10 Best Android Browser to use in 2019

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Introduction of Android has brought the internet in your handheld device. You need a gateway to emerge into the vast World Wide Web, and your browser does the work for you. Many users are happy with their OEM browser and never experience an alternative in spite of the availability of some best Android browsers in the android market.

However, your browser can make a difference in your internet surfing if it is not according to your suitability and requirements.

Here we will present you with our choices of android browsers. All these browsers have some advantages as well as some drawbacks. You can have a look at these and compare each of them to find out your best web browser for Android.

10 Best Android Browser to Use Online

1. Google Chrome

chrome android

Google Chrome for Android is an extension of the Chrome Windows browser, and its unique features are the capability to synchronise your browser from phone to phone to make it appear up in your laptop and scoop it up anywhere.

Chrome also split its tabs across its windows so they can be easy to swap in the app. It is also great to browse the web, provides a broad mix of fast mobile experience and complete PC browsing abilities depending on your needs.

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It includes data conservation settings and an incognito mode for browsing sites, which you do not want to track or log. In terms of the best browsers for Android, nothing much more than Chrome is required.

Features of Chrome

  • Simple design
  • Google assistant service
  • Speedy browser
  • Easy to navigate between tabs
  • Can use a different device and get all personal stuff.
  • All Google services available in one sign-in.
  • No separate PDF viewer required
  • Can maintain different profiles in one device

Disadvantages of Chrome

  • Over usage of memory
  • Close the tab without warning
  • Lack of data privacy
  • Lack of ad blocking
  • Absence of a download manager

2. Firefox Focus

firefox focus

Mozilla’s mobile Firefox Focus feature set is quite standard. Privacy features stop you being tracked but do not prevent you from receiving ads. If you want synchronisation with your other computer, you can synchronise with Desktop Firefox.

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The home panel for this app can link to the websites and services you appreciate. The application of such features focuses on swiping gestures and simple interfaces that work well on smartphones and tablets.

These are the functions where Firefox stands as the best browser of Android. It is a beautiful experience all togather and a classic example of the efficiency of a simple touch interface.

Features of Firefox focus

  • Supports Extension
  • search suggestions
  • Google Safe Browsing,
  • No traces of browsing history after closing tab
  • Option to close browsing session in the notification

Disadvantages of Firefox focus

  • Use one tab at a time

3. Opera Touch

opera touch

Like most other mobile apps, Opera concentrates on extending the desktop experience again to the mobile web. You can have bookmark synchronisation and the “Rapid Dial” of sites that you often visit across devices.

You can even browse with as minimal data as possible in the Opera’s Private Mode and Off-Road mode. The browsing experience of Opera is frequently praised as one of the quickest on all platforms, and it makes a difference on Android. The data-protecting features of Opera make it distinct from many other browsers in Android.

Features of  Opera Touch

  • Easy to access controls switches at the bottom
  • Single-hand browsing experience
  • Seamless cross-platform browsing with opera through QR code scanning
  • End to end data encryption
  • Ad blocker for fast browsing
  • Opera private mode

Disadvantages of Opera Touch

  • Slow in speed take more time to load media
  • Uses more memory

4. Microsoft Edge

edge android

The Edge Android browser has everything you might expect about its features. One of the best aspects is that bookmarks and other browser information can be synchronised with a Microsoft account.

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The Edge browser can then make available bookmarks and tabs in your notebook or pc and smartphone. You can just switch your PC from your smartphone in the market, store or elsewhere. That makes it more likely to take a closer look at the Edge browser in Android for users who also use Edge on Windows 10.

Features of   Microsoft Edge

  • Ad-Block Plus to block annoying ads
  • Reading view to reorganising content
  • Password management
  • Reading list, Books, and History at one place
  • Camera search Voice search for fast results.

Disadvantages of Microsoft Edge

  • Long process to switch tabs
  • Switching two different accounts is difficult.

5. Flynx


The concept of Flynx is incredibly simple. When you click a link, it loads the target page in the backdrop and creates a bubble on your website. When the page loads in the background, you can do anything you did before and check out the bubble as soon as it is ready to go.

It is a smart browsing experience for almost every situation, but especially helpful if you aren’t permanently in the fastest Internet and want to load your pages before you leave your fast connection. It needs some mental change, but if you can manage this experience, you will be in a class by yourself. It requires a little mental modification.

Features of  Flynx 

  • Saves data by reducing unnecessary ad
  • Easy sharing option in social media
  • Loading article in the background for uninterrupted browsing
  • Focussed display of material and blogs
  • Easy save option
  • Multitasking experience
  • Different language

Disadvantages of Flynx

  • Links in floating bubbles sometimes disturb browsing

6. Samsung Internet Browser

samsung internet browser

Samsung browser has taken place in the best browser of android like due to its impressive features. In spite of being an OEM browser, it is a good alternative of chrome and all for Samsung devices.

It projects almost all the necessary elements required for safe browsing in android. Swipe gestures, quick menu and some other plugins are unusual and need to be tested. Although limited in beta version this app can be an excellent browser for Android on the final release.

Features of  Samsung Internet Browser

  • Smartly identify domains of cross-tracking site and
  • Protective against malicious software
  • One-handed UI experience
  • Image storing made easy
  • Reader mode
  • Inbuilt download manager

Disadvantages of Samsung Internet Browser

  • No password manager in the browser. Require separate Samsung protection support
  • Compatible with the Samsung device
  • Data saving not possible

7. Brave Browser

brave browser

Brave is a standard browser, allowing users to navigate websites, run web apps, and view or play online content. Like other browsers, in the site authentic information can be downloaded and used free of charge.

Brave’s aggressive anti-ad approach is a unique approach than others. This browser has been designed to stream online from websites. Therefore, Brave not only relies on the blocking of ads but also of scratch-out advertisements from its network.

Features of  Brave Browser

  • Security and privacy are well looked after
  • Optional “Acceptable Allow Brave Ads”
  • Extra privacy concerns like fingerprint tracking get deactivated.
  • Planned optional feature to be reimbursed for ads
  • Tor available in the browser

Disadvantages of Brave Browser

  • New, still a little buggy
  • Many essential plugins are still missing
  • No reader view, Menu bar and sync facility.

8. Puffin


Completely free Puffin Browser is an attractive option. With backgrounds and other add-on mechanisms, it is a fast and highly user-friendly browser. It is a perfect alternative to a mobile laptop experience. The app features some annoying ad banners at the bottom of the screen.

Puffin Browser transfers material to its servers before providing it to your mobile phone, which helps load larger website files on significantly smaller bandwidth handsets (i.e. smartphones). Just for this logical reason, Puffin Browser may be the fastest Android browser.

Features of  Puffin

  • Flash Renders
  • Save data by downloading compress photos by puffin servers.
  • Fast browsing experience
  • Available reading mode

Disadvantages of Puffin

  • Logged browsing history
  • Blocked in some countries

9. Dolphin Browser

dolphin browser

Browser Dolphin is one of the Android user favourites. It is usable, looks great, packed with features and has some fantastic gesture controls. The transfer of preferences between the devices and sharing content is also convenient.

Perhaps the coolest part of the Dolphin browser is that it still endorses good old flash players, and you do not have to incur difficulty viewing older sites without an update of the latest technology. Dolphin is one of the very few browsers with its in-built theme engine.

The customised voice searching, navigating features and the gesture controls of your frequently visited websites are additional options you can have with Dolphin.

Features of   Dolphin Browser

  • Flash Player
  • Multiple Tabs bar
  • Ad-Block (pop up blocker)
  • Bookmarks & Add-ons sidebar
  • Fast Download
  • Personalised Search
  • Incognito/Private Browsing
  • Sonar voice search
  • Gestures

Disadvantages of Dolphin Browser

  • Lack of privacy

10. UC Browser

uc browser

UC browser is popular among a set of standard fans who love cloud acceleration. The browser also uses data compression technology to compress the data. Due to this, the browsing speed is far more increased than another similar browser.

All these technologies ensure fast data downloading in UC browser. You can also avail a large number of tabs at one time through this browser. Due to these entire feature, it can be a best browser for Android in user experience.

Features of UC browser

  • Newly upgraded amazing UI style.
  • Customised cards of horoscope and weather,
  • Watching video whereas downloading

Disadvantages of UC browser

  • Do not have an ad blocker
  • Lack of security


We have presented you with the above data to explore the options and select your best browser for android devices. So come out from your comfort zone and find the best-suited app for browsing for you.

If we miss any app that you see worth listing, mention in the comment box.

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