About Us

Esports in today’s sports world is gaining popularity at a gigantic pace. The prize pools of major competitions have long overtaken and even surpassed the prize pools of classic sports.

If you follow the players and events in the world of e-sports, your knowledge and understanding of the processes can bring you real money on cyberbet betting.

The last Dota 2 tournament had a prize pool of $ 25 million, the richest sponsors, hundreds of thousands of spectators (without exaggeration). The money in the industry spins enormous and any fan, at least a little immersed in the topic, can bite off a piece of this pie.

You can bet on cyber match on the sites of many companies, however, there are almost no specialized sites and bookmakers on the Canadian market!

Cyber.bet is a betting shop that works exclusively with eSports bets. Maximum events and games, maximum bets, speed of execution, honesty.

The company is still young (established in 2018), but has already won the trust of customers. And this is justified, since there is nothing superfluous on the site, everything has been done for a quick and convenient professional e-sports betting. A large number of different bets, user-friendly interface, secure payments; all this makes the project one of the future leaders in the field of e-sports betting.