream media files with Divx Player.

Top Features of Divx Player

  • High quality of playback of media files with all formats.
  • Complete performance in windows as well as Mac
  • Supports format up to 4K

Top Supported Formats


Ratings according to impactresearch

3.5 Out of 5


PRO version $19.99

Official Website of Divx Player

11. 5Kplayer


Your last Mac player finally is 5Kplayer. A robust media player concentrating on the playback of almost all the required video formats is 5 K player.

Apart from other standard features of the player that is available with all media players one such function that makes it different is its media downloading option from streaming sites like YouTube. It also supports online radios like BBC.

You can also download music from Soundcloud through this player. With all such feature, it’s one of Mac’s best video players.

Top Features of 5Kplayer

  • Can download from streaming site
  • Almost all formats are supported
  • Solid interface for navigation.

Top Supported Formats

All HD, MKV, MTS, and AVCHD videos

Ratings according to impactresearch

3.4 Out of 5



Official Website of 5Kplayer


Choosing a list of 10 best media player for Mac is a difficult task; as it is entirely a subjective matter for every user. The first feature that makes a difference is the supported format and codecs which is the requirement of individuals and their inclination to a particular file format.

However, in our above article, we have listed the software in such a way that every user finds their personal choice of the video player. If you feel we have not included anything, share your comment.

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