10 Best Email Apps for Android in 2019


In our modern digital age, we are more and more engrossed in using apps for a different purpose. Since the last four decades, email has been the backbone of communication system besides SMS apps. Almost all device comes preinstalled app for emails. But if you are to maintain different email accounts according to the accessibility such that you can stay organized you have to depend on various apps.

Keeping that as the prime objective, seeking other options available in the Google play store is never a bad idea. We have researched the different email apps according to user experience and rating and present here best android email app for your convenience.

Top 10 Best Android Email Apps List

1. Gmail

gmailOur list of best android app for email cannot be completed without the entry of Gmail. In Android devices mostly it comes preloaded and is used by the most number of users. There is enough reason for making it the most user-friendly email app.

The primary facility is strong support from the Android environment. When you use Gmail, you enter the complete Google ecology and get the help of all other apps from Google with an integrated key for Gmail in each app. In current days the most number of the user is available with Gmail client, and you can maintain that properly. But the advantage is you can include your email accounts from other pop3 or IMAP servers also in this app.

You can manage several email accounts with other service providers like Yahoo or Outlook, which is mostly unknown to many users. Loads of feature entitles this app as the best email app for Android.

Features of Gmail

  • Storage space of 15 GB
  • Google Environment support
  • Organised Inbox
  • A lower number of Spam emails due to a spam filter.

Main attractions of Gmail

  • Undo feature to recall mail or retrieve suddenly deleted emails.
  • Exceptional Search option to find emails.
  • Mail thread for emails of the same subject.


  • Some user has a privacy Concern.

Google Play Rating

4.3 by 5,623,510 total reviews.

Download Gmail from Google Play Store.

2. Blue Mail

blue mailBlue mail is free to use an email service provider who is well known for its loads of features. The reason for choosing this mail in the top of the list is it’s easy to use the function as well as auto configuration to all mainstream email accounts.

When you open the mail, it prompts you with the option to add Gmail primarily or any other email accounts. Other than Gmail you can add Yahoo, Microsoft, AOL, Office 365 and many more email accounts. To start configuring to email to reaching to your inbox you need to make a few clicks and provide your user name and passwords.

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You can set any type of your business email server like an exchange, POP3, IMAP in Blue Mail.

Features of Blue Mail:

  • Supported by Android Gear
  • An attractive interface that changes its theme in day and night.
  • Significant customisation in an email view action.
  • Signature option in Rich Text format
  • Flag emails for taking action and mark done
  • Email filters are well to do.
  • Option to create a specific group and send group emails.

Main attractions of Blue Mail

  • A people-centric option that allows you to pay attention to a specific sender.
  • Preview options of the mail are to detect the desired email without opening it.
  • Badge to mark read and unread emails for better organising.


  • After an update, the app becomes buggy and may require reinstallation.

Google Play Rating

4.6 by 455,395 total reviews.

Download Blue Mail from Google Play Store.

3. Proton Mail

proton mailProton mail is another best android email app which provides you with the best security of your email. The mail system is an end to end encrypted email app which gives you the option to protect your email with a password.

So if you are transmitting secure information, then Proton mail can give you that opportunity with their secured system. You can either you have a proton mail account, or you can link any other email with it. It is a natural process to connect the different account email ids to proton mail, although it requires some payment.

Once secured the proton mail gives you the option to send an email with an expiration date. All these features along with Proton mail is a new app in the market, but it has gained enough popularity to mark it as best free email client android.

Features of Proton Mail

  • Data protection and security
  • Automatic security through end to end encryption.
  • It is an open source app
  • Easy to operate
  • Moderate design of inbox.

Main attractions of Proton Mail

  • Multiple email access with encryption gives you the ultimate security.
  • Caller id function gives an additional
  • Password protected email is the most attraction
  • Email with expiry date can secure your information from others
  • Free proton mail account.


  • Require payment for linking an email id other than proton mail account.
  • Beyond the reach of an ordinary user.

Google Play Rating

4.6 by 17,081total reviews.

Download Proton Mail from Google Play Store.

4. Edison Mail

edison mailEdison mail is among the best email app for android which has an elegant interface that attracts most users. It is a very user-friendly email app that provides you option to connect and synchronise many emails at one place.

You can access all type of emails in this mail app and need not to worry about any day to day functions. It has all the services including the inbox customisation options also. This email app helps you sort and organise your email. It might sort out incoming mail instantly into suitable groups such as messages containing shipping tracking numbers, subscriptions or receipts. An undo button lets the app recall for all email and makes Edison even more precious for users to be in control of their email when they swipe off reading receipts.

Features of Edison Mail

  • Activate several email accounts
  • All general functions to organise emails.

Main attractions of Edison Mail

  • Message recall option
  • Organise all the shopping or subscriptions.


  • No encryption in email.

Google Play Rating

4.6 by 41,105 total reviews.

Download Edison Mail from Google Play Store.

5. TopDroid Email

topdroidmailEmail from Topdroid is another fastest email app which provides you with the feature for unlimited email accounts and emails. You can access all of your emails at one place and through one inbox. The interface is straightforward and robust to use in your mobile or other android devices.

The mail has an auto-update function to provide you with the fastest notification. You have the option to customise your notification sound for different senders that keeps you alert about your important persons, suppliers or customers.

You can personalise the swipe menu to make easy options to mail checking or replying. You can check the preview mail in your home screen also through widgets. This app maintains all industry related protocols for data security. With all these features the mail app is the best android email app in google play rating.

Features of TopDroid Email

  • Unlimited inbox
  • Auto-detect email server
  • Any mail connection and update

Main attractions of TopDroid Email

  • Fastest notification
  • Auto update of the mailbox
  • Personalised information for individual senders
  • Lock screen timer setting
  • Work offline for important messages


  • Lacks in encrypted mail sending
  • Some bugs are still there.

Google Play Rating

4.6 by 27, 403 total reviews.

Download TopDroid Email from Google Play Store.

6. Type Mail

typemailType mail is another nest email client for Android. It will do everything you’d expect.

It comprises email facilities support, a centralised inbox, push notifications, rich text email, wireless support for printing, and several useful features. , dark mode, Wear OS support, themes as well as other customisation elements are also available.

Surely your mind won’t blow. It’s a useful, comfortable, email application; however, that does what it says. Another adorable function is the relatively simple method of shutting account. You will also like the Material Design UI. In google opinion, this comes in the best category.

Features of Type Mail

  • Good materialistic design
  • Swipe menu customisation for preview email
  • Lock screen timer
  • Support for android wear

Main attractions of Type Mail

  • Scroll inbox by volume key
  • Unread emails are levelled.
  • Flagging through different colour
  • Email snooze option


  • Lack of privacy

Google Play Rating

4.6 by 195,059 total reviews.

Download Type Mail from Google Play Store.

7. Nine – Email & Calendar

nine emailAs your partner to organise emails received by you, Nine emails and calendars fit into the best free email client android provides. The app has a very interactive interface which makes it easy to use. All the common email features are found in this email app as well.

The app also has facilities to include a different style of signatures in rich text format and for a global email address book. Also, the app has integrated contacts and calendar functionality. The app is not, and your account data is not stored elsewhere than your device.

Nine emails and calendar is another user-friendly android app for email. The feature which appeals to the typical user is it does not have groundbreaking technology that are difficult to handle.

Features of Nine – Email & Calendar

  • Includes all the functionality of email apps
  • Integrated calendar and notification
  • Setup your email accounts automatically by choosing the account id and password.

Main attractions of Nine – Email & Calendar

  • Synchronisation with android wear
  • No cloud storage
  • Easy user interface


  • No encrypted mail
  • Auto synchronisation has some issue in roaming

Google Play Rating

4.5 by 27,904 total reviews.

Download Nine – Email & Calendar from Google Play Store.

8. Aqua Mail

aqua mailAqua mail is another simple and easy to use the app for Android. This app also has the option to integrate email accounts from all the mainstream emails like Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, Office 365, Microsoft and many more.

Stick to their objective Aqua Mail delivers email app for the user which is easily accessible, flexible and has various customisation option depending on the requirement of the user. The app has the opportunity to install multiple add-ons with it.

These add-ons facilitate the user with more usability

Features of Aqua Mail

  • Integration of all major email accounts
  • Signature line creation with Rich text format
  • Android wear combination
  • Various themes

Main attractions of Aqua Mail

  • Easy to install email accounts by swiping.
  • Colour coding for email
  • Customisable display of the message and message list.


  • Calendar integration is not possible.
  • The free version is not Ad free

Google Play Rating

4.5 by 84,246 total reviews.

Download Aqua Mail from Google Play Store.

9. Tutanota

tutanotaWhen we talk about Tutanota, you have correctly understood that we are going to talk about another encrypted email. Tutanota also gives an end to end encrypted service. Ut does not allow to integrate POP3 or IMAP emails. But you can use Tutanota to send encrypted messages.

Also, you can choose from the option for those messages which do not require encryption. The best part of the app is the password protection facility for opening the app, which other apps do not provide.

You need not give a number for this email. The app is the best use for secure mail service and therefore rated as best email app for Android.

Features of Tutanota

  • Open source app
  • Mail search feature to quickly access your mail.
  • Best secure mail.

Main attractions of Tutanota

  • Encryption in all the mail,
  • Option for sending a nonencrypted message also
  • Attachments are also secure


  • Do not sync other mail
  • Cannot do bulk attachment
  • Include paid service.

Google Play Rating

4.4 by 2,949 total reviews.

Download Tutanota from Google Play Store.

10. All Email Access

all email accessAll email access is another best android email app according to Google user review. The reason behind this is might be its ability to connect multiple user accounts as many as fifty email accounts. It has a strong connection between mail accounts caller id and calls.

The app jas a caller id management which allows you to send mail fro its screen directly. It enabled to configure emails with the easy widget. Also, you save contacts after each call or email receipt bust a few clicks.

All these features make the All email access as an email client for Android which hists all the emails.

Features of All Email Access

  • Provides with all the functionality of the email app
  • Easy to synchronise
  • Dedicated customer support
  • Advanced call facility.

Main attractions of All Email Access

  • Fifty email accounts can be accessed from one app
  • Support of Various non-famous email id
  • Smart caller id


  • The searching option is a bit clumsy
  • The user interface has no customisation option

Google Play Rating

4.4 by 11,015 total reviews.

Download All Email Access from Google Play Store.


All of the above is a compilation of your required app for organising your various emails to a single umbrella. Each one has different features which may be appealing to you. However, all these apps are individually best in its nature, but if we have to name our recommendation, then we mark Blue Mail as best android email app of the current time.

Whether you share the same thought or not let us know your comments below.

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