Top 10 Best Data Recovery Softwares in 2019

best data recovery software

In today’s era data is something which helps us in achieving an important goal. Even thought of losing the data may feel scary. At present software industries has developed the number of best data recovery software which helps us to recover lost information. If you fail to get access over your files and folders, then it’s a right time to get data recovery software.

There are multiple reasons to lose data like accidental deletion, virus, formatting, permanent deletion of files, unexpected shut down of the PC and much more. If you find it hard to work on a specific document and your PC shut down suddenly, it might be a signal of something wrong.

Data recovery is nothing but the fixing of the broken parts of the toys with the help of glue. Hence, it is essential to know about best recovery software that may help you to recover the lost data and files. In this article, I am giving you the information about the best data recovery software that may help you in every sense of recovering data.

Top 10 Best Data Recovery Softwares In 2019

1. Disk Drill

disk drillChoosing the right data recovery software from dozens of available sources is a difficult task. But Disk Drill data recovery software assures you to the quick recovery of deleted documents, videos, photos music and much more.

Disk Drill works smoothly for all the windows platform whether it be 10, 8, 7 Vista or XP. Disk Drill recovers data from both internal and external storage that runs on any file system like NTFS, FAT, HFS+, FAT16, or EXT4.


  1. The main advantage of using Disk Drill is that it scans profoundly and quickly.
  2. With the use of this app, you can even recover files that deleted from recycle bin.
  3. You can use this software free up to 500 MB.
  4. This software gives you the advantage of choosing files for free recovery.
  5. It helps to recover files and pictures by clicking the “Recover’ button and save to their destination folder.
  6. With the Pro version of Disk Drill, you can use it on 3 computers for deep and quick scanning and can reconstruct 300+ file formats.


  1. It will not show the quality of the file before recovery.
  2. Risk of overwriting and permanent loss of data is high because it doesn’t have any portable version, and the data you have downloaded before running this software for recovery.
  3. Some users of this software may think that support team takes time to respond to their queries.


  • Price as per
  • Basic Version is FREE (up to 500 MB).
  • Pro version costs the US $ 89.
  • Enterprise version costs the US $ 399.

2. PhotoRec

photorecChristophe Grenier developed Photorec and released on April 30, 2002. It is free and open source software for data recovery.

It recovers data from a broad range of platforms like FAT, NTFS, exFAT, etc.

This software regains files with video, archives, and documents from CD-ROM, hard disk and images from memory of digital camera.


  1. It works surprisingly well to recover data from CD-ROM and hard disks.
  2. It works on the entire big windows platform.
  3. Adding a custom format of your choice is possible by using ‘Unformat’ function.


  1. It has primary command interface rather user-friendly interface.
  2. It has a text-based command line utility.


FREE to use.

3. Data Rescue 5 for Windows

data rescue 5Data rescue 5 for Windows is designed to recover lost files, photos, videos, and valuable documents regarding business or school.

It can restore 100+ types of file including internal and external storage.

This software is being designed for day to day users.

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  1. The software provides you with an advanced search to find files immediately.
  2. This software saves the storage space by recognizing duplicate files.
  3. Before recovering the data, you can see them from scan prior.
  4. Without improved file support it regains additional data than ever before.
  5. You can get updates of recent and completed scans.


The only disadvantage of using Data Rescue 5 for Windows is that it is time-consuming because of the inclusion of several processes at the time of general recovery and scanning.


  • Demo version is FREE.
  • The standard version costs the US $ 99.
  • Professional version costs the US $ 299.


recuvaPiriform develops Recuva and released on 7th of August 2007.

It is the best file recovery software because it recovers files that removed from USB flash drives, Portable media player, memory card, hard disk, or all random access storage.

Recuva is a powerful tool for undeleting or retrieved files sent for recycling or deleted in the past.


  1. It has a high level of file recovery functions because it can recover photos, music, videos, emails, and documents or anything else you have lost.
  2. Recuva has ability to recover files from newly formatted drives and damaged disks too.
  3. Advanced deep scanning helps to find traces of the data that are difficult to find.
  4. It uses industry and military standard deletion techniques to securely deletion of data.


Files which are on hard disk in the similar location reports “unrecoverable.”


The basic version is FREE to use.

You have to pay the US $ 19.95 for the professional version.

5. TestDisk

test diskTestdisk is one of the best recovery software as it makes non-booting disks bootable again.

Recovery of an accidentally deleted partition with Testdisk is effortless. Testdisk has the features for both the beginners and experienced users.


  1. Boot sector construction is facilitated by Testdisk.
  2. It helps to recover deleted partition table and allows data recovery from file systems like NTFS, FAT, exFAT, ext2.
  3. Testdisk supports for improvement from all file versions in pictures, documents, videos and sound files.
  4. It supports all versions of Windows.


For the basic version, there is no graphical user interface(GUI).


It is FREE to use (

6. R-Studio

r studioR-studio is the great recovery software solution for periodic data loss for a long time.

The software recovers data lost critically due to viruses, hardware failure, malicious attacks and crashes in the operating system.

R-Studio works on all the major platforms of Window.


  1. For tech professionals, this software is an excellent choice because it has perfect advanced tools for recovery.
  2. It has the best scanning engine available in the present time.
  3. You can empty old hard disk before its disposal because of its disk sanitization feature.
  4. For recovery, it supports a wide range of file formats.


  1. For non-technical users, this data recovery software tool is not a good choice.
  2. It has a very confusing interface.


It is the paid software. The user have to pay the US $ 49.99. (

7. Stellar Data Recovery

stellar data recoverySTELLAR data recovery is the best data recovery software as more than 3 million users trust it.

This software is known for the best and safe recovery of data.

It recovers data from all windows platforms and compatible devices. The software helps to regain lost partitions and stored data in it.


  1. It allows you to choose the data that has to be recovered.
  2. In a single click you can jump to deep scan from quick scan.
  3. It has preview feature which let you to see files that can be recoverable.
  4. This software is easy to use and fast to install.


Only thing which bothered me is; that it doesn’t show the real file name of recovered data, but it’s not a big issue because it shows selected files preview.


You have to pay the US $ 79.99

8. Wondershare

wondershareWondershare is the best file recovery software for computer and storage devices.

Wondershare helps you to retrieve lost data regarding photos, videos, documents, music files, emails, and other files of the PC.

USB drives, storage devices, and external hard drives also regained by this recovery software.


  1. One feature that makes Wondershare different from other software is that you can pause the scanning process and to be continued from any point in time.
  2. In-depth scanning feature helps to recover formatted and isolated data.
  3. It retrieves partitioned data loss because of the virus attack on a hard drive, system crash or installing of windows.
  4. Risk-free, read-only, and cost-effective windows recovery software.
  5. A simple and user-friendly process of data recovery.


  1. Some users may think it doesn’t contain advanced features like any other of its competitors.
  2. The time-consuming process of scanning.
  3. It creates a problem to open the recovered file.


The annual subscription cost you around the US $ 39.95

9. Easeus Data Recovery

easeus data recoveryEaseUS is best data recovery software and serving customers from more than 14 years. It has 10+ millions of customers who use this software.

It can recover data from your USB drives, memory cards, hard drives, and other storage devices.

You may be lost the data because of some unfortunate situation like virus attack, human error or hardware failure so, you need a powerful tool like EaseUS to recover the lost information.


  1. A free version of this software allows recovery of data up to 2GB.
  2. Raw files can be recovered.
  3. Recovered files can be sorted automatically.
  4. Cheaper than other softwares.


The only negative thing about this software is that it won’t allow recovering of files from reformatted hard drive.


  • The basic version is FREE.
  • For PRO version you have to pay the US $ 69.95 (
  • For Pro+Winpe you have to pay the US $ 99.90

10. Wise Data Recovery

wise data recoveryIf you are looking for free data recovery software, then your search will end by choosing Wise Data recovery software.

There are many ways of data loss, it may be due to a power cut, accidental deletion, or system crash.

The Wise Data Recovery supports for recovering the data from FAT, exFAT, and NTFS disk.


  1. It has the fastest data scanning speed that scans data in second and saves your time.
  2. It shows you the probability of regaining the lost files.
  3. A portable version of Wise Data recovery allows you to avoid data overwriting.
  4. Compatible with all the major versions of Windows.
  5. It has multiple language support with English.


  1. Individual files will not remain in their real form.
  2. This software doesn’t support Linux and Mac.


You can use Wise Data Recovery for FREE.

Short Review

Losing data may create lots of problems, and it may generate hurdle in your success path. Selecting the right software for data recovery is one of the difficult tasks one can have because there are many data recovery softwares available if you search it on the web. There are some free data recovery softwares available but advanced version of it may have different features that might be more useful to you.

Recovery softwares recover that data which might not be able to access due to the number of reasons. These software helps to heal and repairs the data files. The days to record information by using paper and pen had gone digital files have replaced the paper documents. But while handling these digital files you have to take utmost care and keep them secured in all sense.

Data recovery is the process that includes restoration of corrupted, accidentally deleted files, or lost data. We have provided the above list to help you to choose the right data recovery software that full fill all your requirements. With data recovery software I feel Disk drill is the most notable software as it is known for the strong algorithms and user-friendly functions. Disk drill recognized as 7 data recovery in the past. Disk drill helps you to retrieve data from all kinds of files that may be useful to you.

So, go through the above listed top 10 best data recovery softwares and pick the one that fulfills all the requirements and does not forget to share your experience with us. Till then stay tuned with us for more updates.

(NOTE: – All the prices of the data recovery software mentioned above are at the time of writing this article, please note it while installing)

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