Top 10 Best Free Android Music Player Apps in 2019

best android music player

Music is something that loves by everyone everywhere. Music helps to release our stress and makes us happy from inside out. In today’s hectic schedule we all need some relax time that we can utilize to release our stress and music play role of stress buster.

Peoples who are music lovers are always in search of music players that give them better experience while listening to songs. Now a day’s smartphones came with pre-installed music players for playing audio songs, then also people are in search of best android music player, why? Might be the music app using by them is not have features they are looking for.

There is many free music apps available in the market that may fulfill all your requirements.

Whether you are musicoholic or listens to music casually these best android music player apps will give you a better experience of hearing music.

List of 10 Best Free Android Music Player Apps in 2019

1. Phonograph Music Player

phonographThe phonograph music player is the best music app for android as it plays downloaded music and identifies all file types and also come with personalization feature. Phonographic music app is open source and material designed app for android users. This app is easy to use and has a perfect equalizer for adjusting every genre songs.

Pros & Cons of Phonograph Music Player:-


  1. A phonographic music player is a cherry on a cake for you because of its material designs guidelines.
  2. This best music app for android is easy to use, friendly and has a clean interface.
  3. This app downloads add on information about artists like their images or biographies automatically.
  4. You can create and edit the playlist.
  5. Go to Action feature enables you to jump from song right to its artist.
  6. This music player supports integration with the official app.


Some of the users feel that this app is buggy as it won’t allow them to shuffle of the music and repetitively crashing until the app closes out and open it again.


Free to Use.

Download Phonographic Music Player from official Google play.

2. Pi Music Player

pi music playerPi Music player is an excellent music player as it arranges the song in the folder.  It has a very refreshing user interface. This is the best android music player app that comes with ringtone cutter, power share, Equalizer, and audiobooks support.

This is the best android Mp3 player at present available on the Google play store with great features.

Pros and Cons of Pi Music Player:-


  1. With its Mp3 cutter, it not only cut the ringtone but set it as default as well.
  2. It has the support of podcast and audiobooks.
  3. A5 Band Equalizer with in build Bass Boost, 10 surprising presents including Virtualizer, and 3D reverb effects.
  4. It contains four themes, i.e. light theme, black theme, gloss theme, and dark theme.
  5. This app allows you to alter the metadata about artists, track and album genres.
  6. Using this app will enable you to enhance the folder view of all Mp3 music files.


  1. It contains ads.
  2. It will not allow you to play the next folder after finishing the last one.


Free to Use.

Download Pi Music Player from Official Google Playstore.

3. Musicolet

musicoletMusicolet is the lightweight and simple designed music app.  This is only an android music player with Queues.

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This is the powerful music player for androids with all the necessary features.  Musicolet supports to all the android version starts from Gingerbread (2.3) to android Pie (9).

Pros and Cons of Musicolet Music Player:-


  1. Musicolet is the only music app in the market that supports more than one queue. This allows you to create 20 queues maximum.
  2. It has smooth and simple GUI with minimum designs and easy navigation.
  3. Editing of tags and album –arts is possible for many songs at the same time.
  4. You can set sleep timers so no need to worry even if you sleep in between listening to music.
  5. It has a beautiful widget that can control music from the home screen so no need to open the app.


Before installing this music player consider this negative side of the app

  1. You can play only local audio files that already exist in your phone that means online music streaming or downloading does not support by this app.
  2. Permission for using the internet is not there so doesn’t have features that use the internet.

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This is 100% FREE to use.

Download Musicolet from official Google playstore.

4. Pulsar Music Player

pulsar music playerThe pulsar music player is the best offline audio and mp3 player. This is an add-free app with material designs.

The basic version comes with all the required features including lyrics display, gapless playback, crossfade, play speed adjustments, scrobbling with, equalizer, audio balance, replaygain, etc.

Pros & cons of Pulsar Music Player:-


  1. It has a beautiful interface & animations with material designs.
  2. It helps to manage and play music by artists, genre, folder, and album.
  3. You can adjust the play speed of the songs.
  4. It allows searching fast from artists, songs and albums.
  5. You can change the size of the home screen widget.
  6. Lost albums and artists images synch automatically.


  1. The free version doesn’t contain equalizer.
  2. Online music streaming not supported by Pulsar Music Player app.


The basic version is FREE to use

For the Pro version, you have to pay the US $3.

Download Pulsar Music Player From Official Google Playstore

5. n7player Music Player

n7playern7player Music Player comes with kind design and a powerful equalizer. It’s easy to use audio player to give an innovative way of browsing music. You can access quickly to current smoothly playing music.

Pros & Cons of n7player Music Player:-


  1. You can have command on the whole music library by using this app so no need of searching music files.
  2. It has advanced 10-band equalizer to enjoy high-quality audios.
  3. You can personalize the app according to your choice of themes, widget, etc.
  4. n7player plays all the necessary file types like mp3, m4a, wav, mp4, xmf, ogg, 3gp, FLAC, AAC, and MKV.
  5. this app has a sleep timer.
  6. It contains high-quality album arts.


  1. It contains ads.
  2. Scanning of music directory is time-consuming.
  3. Less control over equalizer in the pro version.
  4. Some of the features like tag editor, folder browser, equalizer, and color themes doesn’t come with a free version.
  5. One of the Playback feature auto-resume doesn’t perform well.


The basic version is FREE

For PRO version you have to pay the US $ 2.77.

Download n7player Music Player from Google playstore.

6. MediaMonkey

mediamonkeyMediaMonkey allows you to organize a large collection of audio files in the way you want it to be. The best android music player is for sincere collectors that synch between your mobile and PC.  MediaMonkey plays a vital role to navigate, sync & manage extensive collection of music.

Pros & cons of MediaMonkey


  1. This app helps to manage classical music, music, podcast, video, and audiobooks.
  2. It provides with the player widget for both the home and lock screens.
  3. It keeps in sync all files like tracks, playlist, and videos with the inclusion of rating, lyrics, file information, etc.
  4. It has 5 band equalizer with stereo balance.
  5. It allows you to bookmark large files like videos.


  1. It often buggy at times because you have click cancel while showing database errors.
  2. Automatically pulled accuracy of metadata can be spotty.


The basic version can be used FREE.

Lifetime license of MediaMonkey Gold version costs the US $ 49.95.

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Download MediaMonkey from the official website or Google Playstore.

7. BlackPlayer Music Player

blackplayerBlackPlayer is a minimalistic and best android music player that includes an equalizer, tag editor and more. This app allows you to navigate by swiping the screen. The interface of this mp3 player is decorated by graceful animations and provides top quality of audios.

Pros & Cons of BlackPlayer Music Player:-


  1. It provides you with auto and manual cover management for HD albums.
  2. It supports all the standard versions of music files like mp3, mp4A, OGG, WAV, FLAC.
  3. It has gapless audio playback.
  4. You can personalize themes, colors, fonts, and animations.
  5. It supports scrobbling of mp3 music player.
  6. It provides you with 3 widgets.
  7. You can edit and view embedded lyrics.

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  1. At the time changing meta tags, it may give you failed to update error.
  2. Contains ads that may irritate you.
  3. Tracks are not associated with albums.
  4. It may annoy you sometimes by stop functioning with no reasons.
  5. If you created a playlist for listening to your favorite song may be gone sometimes.


The basic version is FREE to use.

For the Advanced version, you have to pay the US $ 3.29.

Download BlackPlayer music player from official Google playstore.

8. Musixmatch

musixmatchMusixmatch is the best music player for an android user with having an extensive collection of song lyrics and used by more than 50 millions of users. You can get instant lyrics of the songs played on Spotify, Pandora, Youtube and more. Even if you play any language song, this app translates it for you.

Pros & Cons of Musixmatch:-


  1. While playing songs on Spotify, Youtube or Pandora, you can enjoy its lyrics as well by using this app.
  2. Real-time floating lyrics widgets on-clickincluding the current track lyrics.
  3. This app identifies any song is playing around you and translates it in just one tap.
  4. It has lyrics card feature that allows you to share lyrics in the background.
  5. This app gives notification whenever it gets fresh lyrics of your favorite artist song.
  6. By using a single line of lyrics, this app searches the song.
  7. This app makes you learn a new language by providing you with the lyrics of any language songs.


Musixmatch is buggy sometimes as it creates a problem at the time of scanning tracks.


The basic version is FREE to use.

For PRO version you have to pay the US $ 1.5(cost per thousand lyrics).

Download Musixmatch from official Google playstore

9. Shuttle Music Player

shuttle music playerShuttle music player proves that it is the best android music player because it is lightweight, intuitive and powerful open source music players.  This app contains almost all the things that need you for your android music player; rather it contains a little bit more.

Pros & Cons of Shuttle Music Player:-


  1. It comes with 6 band equalizer with bass boost.
  2. Downloading of automatic artwork.
  3. There are multiple options for themes with the both dark and light mode.
  4. It has a modern and material design.
  5. Sleep timer and gapless playback are there in this app.
  6. With the paid version you get an advantage of ID3 tag editing, folder browsing, additional themes, and chromecast support.


  1. Not having an exciting visual player.
  2. An essential feature like tag editing come with the paid version.


The basic version is FREE to use

For the advanced version you have to pay the US $ 3.99

Download Shuttle Music player from official Google Playstore

10. Jet Audio Music Player

jet audio music playerjet is the free mp3 FLAC audio player. This is one of most downloaded audio player for PC, and now you can use it for android as well.  This music player has 32 equalizers presets that give you the deep experience of listening.

The jet audio music player can work on shared files from USB drives that attached to the router or network drive and windows. It provides you with 10/20 bands graphic equalizer for those who want to personalize the sound experience at the time of listening.

Pros & Cons of jet audio music player:-


  1. It supports all the file systems like mp3, wav, m4a, tta, ape, ogg, mpc, opus, FLAC and more.
  2. it includes sound effects like X-wide, X-Bass, and reverb.
  3. You can shake your device to change the tracks.
  4. Up to 24 hours of sleep timer is present.
  5. It provides with 3 list modes and 10 grid modes from this you have to select for layout style.
  6. Swipe left or right to play next or previous track and swipe down to see current playing list.
  7. It comes with a Bluetooth headset control button.


  1. jet audio music player contains ads.
  2. Video conversion and burning features come with plus version only.


The basic version is FREE.

For the plus version you have to pay the US $ 3.99.

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Download jet audio player from official Google playstore.

Wrapping Up Words

Here, in the above article, we tried to give you the list of best android music players, and you must give a try as per your needs of enhancing the listening experience. All are good music players, but I will suggest using phonograph music players as it contains almost all the features that may useful to improve the sound quality of music.

I have an outstanding experience of using Phonograph music players. Please don’t forget to share your comments with us as they motivate us to do better.

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